The Cross Country

I would not categorise myself as a sportman. But I would never refuse if I am asked to participate – thus that was my sportsmanship spirit. And of course, I can be a good spectator and team supporter.

One of the annual event that I drag my feet had always been the cross country. I would dragged my feet because I know that I was never a good long distance runner – but never give any excuse to escape it even knowing I would not be contributing any point to my house – Pelanduk.

Through the years, I never contribute any point to my house. The closest I could managed was when the referee blew the last whistle when I was about 100 meters away from the finishing line. Otherwise, I would reach the school walking when you cannot find the finishing line anymore. But I knew I was never the last all those years.

At the morning before the start of the event, you would smell all kinds of ointment lingering in the air. Some would still be rubbing all over the legs hoping it would make them feel “lighter” and could run faster. The most popular during my days would be “minyak ular” – made me wonder when did the snake move fast enough when they crawl.

Cross Country Route - 1960

I remember a cousin of my wife who almost always be among the front finishers. When he continued his studies in Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, USA, he would never missed the marathon there. Amazingly, he would always made the Sulaimanians proud for finishing top among the international students.

I am sure this cross country route map would bring a lot of memories to many of the readers. I believe this is the only one that was included in the school magazine – 1960. I wonder if they would still use the same route.

But today, if they still use the same route, the run across the padi field would not be as challenging as it used to be. They have stopped planting padi and one would see bungalows being built now. No more leeches!

~ by akarimomar on June 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Cross Country”

  1. Ali Sabri (SS71-75) dropped a comment to my email address:

    I visited Sulaimanian. wordpress site and it was a nice piece of article that you have there. I recalled running along the beach and into the sawah padi infront. Of course we had our feet and legs ditry with mud after slipping down from the batas. Some of us dipped our legs dalam sawah and took short-cuts, tapi we missed the checkpoints and were disqualified. The teachers were smarter. Yunus from our batch was amongst the top runners.

    Thanks for the comment Ali.

  2. […] was the only one that I can recall having the layout of the school (besides a sketchy one in the cross-country route in the 1960 Sulaimanian). The same issue also has a lot of school buildings photos such as administrative block, school […]

  3. they dont use the same route anymore..nthe route almost the same except they dont go to padi route..only use the road next the Sultan`s palace and everthing else is the same.i was a student there from 2001 until 2004.So its good to meet a very old senior of Sulaimanian.i never even seen the logo that has `success endeavour` motto.its good to know our school history.not many who proud to be Sulaimanian especially the youngesters nowdays.its good to have people like you bring this up.

  4. Dear Muhammad Faiz,

    Thank you for the update. Even if they were to stick to the old route through the padi field – it will no longer be as challenging as the “baruh” is no longer there and now mushrooming with bungalow houses.

    It is nice to know recent students visiting “The Sulaimanian” – do tell your friends. And we would like to hear more from you and your friends. Do send articles and stories of your days at the school.

    Usaha Tekun Jaya was plainly the translation of the old motto – “Success Through Endeavour”.


  5. This may not be the right place to put an old teacher’s keinginan on line but I’d like to give it a try. I am Razali bdul Mutalib and I taught at SMSS from 1960 until I was transferred to the Edu. Dept in Feb 1872.Before that I was a trainee teacher in SRSS fro Oct 1956 until Dec 1957. So I have a fairly large number of students who had the misfortune of being taught by “Mr Raza;i”. Now that I am nearing my 71st birthday I would very much like to say hello to ld friends and students from SMSS. The last one I met was a very friendly former rugby player an school gymnast – Fauzi Ismail.Thank you Fauzi for coming forward to greet your old Cikgu. It made my day! So, my wish – is to get to hear from those I was priveleged to teach.

  6. […] Friend Mr. Razali Abdul Mutalib This is a comment from Cikgu (Mr.) Razali Abdul Mutalib at The Cross Country posting. But rather than just leave it at the comment – I decided to give an honour to our beloved […]

  7. […] The Cross Country […]

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