It was a jovial and memorable reunion indeed

Bukhori Abu Bakar wrote a lengthy comment to What a jovial and memorable reunion posting that should be a new posting by itself here:

It was a jovial and memorable reunion indeed. There was much excitements, rejoicing and laughters for many of us. Although, the number that turned up for the gathering was not I had wished for, I really enjoyed the occasion as I have not met some for almost 35 years. I have already wrote about those I met during the “first reunion” at my residence on 1st March 2009, so I will only mention others that I met during that gathering.

kumatFor a start, there was YM Tengku Datuk Seri Ahmad Shah who turned up in his usual jovial, easy-going style that we knew during the school days. I recalled with him an amusing incident when I first met Ku Mat (as he was fondly referred to) in Form 2 (1969). It was about me insisting him to write down his full name, which should include his father’s (Almarhum Tuanku) name, and we had a good laugh. We developed a close friendship while being classmates. On some occasions, and as I lived in town then, Ku Mat used to “command” me to accompany him to movies in Rex or Cathay (still standing?). For a schoolboy who could only afford a third class ticket, watching movies while sitting in a Royal Box then was experiences cherished in my life. Ku Mat was an active Boy Scout azizkatangand together with Apo (Ghaffar), they were probably the most multi-skill boy scouts in the school then, going by the number of badges that adorned their uniforms.

Abdul Aziz Wahab (Aziz Katang) did not look like he left school. He was the same Aziz I had known and still remains as sturdy as ever when I embraced him (guane mung dok ingat aku ni weh…)

fauziismailAnd yes, Fauzi Ismail, the sportsman extraordinaire. Well, as narrated by Karim earlier, I almost strangled the fella for his gaffe that night. But then, who could blame him, after all we have not meet each other for almost 35 years! Fauzi, Aziz Katang and others were our beloved Rumah Pelanduk standard bearers, and we were top then in many events in the annual sports. Fauzi left SS to do his form six studies in Kedah and we met again in USM 1980s when I was studying pharmacy and he was doing his HBP studies (Fauzi, don’t you ever dare repeating what that famous acronym stands for!)anuar

Anuar Ibrahim has not changed a bit. The good Datuk is still a fun-loving chap who shared many of our wonderful memories in school and during my short stint in UiTM (ITM then). Guys, hope you all don’t forget to turn up on 7 June 2009 for the wedding (sorry Datuk, I’m inviting people on your behalf hehehe……)

aziztotAziz Mohammad (Aziz Tot, can’t remember how he got that surname!) was as charming as ever. The School Prefect and the 1974 Hostel Captain too has not changed very much. Earlier on, Aziz borrowed my old photos that I brought along for the gathering to show to his children and he proudly declared how handsome he was then. The next time we meet, can we open up some chapters on your (and Apo) famous “exploits”, ok? Btw, I wish to thank him and his family for their kind hosting of my brief visit to their residence.

nik-pauziNik Paudzi, the “baby” of our 1974 U6S class, while thinning a bit on top, is as spritely as ever. Paudzi was a talented footballer in SS and to him football was the most important thing in life not even his studies..I once believed he thought football was a subject in the HSC examination. While we were all busy preparing for exams like most six-formers then, Paudzi was still playing in football tournaments as he was still eligible then. (MAS Captain Nik Paudzi still plays and coaches a school football team in Subang Jaya).

Our adorable Jamil Zakaria, he was constantly at the end of our good-natured ribbings that night. But Jamil took them all in his usual nice, unassuming nature that we had known him for. We were told that Jamil has become a “consultant” or a “Mac Gyver ” type of a person nowadays. It was let be known that night that any classmate who wish to do what considered difficult or “undoable” things (like, buka cawangan baru!)- they are strongly asked to seek Dr Jamil advice!

roslanRuslan Wahab, my adopted brother, is still his usual fun-loving, carefree self. But one thing has not changed about Lan – he is still a difficult student to coach, especially on new technology and device. For example, I found it’s hopeless trying to explain to him about how to get to Karim’s The Sulaimanian wordpress and the Facebook!

Mohd Mustaffa (Mat Stopa) did not want to miss the reunion. He drove all the way from Kota Bharu while on official duty on the day. Despite his vast overseas postings over the years, he still insist that he is just a humble “Doktor Kambing” in Mardi. But he certainly have a lots to tell about our school days. By the way Mat, please don’t repeat to anyone else the story on “biji lada” …it’s too scary!

syed-mustafaExcept for a brief meeting at Subang Airport in 2000s, I have not meet Syed Mustaffa for a long time since he left SS in 1973 to enter RMC. But I could still picked him out from the crowd anytime as he has not changed much. Syed, Mat Stopa and me were classmates since primary school days . We were the clever trio then, always competing with each other for top positions in the class. Syed recalled that he was never no. 1 in the class but always have to take turn to be no. 2 or 3 with Mat Stopa, while no. 1 was most of the time belonged to yours truly (Yes!). But Mat Stopa gleefully remembered that he beat me to the no.1 position at last in final term of Std 6…such a spirit then.

And finally the gracious host, YM Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrain Shah (welcome to the father-in-laws club!). Despite his hard, hectic day earlier, Raja (as he is fondly known to his classmates) was at his known witty self that night with his recollections and anecdotes…and poor Jamil always ended up his victim! Thank you very much for Raja for your kind hosting of the event.

I wanted to say few things about others that were present that night but my recollections of them were limited, probably due to our short association while in SS…people like Kassim (Cheng), Azmi and Zainal, but we certainly enjoyed each other company that night. My only regrets was, there were no ladies from our 1974 batch present. My apologies to Tengku Noorhayati, Halimahton, Norheini, and other ladies present that night. I couldn’t recall any of you. Maybe you were some years junior (could be my sister, Sakinah, batch?).

We really have so many things to recollect with one another that we found time moved so fast and by the time we parted it was past 12.30 midnight.

As I pen off, I am reminded of a lyric from another of my favourite songs, a 1974 hit by The Three Degrees ….“When will I see you again, when we will share precious moments, will I have to wait forever….” Well, we hope that another moment will not be too long but soon. Anyway we certainly hope to meet again, this time in a larger gathering. Already some mentioned the next reunion to be some time in August, InsyaAllah.

Bob (Bukhori Abu Bakar)

P.S. I will try to post some photos taken that night the next time i write in.


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