Calling all SMKSS alumni

KUALA TERENGGANU: After 88 years’ existence, one of the state’s famous schools, Sekolah Menengah Sultan Sulaiman (SMKSS) here finally has an alumni association to call its own.

Over the years, SMKSS has produced some of the most well-known leaders and personalities in the country, including Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Alumni also include Yayasan DiRaja Sultan Mizan chief executive director Dr Mazman Sulaiman, Berita Harian group editor Datuk Manja Ismail, and popular composer Manan Ngah.

Manan, who is the pro-tem committee vice-president, said the alumni’s objective was to gather all former SMKSS students.

The pro-tem committee that was set up to oversee the registration of the alumni association heaved a sigh of relief that the old boys could finally have a sense of nostalgic belonging.

The SMKSS alumni hope to help former students reconnect among themselves, besides giving everyone a chance to walk down memory lane once again.

“With the different background of professions among us, we also hope to build a network where we can share our experience, expertise and services,” said Manan.

The 12-member pro-tem committee is now headed by Manja, who left the school in 1980. Former students can contact committee members Dr Mazman at 019-3344777 or Asyikin Abu Samah at 013-3538787,, for details.

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Register with SS ALUMNI:

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READ ABOUT our Old Sulaimanians Association in 1958 (click) – they were active before!

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  2. saya ex student smss dari tahun 1985-1989. saya memang aktif dalam brassband n hoki peringkat sekolah, daerah n pelapis untuk sukma. seronok bila ingat semasa di smss.
    Pengetua masa tu tn hj haris hamidon dan ada lagi. YB Senator Abdul Rahman Bakar pun pernah ajar saya.. tapi yang saya selalu ingat ialah guru displin cikgu sulaiman. Mr Amri ajar bi, cikgu tajuddin account, cikgu bio cikgu perempuan tapi x ingat nama, rupa sampai sekarang masih ingat.walaupun sekarang menetap di kuantan selama 12 tahun, tapi bila balik kg tak miss pandang kat sekolah.
    Saya bertemu jodoh pun dengan budak smss tapi sekarang jodoh x panjang. kami dah seperate almost 4 years. kadang-kadang nak juga bertenu dengan kawan-kawan tapi yang terutamanya guru-guru yang saya hormati dan sanjungi. kerana mereka, saya menjadi seperti sekarang. mengikut jejak langkah sifu-sifu saya.

    • salam azrita.. masih ingat saya tak? budak band juga. ramai budak band join facebook. kalau nak tengok gambar band lama2, ada di facebook. saya main snare drum dulu. batch 1985-1990. btw keje di mana sekarang? masih di mayban ke? btw kak na (maybank ktrg), kak ti (bsn), kak nor (surirumah) ada di trg.

      • Salam,
        Masih ingat saya lagi x?
        saya yang mengajar awak kerana masa awak masuk brass band saya menjadi instructor. Rasa2 saya masih ingatkan awak lagi.
        skrg dah x mengajar lagi.

        kalau free email kat saya.

        Zamri Ibrahim

    • salam azrita. lamanya tak jumpa. saya satu batch dgn azrita juga masa brassband 1985-1989. Tapi saya still continue main band till 1990. main snare drum. kalau still recall nama saya Nor Khalilah. Boleh check gambar band di facebook. BTW ramai juga budak band di facebook.

    • salam azrita. lama dok dengor berita. saya join band jugok dulu 1985-1989..cuma terlebih setahun 1990. same batch dgn mat pie, ashaari..btw adik si nazlida ada di mana sekarang? azrita boleh tengok pic lama brassband di facebook.

    • HI Azrita, kenal dok Nor Khalilah? dia kawan saya kat pejabat MCA. dia cuba nak contact you tetapi tak berjaya. Kalau baca reply ini, acu panggil no. hp ni. 0120993870

  3. assalamualaikum… rindunya kt skool tersyg nih…
    sy ex-student ss bru lg la… since 2001-2006…
    byk sgt kenanagn yg sy dpy kt ss… ss byk bantu sy.. ss bawa sy mengenali dunia luar…
    nk sgt jumpe ngan kwn2 lame… mase kt ss…cikgu2 yg pnh mengajar sy n our beloved pengetua… tuan hj Daud… miss ss soooo much….
    nk buat reunion ker… jgn lupe inform…

    • Tuang-ayu, ya, sememangnya SS telah banyak berjasa kepada kita. Terutamanya para guru yang telah bersungguh mengajar dan membentuk syakhsiah kita.

