The new track at our school field

Earlier this year I posted some photos of our school today. One of the photos taken was the construction of a new track for the school field. Well, here is the new track and school field photos taken in July 2009.

03072009(112)The view is from the finishing line facing the Istana Badariah’s field (gold course).

03072009(113)Facing the hostel (boys)

03072009(108)Same view facing the hostel but away from the track

03072009(109)Facing the South China Sea – remember how we rushed to at the start of the cross-country? [Read here: The Cross Country]


The astaka – still the same except for some paint work.



~ by akarimomar on October 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “The new track at our school field”

  1. alot of memories when i saw “astaka”…and our Sports Day,i was Rumah Mahkota – Rumah Kuning 🙂

    got track nowadays,so cool.miss SMSS so much..

  2. My beloved SS..back in the 70’s we didn’t have this beautiful track and we ran on solid ground..some without spikes…huhuhu. It’s a must to visit the school again on my next trip to Trengganu…hopefully soon…

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