Standard VI 1935

This is the oldest photo I could find of our school. It is the class photo of Standard VI Boys for the then Government English School Trengganu (click on the photo to zoom).


It was then located at the then Istana Maziah before moving to Jalan Batas Baru the following year before moving again in 1938 to a more permanent site nearby (Jalan Gong Wan Abas – current SS Primary 1 – Jalan Sultan Omar now).

I am not able to recognize anybody (of course!) in the photo except for my wife’s grandfather, Mohd Yaacob Abdullah (standing 4th from right). Yaacob is the sole surviving child of Abdullah al-Yunani (of Keda Pok Loh Yunang), now 93 years old. If any of you think you can identify anyone in the photo, please write in or drop a comment. Let us share.

Below is Yaacob’s more recent photo. Taken during the launching of Growing Up in Trengganu with the author Awang Goneng – Kecek-kecek (also a Sulaimanian) 25 December 2007 at Alam Akademik (the old Keda Pok Loh Yunang – Kedai Buku Abdullah Al-Yunani).

Yaacob and Hulaimi***************

More names from the above group photo:

  • Standing 2nd from Right: Mohd Nordin Abdullah Al-Yunani (younger brother of Mohd Yaacob)
  • Standing 5th from Left (in black baju Melayu): Wan Long Wan Ngah (my mother’s eldest brother)
  • Seated in the middle wearing neck tie: Mr. Nair (Headmaster)





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6 Responses to “Standard VI 1935”

  1. I met Awang Goneng in London at Tuk Din restaurant..:)

  2. […] failure to get any response from the viewers to help identify any of those in the picture of the previous posting of 1935 Standard VI class photo of the Government English School Trengganu – GEST (original name of Sultan Sulaiman School), […]

  3. no more Kedai Buku Pok LOh in Kuala more my favourite place since I was 6years old..Every Friday, since 1976 , I must be there, with my dad,selecting my fav books , meanwhile my mum was shopping at the Pasar Payang, just infront of the Kedai Buku Pok LOh Yunan..The site was ruined to make a new building for the name of the modernisation!!

  4. Masha Allah, dah hampir lima tahun GUiT dilancarkan….

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