  4. So how is the registration of our alumni getting on? How many have come forward? Can our pro-tem committee update us on the progress? I would be obliged if you can include me as well. What is the next agenda in the pipeline?

    • Thanks Tengku Noor. Will ask Mazman about it.

    • Hashim Ibrahim
      How is the response for the reunion? How I wish I could join it. I’m also from the batch of 1974-1978. (5 Science 1) Maybe I’m the only Old Boys residing in Kuching.

      • Yes, our Sulaimanian is not just all over Malaysia but also all over the world. There are a few in London itself!
        Muhamad – I don’t think you are the only one in Kuching.

      • Hi Hashim,

        You are wrong (or maybe correct, as she is not Old Boys, ha, ha). I know of a doctor at Norma specialist center (Kuching) who is ex SS too.

  5. When is the next alumni gathering?

  6. Hi Syed,

    Not sure if you can still remember me. We were classmates during our SSPS days. I knew your bro.who was a doctor in KT many years ago. I saw your photo in the recent posting.

  7. Chin fook
    Sure I remember you. Where are you now?

  8. I’m now in Melaka working in a bank. Caught up with Karim through this blog. It’s been so long. Karim sent me a Standard 2 class photo of us taken in 1966. Wow, that’s almost 43 years ago! I can still remember most of the boys. Here’s my email add: you wish to contact me.

  9. Hi, I’m Rahim ex student SMSS 1972-1976. I’m now in KL working in the Army and going to retired soon. Anyone who knows me especially Zainal, Zakaria, Salman and others pls contact me. My number 019-2402411.

  10. salam… saya Suhamimi Bin Mohamad, x-student Form 6Science 1990-1991. Sekarang bertugas di SMK Ceneh Baru, Kemaman

    Pada yang masih mengenali bh contact suhaimimd[at]

  11. Left SS in 1975 after form 5 (one yr junior Raja Kamarul).Now based in KL. Proud to hear of the Alumni.Will inform other SS member of this site.Keep us posted of any reunion.

    • BK,
      Glad that you drop a note and want to spread the word. You must be Yeo Sin Soon’s batch then – a year my senior.
      Yes, we will wait for the Alumni protem committee to get organised and call for the meet.

    • BK Koh,just to guess you must be Mr Koh Yu Kuang’son.anyway I am ong huat beng in prefect board 1975 together with friends in the photo posted by karim.happy to read the comments by our seniors and juniors.quite old now struggling to learn computer just to keep the pace with the young generation.

      • Hi huat beng,

        No, I am not koh yu Kuan’s son. He was one of my form teacher when I was in Form 1.

  12. Left SS after form 5 in 67 now based in UK. Would love to hear from old Sulaimanian especially from year 67/68.

    • Toh,
      Glad to hear that Sulaimanian blog really reaches out – virtually all over.
      Just wonder do you have a brother Toh Seng Thong? He was my classmate since SS Primary – our 1966 class photo is here [click]
      Thanks for leaving a note – hopefully there will be some response from those who know you.

  13. Thanks to all that left a comment or two.

    Interestingly everyone is really looking forward for a gathering. Make sure that you come when it is organised. No excuses!


  14. Many thanks for your note Karim. I am afraid Seng Thong is not my brother but probably a relative. I read with interest the idea of grand alumni gathering at the school. Do keep me posted of when it might happen.

  15. Seng Koh

    Toh Seng Thong is several years younger and was probably your younger brother, Seng Wey’s batch. I think Seng Thong is Dato Toh Seng Tat’s younger brother.All were in SS including me.Those were the days my fren.


  16. Salam….saya x-student SMSS…1984-1988…main bola untuk team skolah n daerah K.tganu selatan…. same team with Mubin Mokhtar….skarang jadi pengajar di institut kemahiran di Melaka, sapa2 yg ader sedara mara yg result SPM x seberapa…. boleh hubungi saya….untuk belajar kemahiran…. untuk kemajuan bangsa dan negara juga… 🙂 …..

