Alumni Raya Gathering

bunting gatheringIt was quite a let down … at least for me. Maybe my expectation was a bit high. But then the expectation should be high being the premier school in the state.

I do not know the final number that came but for the one hour I was there maybe there were about a little over 60 people. As most people come and go (like me), but the number is a far cry from when it was organised at the same venue 7-8 years ago (2002?). I was told it was then “organised” by Allahyarham Datuk Razali Ismail (Pengarah Pelajaran Negeri) together with the headmaster then, Tuan Haji Daud bin Jusoh.

The hall was almost full then – but with a more senior crowds (60s and 70s era) than it was yesterday (mainly late 70s and 80s era).  Not only did they have many former students then but many former teachers also attended versus yesterday – if I count it correctly only 2! I was with a former HM (my cousin) the day before and mentioned to him about the gathering – but unfortunately he was not aware (he is staying just next door to one of the pro-tem committee’s parents’ house)

Anyhow, I would like to share some of the photos …

Manja and Manan

The pro-tem committee chairman Manja Man (baju Melayu) giving his speech with Manan Ngah (in white) as the MC.


This is the best angle I could do to have the most crowd captured in one shot. (Shot taken at about 12.54pm) Though there were another less than 10 in a group on the right (not captured) and also slightly more then 10 gathered outside the hall. Some puffing away – which I then jokingly (as if still a prefect!) told them that they cannot be smoking in the school compound. But seriously, we should have a little respect – the school is a non-smoking area (still – even though you are an alumni).


Who would not remember Cikgu Che Ma Sulaiman … I came in while she was giving her speech but I noticed not even half were listening. She is now still teching at the Pusat Bahasa Terengganu (located at PPAT).

ong yeo ibni

Ong Huat Beng, Yeo Sin Soon and Ibni Amin.

Alias Onn - Karim - SS Alumni

That is me with Alias Onn (now with Kementerian Pelajaran) [photo courtesy of Yeo Sin Soon – from his Tirok’s facebook] talking (photo below) to Soh Wee Hock, Suhaimee (Atan) Yassin (Bank Rakyat) – we were all of MCE74.

weehock atan

As I had made my comments before [Majlis Perjumpaan Aidilfitri], we could have more numbers:

  1. If we do it at night. Third Raya is full with invitations. Weddings, engagements lah … and of course the Raya open houses itself. And for me, besides those I still have many many relatives yet to visit. We seldom do Raya visits at night. Thus, we can have more time together.
  2. If the publicity is more. I maybe wrong. I did not see banners all over the town – at strategic locations. I saw one (considered small!) near the school main entrance (poorly design to be visible [colour scheme] considering you have to manoeuvre the steering as you drive by the slight bend there. Kan we have the pro-tem committee President “tauke besar media”. Should have optimised it. Even the “Official Alumni SS” website does not say anything about the gathering. At least this blog mentioned numerous times …
  3. Maybe the registration fee for the gathering also hinders the participation?
  4. Maybe we should ensure more participation from the earlier eras, former teachers and HMs
  5. Maybe the committee should be people of various age group. Remember, we now have two generations (some even already 3rd generation) as Sulaimanians. Consider a Reunion – Celebrating Two Generations of Sulaimanians!

Whatever it is, I would like to congratulate the committee members and those who took the initiatives and their hard work to bring together the former students of Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School. Maybe another grandeur event to be identified and start organising now.

One last comment – the music and singing was really unnecessary. We were not there for that. It just does not blend well when the committee President asked all of us to begin the event with Al-Fatihah only to be continued by singing and music right after his speech.

**** my further comments hereAlumni Gathering Banner


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10 Responses to “Alumni Raya Gathering”

  1. Karim, thanks for the report. I agreed with your comments and hope the pro-tem committee will take heed. Lets have a grander one next time. While we had one at the school hall , there was another gathering of Ex-SS at Batu Buruk Beach Resort, supposed to start at 3 pm and they were organised by those from the 80s’ era. This is the gathering mentioned by Nor Khalilah. Hope we can get them all together as one and the pro-tem committee should invite you to help up especially on the promotion and PR side. This alumni can be a force to be reckon with, of course not politics, because we had so many alumnis who had succeeded in life and could give back to society in the form of charitable works.

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  3. Hi Karim, read through your report and sure agreed with you about the publicity of the event which lead to a poor response from ex-SS students and teachers. Another factor is due to short notice especially for those residing and working in other states. Banners should have been put up months ahead of the event. Tho, I salute those who made this event possible. Somehow, there will always be a next time and maybe planning of such grander event should start immediately.
    No doubt, the recent gathering did take place so it wasn’t a failure…tho only a few turned up. I would suggest you to be in the protem committee… serious.

  4. Kak Mariana, there’s a gathering for Ex Yayasan Sabah students on 10/10/09. 7 pm t0 11.00 pm. Venue: Former Federal officers’ condo in Signal Hill, Bukit Bendera.Hope to see you there….

  5. I was so happy on the gathering day of alumni ss. After 30 years i left Sek Men Sultan Sulaiman, only by end of year 2009 i have a chance to meet few of my friends..hoping that the AJK will arrange this type of event in future…say maybe in year 2010.

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  7. I didn’t know about the latest gathering. By the way, the one Karim mentioned, gathering chaired by late Dato’ Razali, was quite successful. I was in the committee, and I can say that Dato’ Razali’s factor was very significant. One he was very enthusiastic, another he had very good network. The committee members were also mostly from the Education Department itself so it was easier to call for meetings, do follow ups etc. Every one was encouraged to contact as many friends as possible. One thing worth looking into is of course the fee.

    • True, that was the most memorable gathering of the recent times. And the networking “yang mahal tu”. A lesson to be learned by the current committees.
      Will look forward for another well-planned grand gathering.

  8. I heard a lot abt this raya gathering from my mother, Pn Chema bt sulaiman. Insya Allah will be joining this gathering next year as i’m also an ex-sulaimanian batch 98. Btw, hope that the committee could do more promotion about any activities of our Alumni especially for Hari Raya gathering. Salam and selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin to all

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