Two Reunions In A Day

After getting two calls from long lost Sulaimanians in a day, we had a reunion among some of us. Bukhori decided to have lunch and a small reunion at his house in SS19 Subang Jaya. Surprisingly, the simply organised get together [thanks to Bukhori and family] turn out to be an enjoyable one. We had so many things to tell and to catch up [and especially the host had so many to recollect our memory] it lasted over 4 hours (or even more for those who came much earlier).

Those who came were:

Reunion at Bukhori's house 1 March 2009

Reunion at Bukhori's house 1 March 2009

[R-L] Gerard Royan, Soh Wee Chong, Karim Omar (me), Syed Mohd Zaid, Shaharudin Ibrahim, Syed Abdul Fattah, Bukhori Abu Bakar (host), Abdul Ghaffar Mohd Nor, Abu Latiffi and Mohd Kamal Omar

This is just a quick brief  update – hoping someone among those above would be writing a post soon with photos taken to be included.

Earlier in the morning it was another reunion among those who were with the Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (PMIUPM) in Bangi  [I was the Vice President in 1980-81 – besides other positions prior to that].


Here is an additional note/comment from Bukhari (Bob):

Dear Karim,

One of my favourite song ever, is a 1970s hit by Bread called “If ” …If a picture paints a thousand words……well, standing together, nothing can describe our joys and happiness to be able to meet again, some after almost 35 years. It was a memorable day indeed.

For a start, almost everyone were invited, turned up (Nik Paudzi, Jamil, Mat Stopa – awat hangpa tak mai ?) and I was delighted Karim brought along the brothers, Fattah and Zaid, the later been living in the same neighbourhood all these years! Some have become almost unrecognisable like Apo (Ghaffar) and Sancho (Abu) but still retain those schooldays looks. With the exception of Kamal, and Kid (Shaharuddin), all have improved statistics in the mid-areas.

Presence of Karim, Fattah and Zaid (who were some years our juniors), have balanced the group in age and appearance. Apo brought along his large collection of schooldays photos for us to reminisce old times and anecdotes. We spent talking and laughing so much of the time that my dear wife complained that no one was eating. We certainly have a lots to catch up but time was so short (4 hours!). Anyway, we promised to meet again, maybe over teh tarik at some mamak stall (your idea Gerard?). For me, I am looking forward to the coming (bigger) reunion on the 7th March 2009.

P.S. Here’s some photo snaps i had on that day…too bad, I was too excited to remember taking pictures!

Bukhari (standing as host), Ghaffar (L) and Abu Latiffi (R)

Bukhari (standing as host), Ghaffar (L) and Abu Latiffi (R)


[R-L] Wee Chong, Abu Latiffi and Ghaffar


[R-L] Shaharuddin, Syed Zaid, Gerard and Wee Chong

1fattah-karim-din-zed3Facing camera [R-L] Karim, Syed Fattah, Shaharuddin and Syed Zaid


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6 Responses to “Two Reunions In A Day”

  1. Except for Abu Latiffi, I can recall all the other names but if I were to meet them on the street I could only recognize Karim and Wee Chong. Anyway, send my regards to all.

  2. WOW!! what a great reunion for you guys!! And just guys…no gals, huh? That was indeed very nice of Bukhori aka Bob to have that reunion at his residence. Guess everyone was excited at this reunion. Syed, Karim and Wee Chong was not a problem to identify without looking at the names..Gerard didn’t change much either (can still see the school boy face) except for the years..but the rest was a puzzle. Names are familiar tho..and Bob, hehehe…with that new look…I still can’t figure out your old self. Never mind that…its the friendship that counts and not the looks, hmmm? I can’t help but smile while looking at the reunion guys are terrific!! Control abis, ke? hehehehe. So ladies? When is our turn? Cheers

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  4. Looks like an “old boys” party? Where are the ladies? You know, I could hardly recognise most of you there…. except for Abdul Ghafar.
    I am now in Singapore. Suat Jien is here too but little contact. Suat Bin, Chin Moy, Hian Gim, Grace are in KT. Kee Thiam and Peng Hock are in australia.I have recently made contact with Lai Lai and Ya Ya from SSPS.
    Hey, we should stay in touch

    • Suat Tian,
      Glad that you found this site. It is for all us to all of us – Sulaimanians.
      Thanks also for the updates on whereabouts they are. I only remember some of those names you mentioned.
      Take care and do tell others.

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