    p/s ….. azrita bt tengah …. u still remember me??… pls drop a few lines fur me 🙂

  17. Salam, I’m SS ex-student 2001-2004. I miss SS darned much! It’s been 5 yrs since I left SS to follow my family moving to Melaka. huhu… SS really changed me to be a better person. To be a music stream student, I was being active in choir and gamelan teams. And now, I’m proud to hear more good news about SS as it’s always been even tho i’m far here in NZ. 🙂 Go, go, go SS! I feel like there was a curse long time ago that the Sulaimanians will always be successful people. =)

  18. Salam,
    I was in SMSS from 1982-1983 (form 1-2) before moving to away to other states in the country. My late father (arwah Hamzah Bin Taib)was there also from the mid 50s and so was his brother (my uncle).
    I long to hear from kawang2 lame from 1C1(1982) and 2C2(1983). Sape2 from those class can call/sms/email me.
    Hope to hear from you guys again after so long.
    Ahmad Rozy Bin Hamzah

  19. Bekas pelajar SMSS dari 1988 hingga 1992 dari ting.1 hingga 5.Kelas terakhir 5P2.Penjaga Gol bolasepak sekolah dan aktif pengakap laut.Kesian kat umah kecik kami belakang aspuri dan tak ada rupanya.Lepas sekolah masuk askar sampai sekarang.Sekarang di saint Jean garisson,Montreal,Quebec Kanada.Salam kepada semua.

  20. salam,

    I Hashim Bin Ibrahim formerly SS student from 1974-1978 would like to inform to all former SS students Form 5 1978 that we are hosting the re-union hi-tea at Primula Resort, Kuala Terengganu on the 11th June, 2009. Any frens out there who are interested to join pls contact me at 019-9449186/013-9157448 or Ramli Bin Ashaari at 019-9344442/019-9344448…Yang Di Pertuan Agong also will join us…

  21. Wow, didn’t realise that the alumni had been getting so very good response. Hi. to all Old Sulaimanians especially those that have responded and those mentioned in the response, names like BK Koh, Hashim Ibrahim, Mazman Sulaiman, Toh Seng Thong, Yong Chin Fook, Ramli Shaari, Syed Fatah, Raja kamarul, Tg. Nor Shamsiah and of course Karim Omar whom I can still recall their names and faces. There is a group in Facebook calling themselves SMK Sultan Sulaiman and hope all of us can first register with Facebook and then join this group so that we can all connect. Cheers.

  22. Thanks for the comments.

    Toh Seng Hone,
    Thanks for getting the facts right.

    Azman Muhammad,
    Selamat berbakti dan terima kasih atas makluman.

    Anis Nabihah Razak,
    Tahniah atas kejayaan melanjutkan pelajaran ke NZ. Teruskan kegemilangan SS.

    Ahmad Rozy Bin Hamzah,
    Sememangnya kita amat merindui rakan-rakan lama. Semoga ada yang menghubungi saudara.

    Ridhuan bin Radzali,
    Tahniah atas kejayaan dapat melanjutkan pelajaran ke luar negara. Itulah ciri-ciri kejayaan pelajar SS dan anggota pengakap.
    Sekadar makluman – pengakap laut ditubuhkan pada zaman kami pertengahan 70an. Memang hiba sekali apabila “Scout Den’ kita sudah tiada – suatu bangunan warisan sejarah – sebahagian dari bangunan istana Sultan Sulaiman.

    Hashim Ibrahim,
    Looking forward for the gathering – I hope it will be open for others too. Please update us – to be posted further in this blog

    Sin Soon,
    Thanks for your continuous comments and the info.

  23. Salam untuk semua. Ex-SMSS 1982-1986. Aktif dalam Pengakap Laut serta Olahraga. 1986 tinggal di Asputra. Tahun 2008 dapat kumpulkan 19 orang SPM 1986. Gathering di Warung Pak Maidin Batu Buruk.
    Sekarang menetap di Kajang Selangor semenjak 1988.
    Marzuki Mustaffa 6017-3314589

    • Salam,saya pun SPM 86, dr klas commerce.saya pn nk join klu ada lg ok.Saya duk kat grik skrg.

  24. Saya Nik Azahari Nik Razid, formerly SS student from 1974-1980, like to join re-union hi-tea, rindu nak jumpa member lama. sekarang I bekerja sendiri (printing) di Gong Badak. my email :, salam untuk semua..bye

    • salam, rasa macam kenal nama ni! kita sekelas ke dengan norma fikri yati,moklong(syikin), poklong, wan paridah? 6 atas sastera 1979. atau saya tersalah orang. maaf kalau saya silap ye.

