Prefects Board 1975

Yeo Sin Soon just posted a comment on the Sulaimanian blog today. I have not met him since he left school in 1975. That was a long time ago.

I flipped through my old photo album and came across the prefects board photo of 1975, when Sin Soon was the headboy then. He was the fastest boy in the school and held the school 100m dash record at 11.00 sec – if I am not mistaken – he also held the MSST 100m record too then.

Well, obviously after 33 years, I cannot recall all the names of my fellow prefects in the photo. But I still remember the names of the teachers.

Cikgu Yusof Ngah (with the coat) was the headmaster, I believe that was his first full year, coming from Tengku Mahmud Secondary School (Besut) the year before. He was promoted to Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah (PPD) and later to the Ministry and finally was the Deputy Director of Curriculum Development Centre before retiring.

Cikgu Mohamed @ Omar Abdul Rahman was the Senior Assistant (seated between Sin Soon and Cikgu Yusof). After several other postings (including one in Penang), he came back to be SS headmaster. I wonder if his house is still in Losong/Chabang Tiga area. Cikgu Mat Omar were among those people who I would hitch a ride to school those days (read about meeting with Cikgu Mat Omar here)

Three others were the discipline teachers (from right) Cikgu Wan Hassan, Mr. Horley Issacs and Cikgu Fuad Yon. Cikgu Wan Hassan was also my scout teacher and thus I was also close with him, plus he was my BM teacher too (read about meeting Cikgu Wan hassan here). One thing I remember about Mr. Horley was his old BMW. It was rare to see someone driving BMW those days.

Cikgu Fuad (with the glasses), whom many would remember him as Mr. Fuad or their commerce teacher, is now a corporate man. 17 years ago I met him when he was the General Manager of a local IT company. Now, a datuk, I heard that he is one of the director in Maju Holdings Berhad.

But some of those in the photo are no longer with us. Ramli (front row – most right) passed away in the same year the photo was taken. A very smart boy but have to meet The Creator much sooner than most of us. Al Fatihah.

Zainuri Zainuddin (back row – 3rd from right), passed away just a few days after coming back from Hajj. He was with the Police Field Force, attached at Jalan Gurney KL and was traveling alone back to Trengganu when he met with the accident along the dangerous Karak highway. I was motionless for a while when the TV broke the news of the accident mentioning his name. We use to meet if I do my solat Jumaat at Pulapol’s masjid. Al Fatihah.

I (back row – far left) had lost contacts with many of the fellow prefects in the photo. But Syed Zaid (next to me) constantly email me all kind of jokes when he has his plane on auto-pilot. He is now a captain with the Malaysian Airlines. Husein (same row – most right) was my classmate – but we have not met for years, despite traveling together a lot those days.

Md Ali Endut (between Husein and Zainuri), was the headboy in 1977 (after me – 1976). He is now with a bank in Trengganu. Sivashanker (next to Zainuri) – I heard was with University Malaya.

Azlan Murad (back row – 6th from right) was a good hockey player. We would meet only during the Hari Raya or solat Tarawih – if we pray at the surau near our parents house (Jalan Pusara a.k.a. Taman Jaya).

Normah (in front of Azlan – middle row), was the headgirl in 1976. In front of her was the 1975 headgirl (Faridzoh Othman – did I spell it right?) – I wonder where both of them are now.

I have to apologise for not mentioning all the names in the photo. InshaAllah – hopefully I will be able to write more in future postings. As I had mentioned before, I welcome others to contribute too.


P.S. – fellow readers. After almost 4 years of posting this article – I just realised that the photo inserted above was that of 1976 Prefects Board, not 1975. My apology. Please find below the correct photo referred above (Prefects Board – 1975)

Karim (8 June 2012)


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  1. Sin Soon just posted another comment and said his personal best was 10.9 sec for 100m.

  2. Karim,
    Middle row standing, from left I could recognise Raja Zainol, and next to him is Roslind Ramly. Both were classmates from Form 5 Science 1. Being classmates, they were quite lenient on me.

  3. (via email by Gerard Royan)

    Hi folks,

    I was doing some surfing late into last night when I came across the Sulaimanian blog and the link to this group. The memories came flooding back as I read through the blog and saw the old pictures. So many faces I had forgotten, so many names I cannot put a face to.

    My name is Gerard Royan, I spent 7 years in SSSS, the last 2 of which I lived in the teachers quarters in the school compound,as my father (M.P. Royan) taught in SSSS. That house is now demolished for a new building(flats? ).

