SS Brass Band Practice

Here are some of the photos taken while the school band were practicing in July 2009.

03072009(129)03072009(130)03072009(138)03072009(136)Do we have the school brass band members who would like to write about his or her experience during those days? Some history of how it started (was it in mid-70s?).

~ by akarimomar on October 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “SS Brass Band Practice”

  1. Ahli pancaragam dari 1986 – 1990. Guru muzik ialah Cikgu Raja Ismail. Main tenor drum dan side drum. Sekarang rasanya tenor drum dah tak ada. Banyak kenangan pahit manis dengan kawan-kawan pancaragam dulu. Ada grup pancaragam di Facebook.

  2. wah masa tuh kenangan paling manis.. masa tuh… hai guys and sals.. ingat kak pah x? hahahaha

  3. salam Cik Na, kak pah mana satu? yg pakai spek? main snare drum tu ke?

  4. salam kak pah, amboi glamour nama. dah approve kak pah join SSMB kat facebook.

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