Tell us about your SS Raya gathering

Now that Raya is over, I am sure there were a lot of Raya gatherings held all over. Please share with us your Raya get together gathering even if it is just a small scale.

Send us some nice capture, tell us where it was held, who came and of course we would like to know from which batch. Sent to my email

And since Shawwal is still around for another 3 weeks, there must be those who are planning for other gatherings – most likely for those in Klang Valley. Tell us when, where and any particular group or batch that are invited – and we can share the notice. [unless you want it to be a private affair!]

Drive with care.

~ by akarimomar on October 5, 2008.

One Response to “Tell us about your SS Raya gathering”

  1. Encik Karim, I’m writing this on behalf of my batch Ex-Sulaimanian 1987. I found this blog about the Sulaimanians from a junior (89 batch) who i stumbled upon at Mydin Mall yesterday.

    My batch had formed an unofficial Club of ex sulaimanians known as X-SS Club ’87. We have had two gatherings previously on 2 Hari Raya many years ago.Since most of the batch resides outside KT, we mostly keep in touch through an e-group and still going strong until today.

    We heard that the Sulaimanians are going to organize a major gathering on hari raya next year (if its true). We would be most grateful if we could join in next year. We had received many requests to organize a gathering but since hari raya this year are very limited due to short school break, we couldn’t manage.

    I would be very much grateful should we received a favorable reply for the Senior’s batch.

    My e-mail is

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