    I have lived in KL since graduating in 1978, with some years outside the country. I typically go back to Terengganu at least once a year with my 3 boys and wife during the school holidays. It is always a very special trip. I love Terengganu – the air, the vistas, the hills, the sea, the islands and I hope that it rubs off onto my kids. I’m off to a good start as they all love Keropok Lekor (not the Losong rebus type though!).

    I dont know where all my 1974 upper 6 crowd have disappeared to and they dont seem to be in this group either? I have only met Raja Baharin (Head boy 1974) and Soh Wee Chong in all of the 34 years since I left SSSS.

    I recognise Karim and most of the Prefects of 1976 in the photo on the blog; and maybe they’ll remember me!

    Bye for now, and will be in touch.


  4. Hi Gerard,

    I remember you – for sure.

    You were my brother’s batch, Kamal Omar. Together with Wee Chong and Raja Bahrin.And yes, your dad too – remember him well.

    The photo is actually of 1975 Prefects Board – if you have the earlier one (1974) with yourself in – that would be nice. The only copy that I have is from the school magazine and it is not that clear. And I welcome you to contribute articles for the blog

    Thanks for visiting the blog.

    Where do you live in KL? Hope to meet you too.

  5. Additional comment by Yeo Sin Soon via email:


    I would like to refresh you on members of the School Prefect Board 1975. Among them are Shahzalan, a hostelite and I am sure most of the hostelites in this group still remembers him because he was the head hostelites in 1975.

    Others which you could not recall their names are Zaiton, Wan Nor Aini, Ng Bee Yian, Teo Choo Lay,Wong Moi Lian, Ong Huat Beng, Raja Zainul, Teo Seong Wan, Roslind Ramly, Zainab Md. Nor, Norzah Ashari, Fauziah, Kamaruddin Minggu, Angela Yeo, Tg Alauwiah Tg. Jalil, Norma Musa, Hashim, Nik Man and Ms. Gan. Wan Nor Aini the last I heard she was with Petronas. Was my classmate in Upper 6 but have not met her since she left school. Bee Yian, I heard migrated to Canada, also a former classmate. Choo Lay, also a former classmate, is now a teacher in St. John. KL. Kamaruddin Mingu is still in TNB, Kuala Terengganu, biasa jumpa. Ong Huat Beng, sudah cerita above. Ms. Gan ni forgot her full name. She transferred to SS from Kelantan, adik to a police officer. Moi Lian, a teacher and taught in SS for sometime, got married and transferred out of KT. Seong Wan ni dari TB dan buat Form 6 di SS. Dengar dia seorang Chemist.

    Aku pulak, tukang buat rumah. especially rumah burung layang(walit). Kalu nak tahu serba sikit, boleh visit my website et.

    Kalu nak buat rumah atau melabur dalam bisnes sarang burung, jumpalah saya. My HP No is 0199343828. Hak lain, siapa yang kenal tolong ceritalah sikit.

  6. Dear Gerard

    Though you do not know me, your father was my English teacher in Form 5 (1974). I have good memories of your father. He was a giant of a man , in both senses of the word. I remember vividly one particular incident which I have never forgotten and one which my former classmates would ribbed me to no end. It happened in Form 5 and during his English period he told everyone of us to be quiet since he would be giving out the results of the English test. Somehow, someone who was seated behind me, asked me something and when I replied, your Dad shouted at me at the top of his voice. He rushed up to me and seize me by my collar and told me get out of the class and not to come back until I see the Headmaster. I had never seen him that angry before. I had barely trudged off before another classmate called out to me to come back. The reason:I had scored the highest in the test and he was also proud that my marks were better than those in the better classes. BTW, he used to call me Aristotle in class – I don’t know why. Do I bear a grudge against him? God forbid! I have the highest respect and regard for for him. I came to know later from a former classmate of mine (a TV Technician) that he was living in Chendering in the early ’90s. Whenever he had problem with his TV, he would always seek my friend’s services and that was how I got to know of him. I’ve never met your Dad since I left school. How’s is he now? Pls do send my regards to him, not forgetting you and your family too.

  7. Hi Karim,
    I was looking at some old photos from my schooldays when i became nostalgic and decided to google for “Sulaimanians”. And what a pleasant surprise! “Prefects Board 1975” really caught my attention because some of the faces were junior members of the “Perfects Board 1974” to which i belonged. I was the Secretary of the Board then. Oops, sorry, I am Bukhori. Most friends in SS then knew me as Bob (and it stays, even my students called me Prof Bob behind my back). I think you remember me as one of your senior and your brother, Kamal’s batch. Others in my batch include Raja Kamarul (The 1974 Headboy), Ghaffar (Vice-Head), Chacho (Arwah), Aziz (Tot), Jamil, Roslan, Nik Fauzi, Fauzi Ismail (The great athlete), Aziz Katang (another great athlete), Wahab and Zaki (the “enlightened” duo),Soh Wee Chong and of course, Gerard Royan.

