Kenduri means time for get together

Getting several invitations for wedding reception during the school holidays is too common that one would have difficulty accepting them.

I have five invitations today, two are of our Sulaimanians and the other three were of UPM mates.

(L-R) Ghaffar, Kamal, Bukhori, Anuar and myself

(L-R) Ghaffar, Kamal, Bukhori, Anuar and myself

Both Sulaimanians were of the MCE 1972 class. First was at Anuar Ibrahim house in Taman Sri Keramat. Anuar is not just a senior to me but also we spent over ten years in the same IT company (Ramgate Systems Sdn Bhd – together with Anuar’s classmate Mohd Kamal Omar [my elder brother]).

I was there early. Then Abdul Ghaffar Mohd Nor came followed by Bukhori Abu Bakar and Kamal a little while later.


(L-R) Kamal, myself, Abu Latiffi and wife

Then together with Kamal we went to another reception at nearby Felda’s Merak Kayangan hosted by another Sulaimanian Abu Latiffi (also of MCE 1972).

Have to make this posting short as I have four other bloggers in the house waiting to update about their busy Sunday.


~ by akarimomar on June 7, 2009.

One Response to “Kenduri means time for get together”

  1. Looks like one way for us to have more get together and reunions in the future is by having wedding kenduris….well, whose children are getting betrothed next ? Kalau ada, jangan lupa jemput member lama ya.

    Datuk Anuar, thanks for your kind thought and invitation.

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