  25. I am an ex-Sulaimanian too. Very happy to see this blog.Sorry to say that I do not know you and vice-versa. Iam also interested to get in touch with my friends who were born in 1957,studied in SSPS 1 between 1964 to 1968 and then in SSSS between 1969 to 1973.Afew of those in my batch includes Dato’ Wan Hisham, YB Wahid Endut, the ex-head prefect Yeo Sin Soon.

  26. Marzuki:
    Nice to know that you were with the sea scout. BTW – it was established during our time early 70s. But I stick to the regular scout until was awarded with the King Scout in 1974.

    Since you had the gathering before – why not write a brief note and we can share with others by posting here or sending the photos.[send it to]

    Nik Azahari:
    Will definitely post any gathering (hopefully people will inform/send to me). Do visit again.
    You must be Tuanku Agung’s batch?

    Pheck Sian,
    Seems that you are my senior by one year. Sin Soon is a regular visitor – hopefully he would notice your comment.
    Or you may want to write to him direct

  27. Hi! Pheck Sian,
    Nice to see u in this blog. Hope u can invite our net savy old classmates to visit this blog, perhaps Lay Choo and Hueh Fen.

  28. Yeo, can u please check what happen to my posting? I have posted thrice now. Hope Azrita my ex bandmate read this. I was with brassband from 1985-1990 (extra 1 year). Played tenor drum before switching to snare drum. If she wanted to see the old pics of brassband, she can do so by surfing to brassband group in facebook.

  29. Nor Khalilah,
    When you first post a comment – it will need the blog owner to approve then only it will appear. As I am not a full-time with the blog – it sometime takes a while before it get approved. But once you had your comment approved – then the subsequent comments will be automatically uploaded – as you can notice with Yeo Sin Soon’s comments.

    Azrita can be contacted at

    Thanks for spreading the words. Keep it up.

  30. hi muhamad who now resides in kuching, we are still trying to get the new date for hi-tea since 11th 0r 12th june has been postponed due to some committments from our frens, we do hope that the new will be on 27th june or 11th July…muhamad, pls give me ur contact no., and also ur full address so that i can send any info regarding the hi-tea to u A.S.A.P…thanx muhamad….hope to hear from u soon…

  31. hye!
    ape khabar ex student ss?
    moga sihat2 belaka….
    sy student ss…
    in form 3 diz year….
    nk tny tentang sejarah brass band ss?
    sesiapa blh bantu?
    sy sedang mencari bahan untuk membina laman web ss brass band…
    harap2 ade yang sudi tolong…
    tolong ye?
    nk contact sy…….
    leave an email….
    harap dapat membantu….

  32. hi all ex-Sulaimanians.I was the headboy for the yr of 1979.Its really exciting when I come to know about this website…informed by our SSSS former drum major, currently an army personnel with a lot of things for him to carry on his shoulder…I meant ‘pangkat besar jugak le…’.To those who still remember me and still interested to recall some of those days memories, you can addressed your mail to I am in Seremban, retired on medical ground a couple of months ago.So now I’m full time at home!!!

    • wah! Saya memang ingat nama ni.tapi mcam dah kelabu asap gambarannya…6 atas sastera 1979

      • Salam.memang saya di tingkatan 6 atas sastera tahun 1979,masa tu tengah gagah – main bolasepak,olahraga dan ragbi.nama rosliah pun macam ingat balik tapi doh 30 tahun bukan senang nak recal.

  33. Salam untuk semua.

    Saya ingin menyampaikan sedikit kisah pengalaman lampau saya di SSSS. Nama saya Besar Saaid bin Talib, sama batch dengan Haris Hamidon (bekas headmaster SSSS).

    … komen seterusnya dimasukkan sebagai satu posting tersendiri. SIla ke: Pengalaman di SSSS 1953-1958

  34. […] oleh sebagai komen pada posting: Calling All SMKSS Alumni. Memandangkan ianya suatu naratif yang penuh bermakna maka wajar diletakkan sebagai satu posting […]

  35. Hi all. I am Tiong Beng from U6S1 1982, Anyone here from my batch? glad to have found this blog by accident.

  36. Hai.. I’m also an ex-sulaimanian.. Year 1987-1991, kelas terakhir 5 Science E.. Rindu sgt kat ss.. Now, i’m staying and working in Selangor.. Tapi kalau balik kg, pun mesti pandang kat skolah ss.. Dah besar dan makin cantik skolah kita..

