Two Calls In A Day

Getting a long lost senior calling you is indeed a surprise. But getting two long lost seniors calling in an interval of about three hours on the same days – is indeed beyond imagination.

Both of them were my elder brother, Mohd Kamal Omar, classmates. Both were my seniors with the 1st Kuala Trengganu Troop of SS Scout and Prefect Board.

Ghaffar Md Nor called me just before 1pm. Later at about 4 pm, Bukhori Abu Bakar called. What a coincident, both of them classmates, calling me the same day after over 30 years – not even “pakat-pakat”.

Both Ghaffar and Bukhori left school after Form 6 Science in 1974.

I have not met Bukhori ever since he left school. He is now a Associate Professor at Fakulti Farmasi, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Bukhori was quite active during the school days and was the editor of our 1974 school magazine.

Unlike, Bukhori, I still met Ghaffar at UPM after SS for a brief one year. I know Ghaffar’s family more. His elder brother, Razak, was the senior who taught me the very first lesson about scouting. I would still remember cycling from my Lorong Mok Pe government quarters house to their house at the corner of Jalan Kamaruddin, a few houses behind MB’s official residence. In the garden, in front of their house is where I would learn what is needed for my Tenderfoot.

Ghaffar is now a headmaster of a school in the Puchong/Kinrara area and resides in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang. Ghaffar had two bad accidents. One in 2002, where he was in coma for about two weeks after the vehicle he was traveling in Sarawak tumble down in deep ravine. In Feb 2007, he was warded again for over 100 days for another accident. He now walks aided by walking stick.

Glad to know their whereabouts and we promised to keep in touch and probably arrange for a get together soon.

~ by akarimomar on February 23, 2009.

15 Responses to “Two Calls In A Day”

  1. Dear Karim,

    Thanks for your kind comments about me. It was a memorable day for me too. Shortly after my call to you, I had a flurry of calls from long lost friends from people that you know, like Ghaffar, Nik Paudzi, Aziz Tot and Raja Kamarul. Of course, by now you know the reason for the call from the latter.

    By the way, I was not that active during my years in SS compared to some of my contemporaries. However, I am glad you still remember the little editorial work that I did in 1974. On the other hand, I can recall many illustrious Sulaimanians during my years in SS. People like Alias Jusoh, Abdah Aliff, Fauzi Ismail, Aziz Katang, Nik Paudzi were “icons” then. So did my juniors like champion athlete Yeo Sin Soon, Azmi and Mariana Jupining who made SS a sports supremo unchallenged. Of course, there was then my dear classmate Raja Kamarul Bahrin, the 1974 Head Boy (do i need to tell more about him?) I may be wrong but I recall that when Raja was it’s House Captain, Rumah Pelanduk (my beloved House) became the Champion for the first time after a long long time!

    I am not surprise about Ghaffar (Apo)- his perseverence and his success in overcoming the many tragedies that befell him. I dare say he acquired the trait partly due to years of his schooling at a great place called SS. As a School Prefect (Vice-Head Boy), Ghaffar also excelled in sports (especially rugby and hockey), co-curriculum and his studies. He was a great leader much reverred in the Boy Scouts Movement (and the Girl Guides!) and together with talented Chacho (arwah), I believe many could remember the times they used to sing and performed in school shows and campfires. Anyway, as you probably would recall, our school Boy Scout movement then was an outstanding group under the guidance of Mr Han and later, Mr Kumara Das.

    I am excited and look forward to us getting together soon. We have a lots to catch up, maybe starting with this 7 March event.

    Crazy to ask this after more than 30 years – Is the Scout Den (and the totempole) still standing? I remember we helped to build it under the instructions of our stern Scout Master, Mr Kumara Das.

    To Wan Aida (i hope you read this)- Sorry, i can’t recall you, but I am not Apo’s brother. But we are “brothers” in the other sense as we were close and grew up together in Terengganu and SS. I used to spend a lot of times at Apo’s and also Chacho’s house.

  2. Thanks Bob for your lengthy comment.

    Yes, we can be reminiscing days and days about old Sulaimanian days. But if we do not record them – it will be lost forever. And that is why we have this blog for. I really encourage and appreciate all of you to write something about anything of those days. Include photos too.

    Yes, Bob, our Pelanduk was the champion in 1974 (after been at the bottom for so many years) and continue to be the force years after that.

    Please write more about the scouting days.

    Scout Den? … will tell you later.

    BTW – I think you got our teacher sequence wrong. It was Mr. Kumara Das first and later Mr. Han.

    I hope to meet you and others on the 7th.

