Sulaimanian Alumni 1st AGM Held

It was reported that the Sulaimanian Alumni [I wonder what it is called] first (or was it the protem?) Annual General Meeting was held on the 23rd May 2009 (Saturday) at the school compound.

However, I had no access to the details of the meeting and what was discussed and agreed. I wonder why such an important event was not properly announced. It would be nice if the invitation being made to a wider spread of the old boys/girls of our beloved school.

It is unfortunate, despite there are avenues to make the meeting announcement reach more people yet not many people were aware of such event. We now have by ways of electronic media, the cyber world, sms’es and many more but yet such was not heard of [unless I am the only one who is being left out].

This Sulaimanian blog is always open for everybody (Sulaimanians) to send articles, stories and announcement on anything about our school. Do make use of it – please.


Karim Omar


Update (June 3rd):

I was told that the attendance were mainly from those of late 70s and early 80s batches. What happened to those of the 50s, 60s and many others?

If there is such a committee already set up, there should a representation of the whole range of the old boys and old girls.

I am still hoping for news from the committee for some sort of announcement to update the Sulaimanian community at large.


Update (22 April 2010):

Read about the earlier version of Sulaimanian Alumni i.e. Old Sulaimanians Association 1958 report and activities (click here)


~ by akarimomar on May 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Sulaimanian Alumni 1st AGM Held”

  1. Karim,
    I do not blame you for expressing your disappointment. Sulaimanian blog ought to be a common means of communication among Sulaimanians of all ages. From time to time I come round but am invariably disappointed to see hardly anything new. It would be helpful if those who visit this blog care to leave their comments.
    Hassan – group of 1955 , contact e-mail:

  2. ade ker agm kat sekolah??rse2 nyer xdew pon..

  3. Hi Karim,
    So what’s new on the Sulaimanian Alumni? Tho I do agree with you regarding a representation of the old boys and girls from the 60’s and early 70’s. Pls do keep us posted on any updates if you do get news on it. Not sure if you read it in the papers but calling all ex-SS students for the alumni was actually published in the newspaper. I kept a copy of it but can’t remember where I kept it…hehehe..very forgetful these days!! T.S.T..tau sama tau.

  4. Mariana,

    Is the article you mentioned same with this post from NST?

    Else, please send me a scan copy of it to be shared with others.

  5. […] Unfortunately, numerous attempts to get more info from her failed. Does anybody knows her or any other committee members of our alumni [also another unanswered question – who's who in our alumni committee – I have asked around but also failed to get the details] […]

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