    Ada sapa2 hok ingat lagi saya

  37. Nak tanya betul ke kelah 5 Science E ada last skali tahun 1991, pah tu tukar jadi 5SC1 balik.. Ingat lagi cikgu2 semua kat kelah kita paling bising skali masa tu, sbb tu bagi nama E.. He he..

    • Hai..Salam buat smua sulaimanian. Khusus buat Suriati Jalil 1987-1991 ingat dok agi Norhana Halim ur classmate 1988-1991. Senang2 contactlah aku kat Dok cari ko punya email add x jumpa

  38. kepada geng2 lama former SS students class 1978, majlis re-union akan diadakan pada 9 Oktober, 2009 (hari jumaat) mulai jam 8.00 malam bertempat di Primula Resort, Kuala Terengganu…kami berharap tarikh ini akan menjadi kenyataan kerana tarikh2 sebelum ini tidak dapat diadakan kerana masalah yang tidak dapat dielakkan..segala kesulitan amat dikesali…harap dapat hubungi saya di talian 013-9157448

  39. I’m Muhammad Farid, ex-SMKSS 2001-2005. Currently studying System Engineering in Japan. Would like to build networks for future employment. Hope to keep in touch with some lost friends here.

    Good luck all.

  40. Salam,

    Student SS primary dari standard 1 – 6[89-94]
    Student SS secondary from form 1 – form 5[94-98]

    really hope can meet all my batch,can contact me at 017-6602408 or nadjmuddean[at]

    now working in KL in media publication – major islamic banking.

    rindunya kat korang semua….

  41. Salam,
    Looking for kawang lame by the name of Sulaiman Muhammad (SMSS 1981 – 1C1/1P1). Anybody yg tau his whereabouts pls contact me at

  42. salam..saya siti mazniza..been at smss from 1996-1998..bekas pelajar 1k2(1996),2k2(1997) & 3k1(1998)..smss taught me lots bot life..

  43. Kepada bekas warga SS.. Taipkan ALUMNI SS REG . Hantar ke 36553. Daftar segara dan tlg sebarkan.. InsyaAllah raya thn ni nak sambut 88 TAHUN SS.

  44. Bekas pelajar SMKSS, kalu jadi nak buat sambutan 88 raya tahun ni, insya-Allah. siapa berminat sila taip ALUMNI SS REG (nama penuh> . Hantar ke 36553. Harap dapat sebarkan.

  45. nama penuh, no kp baru dan hantar ker 36553.

  46. ALUMNI SS REG (nama penuh) (no kp baru) (lokasi sekarang). hantar ke 36553.

    • Tahniah atas usaha mendaftarkan alumni SS.
      Ada baiknya jika diceritakan sedikit usaha ini agar dimaklumkan kepada sekalian warga kita.
      Kirim kepada saya – dan akan disiarkan sebagai satu entri baru.

  47. aku ex-sulaimanians 05-08…
    skunk skul kt Rmc(royal military college)…
    rndu glerrr kt ss…
    byk kenangan pahit manis hok x dpt aku lpe…
    especially with MAPEROW….
    i lov3 u guys…
    Klu wt reunion jgn lpe inform…

    • It’s pretty vulgar to use “aku” in this forum, since there are users that way older than us. The owner of this blog should be around your father’s age. Keep that minded bro.

      Budi bahasa budaya kita.

      Ramadhan Kareem everyone. Amin.

      Looking forward to 88th anniversary.

  48. […] 88th Anniversary Celebration? I heard there is going to be a celebration cum reunion during the coming Hari Raya break. It is said to be the 88th anniversary celebration of our beloved school. [see comment by Nor Khalilah here: calling-all-smkss-alumni] […]

  49. Salam semua. Saya ex-student SS tahun 1975-1979. I was one of the Sabah students sent there for our secondary education. Banyak saya belajar tentang hidup di sana. I especially missed our discipline teacher, then En Wan Hassan. Our gentle and soft-spoken HM, En Yusof Ngah is also very much missed.

  50. Salam semua. To old sulaimanians class 1978, Majlis Jalinan Mesra/Sambutan Hari Raya ditetapkan dan akan diadakan pada 9 Oktober, 2009 hari Jumaat malam bertempat di Ri-Yas Heritage Pulau Duyong…..sila daftar untuk hadir dengan bayaran RM100.00 seorang…SPB Tuanku telah berkenan untuk berangkat hadir….hubungi saya 013-9157448 atau Mazman Sulaiman 019-3344777…Jumpa disana…!!!

