SSPS1 3X – After 43 Years

It was a short notice that Yong Chin Fook was coming to Kuala Lumpur from Malacca for his business trip and wanted to take the opportunity to meet up with some of those in the photo of our Express Class classmates  [Calling SS Primary 1 – Express Class 1966-1967]. In such a short time, I managed to call/text a few that can be reachable.ssps1-class-3x-1966

Though initially there were six of us who agreed to meet but come the 16th March, Syed Fattah was down with cold and so was Azizul Azman who cannot make it.

I have not met Chin Fook ever since we left school. In fact, I vaguely remember him initially when he first wrote an email late last year – until he pointed himself in the 1966 3X class photo. And of course I remember him well then, he was the second shortest boy in the class those days. [I remember him well also because his name sound similar to my closest classmate then Ho Fook Kam – whom I shed tears when we had to be separated when his father who was a policeman was transferred and we lost touch since then] But then in the later years of our upper secondary days, Chin Fook and myself were seldom together when we were separated by the different streams we took.

Well, Zahrin Hassan was the shortest of all. But he is now no longer the shortest and chubby boy. Though he still has not outgrown any of us – he looks physically fittest of all. Most of us have the extras all around our body but he does not show his age at all. Zahrin does not join most of us to SS Secondary as he moved back to his Malacca hometown. Despite he did came back to KT off and on to stay with his uncle, Cikgu Harun, at Gong Kapas – but he acknowledged that he had lost touch with many and not able to meet them.

It was great that Soh Wee Hock was able to make that night coming all the way from TTDI to meet at Grand Seasons Hotel. The last I met him was at the late Mrs. Wee’s house for Chinese New Year in mid-1990s, I was not able to recognised him at the first look though he still sounds Wee Hock that I know. He used to be among the smaller boys for the many years that we were together up until Form 6 (1976). In fact he was the smallest in his family before and now the biggest and widest of them.


Unfortunately I had to leave early [11.00 pm!] as I had to join a conference call [the third meeting for the night!]. Earlier I had to rescheduled the first meeting [to right after maghrib] to accomodate Chin Fook’s request for the meeting. My evening ended with three meetings until past 1 am. What a lovely evening.


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  2. I can see zahrin & Chin are still so close together like those old days (not men). Keep it up, guys (At this age we had to carefully choose what to say so as to minimise misinterpretation.)
    How about organising another get together before we clock another year. My oh my, how time really flies.
    Anyway, guys, do you still remember our class teacher, Mr Chua ? I can still remember how he liked to put down Tan Aik Huang (Badminton Champ) as a non-educated person. I still could not figure out his motive but I still admire him as a dedicated and influential teacher. He is still in my memory and I hope to meet him up if possible.
    Keep in touch. My contact no: 0173310096

  3. Mr Chua (Kim Hwee)was our Standard 6 teacher and his father owned a bicycle repair shop in Jalan Banggol. After teaching, he would return home to help his father in the business. He passed away, in the early 90’s I think, after suffering from cancer. Our Std 5 teacher was Mr Yee Mook Sim who was from Ipoh. Can you recall him riding to school on his faithful Vespa? A few years ago, I saw him in one of the local papers. Of course, I couldn’t recognise him until I saw his name. He was taking part in an art exhibition in Ipoh. I managed to track him and gave him a call. Well, those were the days.

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