Hello From Mr. Razali Abdul Mutalib

This is a comment from Cikgu (Mr.) Razali Abdul Mutalib at The Cross Country posting. But rather than just leave it at the comment – I decided to give a special honour to our beloved teacher with a separate entry below:

This may not be the right place to put an old teacher’s keinginan on line but I’d like to give it a try. I am Razali Abdul Mutalib and I taught at SMSS from 1960 until I was transferred to the Education Dept in Feb 1872. Before that I was a trainee teacher in SRSS fro Oct 1956 until Dec 1957.

So I have a fairly large number of students who had the misfortune of being taught by “Mr Razali”. Now that I am nearing my 71st birthday I would very much like to say hello to old friends and students from SMSS.

The last one I met was a very friendly former rugby player an school gymnast – Fauzi Ismail. Thank you Fauzi for coming forward to greet your old Cikgu. It made my day! So, my wish – is to get to hear from those I was privileged to teach.



Cikgu Razali is my Pak Sepupu. He is married to my father’s cousin Khadijah Yong – Mak Cik Wok (also SS teacher), sister of my Ayah Ngah Hassan of Al-Manar (A drop of tears for a reason and A Letter From England (1960)).

Cikgu Razali is also a close buddy of Mr. Navaratnam (Met Mr. Nava in Bali).

Regards – Karim Omar (SS70-76)

SS School Staff 1965

SS School Staff 1965


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14 Responses to “Hello From Mr. Razali Abdul Mutalib”

  1. Cikgu (Mr.) Razali Abdul Mutalib can be considered an icon of SSSS. He was a mentor to thousands of SSSS students in many aspects of life – education, language proficiency, social etiquette, ect. As I lay back, upon reaching the age of 58, I am happy that Allah has given me the opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU to Cikgu Razali whenever I meet him in KT. He has motivated me to master the English language. That proficiency has provided me the opportunity to contribute in many aspects of writing as well earning extra income as an editor of various publications. THANK YOU SIR.

    • I was in SMSS from 1962-1964 and YES I do remember Cik Gu Razali Abdul Mutalib – always had a smile on his face whenever I ran into him. I dearly remember his wife, Cik Gu Khadijah Yong who was my Home Science teacher, left a lasting impression on me for her gentleness and kindness. I have fond memories of Kuala Trengganu, I went back years later to do my teacher training and because of that was successful in obtaining a scholarship to study in the US. Thank you Trengganu and all my teachers.

    • Salaam, Cik Gu Razali, My name is Lian Choo. I was in SS from 1965 to 1970. I have just upload some photos for Karim from our school days….. it might stir up some fond memories….There must be hundreds of students that passed through SSSS from 1960. I am one of them….Thank you

  2. Sdr. Nik Fuad & Sdri. Rosita,
    Sememangnya jasa guru-guru kita amat dikenang. Kita banyak berhutang budi dengan mereka. Dan akan sentiasa mendoakan kebaikan untuk mereka.

  3. Salam. Sdr Karim,

    You are right. I made a mistake about the time period that I was in SMSS. I was there from 1965 – 1967, so fellow classmates if you remember me, do get in touch. Thank you.

  4. […] popular show during special events was the gymnastic. Who else other that Cikgu Razali Mutalib to help with the […]

  5. Salam Puan Rosita, your desire to meet old friends is most welcomed. Please provide your number so that I can tell those in KL to be ready for the great moment. I am in Trg and my number is 0179198845. Thanks.

  6. Salam Sdr Nik Fuad – Thank you for writing. My number is 02 9635 2154 and I will be in KL from 26 -28 Feb. It would be wonderful if I can meet up with SS friends while I’m there. I am meeting up with a group of old school friends from Perak. So we can try to work something out before or after that reunion. Terima kasih.

  7. thanks for the info. I have uploaded recent photos of old friends and teachers in my face book.

  8. […] because his wife Cik Khatijah Yong was my home science teacher. Check my response to his posting “Hello from Mr. Razali Abdul Mutalib.” Hope they are in good health and doing […]

  9. CheGu Haji Razali bin Abdul Mutalib – SIAPA TAK KENAL. He was a very closed friend of my late brother-in-law, Mustapha Hj.Awang. I was his student too, from 1961-1965. Form & english teacher as well as gymnastic & rugby master. Gymnastic & rugby was the pride of HM Mr.Fong See Ming.

    I was the leader of the school hardcore back then. I feared nobody EXCEPT, the one and only “Mr.Razali”. He was feared but was very much respected. He instilled a lot of courage in us.

    One incident during gym practise, pommel somersault, the lad before me, felled & broke his arm & the bone broke the skin. He attended to the boy proffessionally, got the asst.trainer, can’t quite recall – Mr.Nisabury or what, to take the lad to hospital.
    You wouldn’t quite believed, he called me, Ali, back in line and continue, and I did.
    His and my passion for rugby, pulled us together again in early 70s. We but rugby in Terengganu back on the map. HE played for a couple of years & I continued as state captain from 1980-1985.

    Another incident was when we were called by State Secretariat office, because some New Zealand Maoris were found drunk & sleeping on the Turtle Roundabout, where batu bersurat is now. These were the night revellers after yesterday’s rugby game.

  10. […] Pakcik (Hassan Abdul Karim or Ayah Ngah Hassan)’s A Letter From England (1960) has appeared here before. I also wrote about Ayah Ngah Hassan here (A drop of tears for a reason).  Ayah Ngah Hassan is elder brother to Cikgu Khatijah Yong [wife of Cikgu (Mr.) Razali Abdul Mutalib] […]

  11. Hi Encik Razali,

    Thank you very much for the things you thought me (although you never knew how useful some of them were to me). Just about two months ago I re-read the book “Thirty Nine Steps’ reminiscing the lessons you thought us in English Literature. How often I quoted this phrase – “Come what come may, time and hour runs through the roughest day’, when things were not in their proper order. I also remember you taught us the New Zealand songs, esp.’Pokarie-karie’ Thank you.

    May God continue to shower blessings unto you and Cikgu Khatijah and keep you both in good health.

    Till me meet again.

    (In case you cannot remember who I am, Lim Koon Hong and Carol Ng Siew Leng are my parents).

  12. […] I kept on hearing the students conversation about a good gymnastics teacher in the school. He was CheGu Razali Abdul Mutalib and that his aurora in the assembly hall was in my memory for so long because I was destined to […]

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