    (By the way, Gerard, really great to hear from you. Please leave a contact address, the next time you write. We have 34 years of cerita to catch up!)

    Reading through the blog brought back memories of my stay in Terengganu. Like Gerard, I recognise many faces and knew many of the people you mentioned, the teachers too and the school. I have lived a good number of years (10 years) in Kuala Terengganu and spent 8 years in SS (remove class to upper 6 – a real Sulaimanian thorougbred, how about that!) I left Terengganu in 1974 when my parents returned to our hometown, Sg Petani, Kedah and entered USM to take up Pharmacy. I have lived in Subang Jaya all these years and now still lecturing in the Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM.

    I have always has soft spot for my beloved SS and my adopted state, Terengganu. Though no longer able to converse in the lingo (but i can still mencarut in the slang when caught in the KL jam!), I always get really excited when i meet anyone who had studied in SS. I have always support Terengganu in any football match, except when they play Kedah or Liverpool hehehe… I still make occasional trips to Terengganu to visit my students on practical attachments. Sadly, i have lost touch with most of friends.

    Bye for now (before this old sentimental get teary eyes).
    P.S. Where’s Kamal now? The last time i met him was way back in the 1990’s.


  8. Hi Bob,

    Its really nice to hear from you! Unfortunately, I have not been reading the blog, so I missed out on your appearance!

    Its nice to know that you still support Terengganu FC (when did they last win? Ha! Ha!). I remember watching the State Team play Kelantan from the roof of the Police Quarters Flats, when we could not afford the tickets! And of course we could hear Cikgu Adam from all the way up on the roof (apparently, his son was the 3rd calun at the infamous Gunfight at Kampong Cina recently!)

    Call or SMS me at +6012-2968210. I live in TTDI, and maybe we can do a teh tarik sometime. We’ll leave the Stabucks and Coffeebeans’ to our rich kids!

    Spoke to Wee Chong recently – sounds like he never left school!

    Take care, Gerard

  9. Hello Bob,
    I am known as Wan (Wan Nor Aidah) in school and was in SS from 70-75. As you mentioned Chacho(arwah)and Fauzi – I wonder if you are Apo’s (Ghaffar?) brother who use to live next to Chacho’s house? I use to hang around in Chacho’s house a lot before as his sister was my best friend – our Cik Engku Puan Sri Rozeetha. I hve not meet Apo and Fauzi since they left UPM. When I was a freshman there, they were like my ‘protectors’ against all those raggers during those days in UPM. I wonder where they are now. Definitely would like to get in touch with them again.

  10. Hi,am shocked to hear that Zainuri Zainuddin passed away.He was my student (SSPS year??) I always remember him as a dark,tall,handsome and smart student.

    • Cikgu Soh,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Yes, Zainuri was a dear friend of mine. Met him before he went to Mekkah for Haji. He had the accident after coming back from Haji on the way to fetch his family in Terengganu. It was reported on one of the TV news.
      Besides those attributes mentioned – he is always helpful with friends and teachers.
      Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh arwah.

  11. hello Sulaimanians,
    greetings from KL. Choo Lay here…. It is good to have a venue to keep in touch. Really surprised to see the old prefects photo. It does bring back memories…do keep in touch. My email is

  12. hye..nak ucap gud luck kat sir zaidi..rindu kat cikgu

  13. Hi all,
    Great to see this blog and photo from, what 36 years ago. I remember Mr Horley Isaacs came to clsaa one day to persuade me to become a prefect… I said no a couple of times.. Next I know, my name was on the board.. had to attend.. Man!, 3 years of being of prefect.. I remember the trip to Besut and Sekayu waterfalls.
    Yeo, I met your son last year during a Schools Quiz Competition when I was there in KT last year. He may have told you. I actually ‘masuk’ the school last year on a Sat evening (guard let me thru!).. Went to my Form 5 class and took photos… Remember listening to Ali vs Frazier (Thrilla in Manila) on radio in 1976 in that class room!
    Also remember, in 1977, that our current King, Sultan Mizan, was in the prefects board right?
    I’m in KL now guys (back to my home town)… I can be reached at ‘’ .. If anyone knows where Angelo Yeo is these days, do let me know.

  14. […] an email from Haji Ali Mahari and also a call from Abdul Ghaffar Mohd Nor (apo) informing, our headboy 1975, Yeo Sin Soon is in the ICU of Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah (HSNZ), Kuala […]

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