  51. Salam semua,

    sy mat sani ss 80-84,ingin menjejaki kawang kawang skloh dulu.
    jupe raye kek g.

  52. Hi again. What happen to all those who were in Form 1 to Form 5 from 1969 to 1973. So far I have not seen any response except for Sin Soon. Hope more will write in so that we can meet up too. Thanks.

    • Hi Pheck Sian,
      B.Kuan here. I think most of them are not fully aware of this site. Maybe with networking, they will come to know of it.

  53. A’kum..Salam Ramadhan. Saya bekas student 1991-1996… PMR 94, SPM 96.. Ader ker yg batch tu?? last form 5S2… Sekarang keje di JPM Putrajaya… Saya dulu ada minat kat sorg gurl ni nama Salfarina Abd Salam. Tgkkk…sampai skrg ingat nama ayah dia skali… Tp mase form 4 dia pindah.. sedih wooo mase tu… paling x suka kat skolah nih astaka kat padang tu (x tau ader lagi x skrg).. nk lepak2 kt situ pun x blh, penuh dgn taik kambing.. tp yg best, kalo ptg2 mase ade aktiviti rumah sukan, suka g tepi2 pagar kutip bola golf… Yg plg saya tunggu plak, aktiviti merentas desa stiap thn.. x pernah penuh berlari pun. Biasanye sampai kt Batu Buruk, dah tahan bas balik terus ke rumah kat Kuala Ibai… hehehehe.. Tp skrg sume tu kenangan… saya pun dh jd pegawai kt JPM nih… Alhamdulillah..

  54. Salam,
    I’m a YSabah student who was in SS fr 78-84. I’ve been back to the sch a couple of times with my family. I am currently in touch with Cg Wan Hassan, retired, currently residing in Besut with his wife, Cg Faridah, also one of our teachers. I also met up with Cg Muhammad Daimin a few times, in KT and KK. I would love to hear fr my mates, Toh Siok Chin, Poi San Ly, Ng Mei Mei and others who were in 4 Sc 1 n 5 Sc 1 (81 & 82), L6A1 & U6A1 (83 & 84). I know Ahmad Razif fr 5Sc2 (82)is active in politics. Wonder what happened to everybody else. Anyone know the whereabouts of Khatijah Osman fr Kg Pauh, Wakaf Mempelam??
    By the way, I’m Tseu Yen Fui @ Nurul Husna, fr Kota Kinabalu.

    • Nurul Husna,
      How do I get in touch with Cikgu Wan Hassan?

      • 0132046092. You can call him thru Cikgu Faridah’s mobile.

      • Terima kasih. Saya akan hubungi Cikgu Faridh. Selain untuk hubungi Cik Wan Hassan, saya juga ingin menghubungi adik Cikgu Faridah – kawan saya semasa di UPM dulu.

  55. Salam, saya nurul aida binti said, saya bekas student SS tahun 1996-2000. Last kelas tingkatan 5(SPM) pada tahun 2000, masa tu saya di kelas 5SK3 (Sains Kejuruteraan). Rindunyer kat kawan-kawan semua especially yang satu kelas. Ape cer korang sume ek??? Masti dah kawin smua, kije pun best2 kan. Saya kat Kuala Lumpur sekarang, salah seorang kakitangan Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan. Sesiapa yang mengenali saya bolehlah e-mail pada saya di atau tel@sms di 012-3842747. MISS U ALL…..

  56. Salam sejahtera, Saya Mazelan Salleh (1975-1979) Malay Medium,
    Kelas Perdagangan 78 dan 79. Aku joint gak hari raya tu hari, tapi tak jumpa sorang pun yang sealiran. Tapi ramai jugak kenalan (asrama) yang aku jumpa (masih kenal), dengan perjumpaan hari raya baru ni, terlerai lah jugak rasa rindu dan yang terlebih pentingnya terasa TUA lah pulak. Sapa-sapa yang rasa kenal ngan budak besut ni, harap-harp contact lah aku di Aku le ning menetap kat Sungai Petani, Kedah. kalu sapa-sapa terlepas kemari tel aku 019-4102087. Panjanglah pulak, sorry, Untuk Megat (Drum Mejar) SS 1979 – pse contact aku, tak tahu apasal aku teringat sangat kat hang.