  3. Dear Bukhori aka Bob,
    Thanks for remembering me and commenting me on my sports achievement…I am sure there were many others who made SS proud in various ways…but I guess we were the ones you remembered well, huh? Right now, I’m trying to recall who you are though your name Bob sounds more familiar than the name Bukhori…hehehe. But since you say you were a scout than I should know you well, right? I was in the Girl Guides for a brief period ..not sure why? I guess my priority was in sports and choir only.
    I hope you can post some pictures of your old and new self..just to jog my memory. By the way, are you the brother of Sakinah? A Sabahan friend told me that but I wasn’t sure.
    Well, hope to read more comments from you regarding SS keep on writing.
    P/s Hopefully there’ll be a reunion for all ex-students and teachers of SS one of these days.

  4. Dear Mariana,
    Yes, i believe we knew each other well then. I also remember other charming Sabahan girls like Lina, Evening, Alice and others who, beside their sporting prowess, had in the many school shows and functions kept many captivated with their graceful and elegent sumazau dance, yours trully included.

    Like others, I have aged gracefully may not recognise Bob you used to know. Anyway, I am happy to invite you to be a friend on my Facebook.

    Oh yes, I am Sakinah’s brother.

  5. Hello again Bob,
    I guess we did know each other well but somehow I just can’t recall how you looked like. Maybe you should send me an old photograph of yourself to jog my memory…that is if you don’t mind at all. Now that you mentioned Alice..ahem…she was the one who told me, you were Sakinah’s brother. I knew Sakinah very well…being a should be close to one another as sisters. So how is Sakinah doing? Would love to hear from her. Pls convey my regards to her, ok.
    Thanks for the invitation to be your friend on Facebook. I will definitely include you in mine. Well, I believe we all aged gracefully by the years, huh? So how about sending me an image of your present self…maybe I can figure out how you looked like before…hehehe. Do you mind if I send you a picture of myself to your cellphone? Hmmmmm….I got your number!!

  6. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the response. Cant blame myself for making that ‘mistake’ that you are Apo’s brother. That was like 46 years ago and I was barely 15. All I can remember that there were a whole bunch of ‘big boys’ hanging around the house too… .. I dont blame you for not remembering me – we musta been some ‘pestering little sisters of Chacho’s’ then. I was v sad about Chaco cos I only knew later (me and Tita were out of touch for a while). I am sad to hear about Apo too….. he is kinda of big bro to me. I have his mobile – insyaallah will contact him. I still have Tita’s contact no, but we dont contact too often – as she is abroad most of the time.. Anyway was there not another guy in your group – Abu Latifi was his name or something like that – but I think he left SS after form 5. Where did all the years go?

    • Wan Aida,

      A little correction – not 45 years but 35 years. Don’t tell me you are already 60 years old now.

  7. Hi, Bob

    Thanks for remembering me and mentioning my name above. I can still remember you and Ghaffar though you are one form higher. If I am not mistaken you are the ‘short’ dark specky scout.(Mariana!, Csn you recall this guy after I describe him, haha) I will also be attending Raja Kamarul’s (now Raja Bahrin) function on the 7th and hope to see you there.

  8. Thanks Karim,
    It seems that not only the years are gone… memory going too!!

  9. […] Reunions In A Day After getting two calls from long lost Sulaimanians in a day, we had a reunion among some of us. Bukhori decided to have lunch and a small reunion at his house […]

  10. […] getting two calls from long lost Sulaimanians in a day, we had a reunion among some of us. Bukhori decided to have lunch and a small reunion at his house […]

  11. Dear Karim, it is great to see the photo of your get-together. It is a great effort indeed bringing the Sulaimanian closer after years of seperation. When I see the photo, I guess I could recalled your face when you were younger. I could not recalled the rest of the seniors in the photo as I guess my memory is not that good. but one thing when Bob mentioned he is sakinah’s brother, yeah I did remember Sakinah and would be glad to know about her more as she was our hostel mate.

    • Tengku Noor,
      Will try to write more, add more photos and maybe compare old photos next to that group photo. Then everybody will start smiling …

  12. Dear Mariana anad Tg Nor Shamsiah,
    Just a quick update on Sakinah. She is now a senior teacher and lives in Seremban, mother of 3 beautiful daughters (2 are undergraduates in an IPTA in the Klang Valley).

    Will try to get her to write in.

  13. Dear Bob,
    Thanks for the info…would appreciate if I can have her contact number. I remember Sakinah very well. With 3 daughters, I am sure she is managing very well. Do convey my regards to her.

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