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Some friends personally commented to me “mung pandai buat komeng je” (referring to Alumni Raya Gathering) – and quoted about the banner. Well, I told some of them that I will go back to the school and snap some photos with additional comments.

And here it is:

Yes, I did not find other banner besides the one at the school. BUT I may be wrong. Can someone else verify? In my earlier suggestion (a month ago) was to have at several strategic locations. For example:

  1. Jalan Bukit Kecil – near Persimpangan JPJ/Sabasun – one of the popular spots.
  2. Jalan Sultan Mahmud (Jalan Batu Buruk) – junction near MB’s official residence
  3. Jalan Sultan Mohamad/Jalan Kuala Berang/Simpang Tok Ku intersection.
  4. Bulatan Ladang (Batu Bersurat)
  5. Somewhere from the airport to town – greeting those coming back by air.
  6. The Terengganu-Pahang border – have a big sign greeting Sulaimanians home for Raya and gathering.
  7. and many more. Banner these days are cheap. RM1 – RM3 per square ft.

Yes, the location of the banner at the school was not that visible.

banner at SS

Honestly, every time I come back to KT, passing by the school, I would always slow down and look at the buildings trying to find if there has been any changes. The signage is hardly seen from the other side of the road – with the fence road divider. With MPV, your view maybe better – what would someone driving a car see – maybe more difficult?

banner-biggerhigherAnd when you passed by from the town, as you reach the banner, the road curves to the right. You have to really turn your head to see what is written. With the speed (even 50 kph) – you just cannot figure out what was said on the banner.

Maybe this (right) could be a better option. At the same location, but bigger and higher. But it will only address those coming to town.

Another suggestion would be the Industrial Art block. The most prominent block when you pass by from Kuala Ibai.


But probably a much better option for future (if there is another) would be the overhead pedestrian crossing. Use both sides. Visible from far away. But remember that the size and design still important consideration.

banner overhead

Yes, of course the color scheme. Though the image below is not clear due to resolution but yellow on pink …? hmmm … reminds me of the school’s Jubli Emas Raya card in 1975. Make it simple. Get the message across. Sufficient. Don’t crowd. Visible and appropriate fonts.

banner - pinkBut it is not the purpose of this posting to criticise the hard work of the committee members and those involved. Just some suggestion for improvement in the future.


~ by akarimomar on September 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Alumni Gathering Banner”

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  2. My name is Terence Naidu. Both my parents were teachers in SSSS sometime from 1960 to 1963. They are Lim Chooi Hoon and V.A Raja Naidu. They have fond memories of SSSS and have for many years wished to visit Terengannu. We curently live in Teluk Intan. Due to my father’s health condition we have not been able to travel much. I am hoping to make a trip to Tgg in the next month or so with my parents and im sure they would be delighted to meet with old friends and old students. if anyone does remember do contact me and mabe we can all meet up soon. 019 5124609

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