Sulaimanian Alumni Registration

If you had ever been to Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School as a student, please register as an alumni member.

Type ALUMNI SS REG YourName YourICno. YourCurrentLocation. Send to 36553.

The “Alumni Committee” is said to be planning for a Raya Gathering cum 88th Anniversary Celebration for more info please contact Ahmad Shukri Mansor at 013-9566566.


~ by akarimomar on August 27, 2009.

28 Responses to “Sulaimanian Alumni Registration”

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  2. sila daftar saya, tkasih.

  3. sila daftar saya, tkasih.

  4. Sila daftar saya, terima kasih. Student SMSS 83 – 86

  5. sila daftar saya

  6. I am a Sulaimanian, Student SMSS 65-70,I would like to get in touch with my classmates who are still out there…
    I have been living in UK since 1974. Left Trengganu to do Nursing.Have been home many times, but only met up with a handful of old classmates. We used to live in Nisan Empat, Tanjong. My brother is still living in the same house.

    I would like to register…is there a link for overseas resident?
    I have just stumbled across this website, through Awang Goneng’s website. I was given a book a week ago,Kulit Manis – A Taste of Trengganu’s Heritage. It has brought back many childhood memories…

  7. Thank You Very Much For the Info… i will foward this information into my Facebook Alumni Page… Many Thanks

  8. Count me in, I would like to register. I was there for part of my secondary education, forms 1-3 from 1965-1967. Thank you.

    • Hi Rosita,
      It’s been nearly fifty years since our school days. Our path may have crossed, and I can’t put names to faces… forgive me. I was in form one to form five (Arts Class) from 1965-1969/70. I worked at Clinic Wee in Jln Paya Bunga for three years before coming to UK to do Nursing.I have settled here eversince. I have a few pictures with me, of our school days, trip to Sekayu, and the School Choir. Atlas, I can only remember a few names.I used to live in Tanjong, near the old market. Yes, we used to catch the School bus to school, run by the Trengganu Bus Co. I would like to trace my good friend Rohani bt. Musa, Noorhayati bte Hashim, and anybodyelse who remember me!

      • I know one Noorhayati bte Hashim. She might the Noorhayati that you’re looking for. She was Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah’s Legal Officer( she was my boss for 8 years). I know her very well. She has retired 2 years ago and now lives with her daughter in KL. I’ll try to find her contact no for you.

  9. Hi Lian Choo,

    Thank you for writing. Karim forwarded me your message and I emailed you immediately last night. I hope other friends would come forward too! Many thanks, Karim.

    • Hi Rosita, thanks for your email. I, too, hope other friends come forward …… it would be nice to see how all of us fare over the years!
      Thank you Karim.

  10. Hi Norziah,
    Thank you very much for the info. My friend Noorhayati bte. Hashim, used to live at Jln.Kampong Dalam. It would be nice to get back in touch with her again. Thank you.

  11. hi everybody and to all sulaimanians….the Alumni SS will be hosting the 3rd raya gathering this year…hopefully we will host a grand one and inviting all sulaimanians from 1960s till 2000s…do not hesitate to contact the following names for the registration..maznah salleh ( or Ibni Amin Busu ( -013-9817000)…looking forward meeting the old sulaimanians…

  12. Pernah belajar di SS tahun 1970-1971 (Ting 4-5 Art) bertukar dari TMS Besut, ikut parent. Sewa rumah di Kg Ladang Sekolah. Cikgu masa tu, Cg Mohamad Abdullah, Jumali Kasan, Bella Ho. Belajar baca braille dengan Osman (Pulau Duyong) pemain musik MBB SS ketika itu. Saya dikenali dengan panggilan “Demo” sebab orang Besut.

  13. pernah belajar tingkatan 5 arts tahun,1978.sekarang bertugas sebagai penolong atase imigresen di suruhanjaya tinggi malaysia,london.nok cari kawan2 lama.kalau ada yg baca email sila balas.

  14. Class of 1980 ( spm ) : Ahmad Fauzi Kari

  15. Salam Nostalgia…I was there fr 1974 to 1980, was in the same class with our present Agung. Do wish to hear from kwn lama but totally lost touch. Hope sangat to meet my frenz ….

  16. HI, I was at SSS from 1969 (form 1) until 1973 (MCE) in Arts/Commerce class. I enrolled at ITM Shah Alam in Jan ’74 before MCE results…… Any classmates out there?

  17. Asalamualaikum and Salam semua, y name is Mohd Zamri Mokhtar and i was at SMSS from 1974 till 1979.Hope to get in touch with all exSMSS.

  18. saya taufek abd ghani….form 5 sains 3 tahun 1980…kalu ada yang masih ingat saya tlg add fb atau email

  19. Pernah mengajar di SS pada tahun 1975-1977.Menjadi Form Teacher Tingkatan 2B2.(1975). Sofiah Ahmad ,Zamzam n Zamri mungkin dlm kelas saya.Saya mengajar Matematik Moden.tq

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