  57. Sayang tak ramai yang menjenguk kat sini. I minta maaf kerana terguna gantinama sebagai AKU dalam site yang lepas .. sorry

  58. hi, i am Yong Kam Wah. I go by the name Mrs Deanna Lee now. i was in ssps1 from 1970 to 1974, SSSS from 1975 to 1979 and Form Six (1980-81). I stumbled upon this blog while visiting Awang Goneng’s blog. (still angry about my beloved Pasor Keda Payang). One thing leads to another. Here I am. This website is so special I have been trying to trace my kampung root. Right now, i am residing in ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates.

    I was Datuk Manja Ismail’s colleague in Berita Harian for 6 years.(Manja, if you are reading this, kirim salam kat wifey).
    if you are my class/schoolmates, write me to cerita kisah zaman muda-muda…(

    • Hi Yong Kam Wah, we seemed to have been in the same school from primary right up to secondary. Trying to place you and your face. In any case, we are having SS primary 1 reunion for 1974 batch on 9/7/2011 at Merang Suria Resort. Don’t know if you remember Mazri Zahid? He is organising the event. Would you be able to join as I am sure you would know Poh Lay Eng/Suzie Low/Lim Guat Seong/Wan fatimah Kamilah

  59. Hi, I’m ex-Sulaimanian from Form 1 (1969) to Upper Six (1975). Were classmates with Faridzoh Othman (I’m trying to get in touch with her), Sin Soon, Hueh Fen, Bee Yian, Lay Choo, Wahid Endut, Dato’ Wan Hisaham, and many others. Anybody who remembers me pls writh

    • Hi, Faridah Aini, Nice to hear from you. In fact a few of our classmates had commnented here like Choo Lay and Pheck Sian. Hueh Fen is in Sarawak and lay Choo in Kuching. Faridzoh!! I completely lost touch. Hope to hear more from you.

    • Hi,I’m B Kuan.Can’t remember you but most of the names you mentioned, I am familiar.Currently based in PJ and in contact with Boon Leong, Hee Fun, Choo Lay, Geok Boon & Kok Eng, who are also here.

    • Fari,

      Thanks for the comment.
      Sin Soon is a regular here – he can be reached at
      The two politicians mentioned are always busy. Wan Hisham is on Facebook – you may find and be connected. But I don’t recall Wahid Endut joining the 6th form. I think he went to UPM (Sarawak) after MCE.

  60. Faridah Aini, sorry for the wrong info. Hueh Fen is in Kuching , Sarawak and Lay Choo in Ipoh, Perak.

  61. saya ex-class 5 sc 1 spm 1980 nak contact member ss apa kabor lening

  62. Salam ex 5th Former 1969 Sepi sahaja sekarang ini dah lama ta ada berita dari anda semua Hope to receive perkhabaran on your current activity as most of you had retired and had ample time to write

  63. Hi, I’m ex Sulaimanian and same classmates with Toh Seng Thong , , Jeniffer Lim, Normah Head girl and many others in USA2 in 1976. Nice to hear from you.
    To all the muslim, Selamat berpuasa dan selamat menyambut hari raya aidilfitri. Raya ne I tak dapat balik kampung….kg kat Pulau kambing…………rindu keropok lekor losong hahaaa

  64. saya ex-ss student.from 1974 to sapa-sapa yang ambil mce tahun 1976 leh le tolong hubungi saya .amat meridui kamu semua.suhaimi gayo .heeh. harap teman sekelas iaitu form 5 sc4 1976 dapat hubungi saya di:email atau call 0179717891.dan untuk mazman masih ingat saya tak.kita main tenis dulu.

  65. […] Calling all SMKSS alumni February 2009 111 comments 4 […]

  66. saya ex-ss student dari tahun 1977-1981 class 5sc3 harap berhubung kembali dgn classmate 5sc3 di ladang_azmy

  67. […] 5 Calling all SMKSS alumni 115 comments February 2009 […]

  68. salam…saya siti murni sh.murad sy ex-ss 1990-1994 …kelas 5p2…harap dpt bertemu kembali…InsyaAllah…

  69. wow. we can fill the blanks for the 1980s! there are >50 of us in unofficial class of F11977-F51981.

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