Photo Quiz

1965 Speech Day

Speech Day

Just to create some “interactiveness” for this blog. Also to recall memories of those who were the Sulaimanian of the 60s [well … maybe many in the 70s can still guess it right too]. And also to test if we know some important person or our leaders.

Who can identify the people in the photo above? And maybe what were their position. At least three of them had appeared in the newspapers many times over.

But no prizes to the correct answer or who can make the guess first.

Write in your answer in the comment.

~ by akarimomar on March 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “Photo Quiz”

  1. 1. Gurubesar (maybe Mr. Foong)
    2. Khir Johari,
    3. A Rahman Talib?
    5? Chief Edu Officer?

  2. Yang pakai spek hitam tu Tan Sri Ibrahim fikri, MB pada masa tu

  3. Soon – you got another correct one. Now, the third and very tough one.

  4. Mohamad Ya’akob

  5. We now have got one correct answer from each of the above. Which are the ones and who were they then?

  6. […] it is now time for the answer. Thanks to those [Gerard, Sin Soon and Sahim] who responded to the Photo Quiz posted on 6 March 2009. Yes, all of you has at least one correct […]

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