Upper Six Science (Hong) – USSH 1976

There were two Upper Six classes in 1976. One is for Maths and the other for Biology/Chemistry. Rather than naming USS1 and USS2 (because we were equally intelligent!), the classes were called based on our form teacher who were Mr. Chin and Mr. Hong. Thus one is called USSC and the other USSH.

I was in the later. The photo above is a different one from the one appeared in our “Perdana 1976” school magazine. The one above is taken with all the teachers that taught the various subjects for our class.

Above from L-R (seated): Zainuddin Abdullah (George Dewa), Baharuddin Abd. Manan, Ms. Remadevi Menon, Ms. Tay Guet Pooi, Zainun Idris (monitor), Mr. Hong Heng Kin, Mr. Chin Hoon Wen, Mrs. Wee Beng Tang, A. Karim Omar (me), Lee Chong Seong.

Standing (L-R): Wan Kamaruddin, Ong See Yean, Nik Mohd Ghani, Rohana, Nadirah Ngah, Yam Fong Kim, Tan Chong Bee, Mariah, Ma Suat Sian, Lau Bee Ngo, Halimah, Hood Othman, Muhammad, Chong Siew Sek, Musa Embong.

I have not met most of those in the picture especially the girls (ladies) – and definitely not able to recognise them anymore without proper introduction (recalling rather). That happened a couple of years ago when I was at the Ministry of Health and passed by a lady who suddenly said “do I know you from somewhere?” We then started recalling various work places and then whether it was at the university – no, she was from University Malaya and I was from Universiti Pertanian (UPM). Which does not make sense then.

Then we go back to the school we were. That is where we were together in the sixth form. She was Wan Mahani Wan Ismail from Upper Six Arts 1.

Try and guess the names of those in the photo below which was scanned from the school magazine using the clue from the above photo and names given earlier. I wonder why were Nik Ghani dan myself looking somewhere else!

Check out again tomorrow for “The HSC 1976 Batch” posting – class photo of all the four Upper Six classes.


~ by akarimomar on December 23, 2009.

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  2. […] HSC 1976 Batch Here are the class photos of the HSC 1976 batch. I was in the USSH class. I welcome comments from those in the photos or those who simply wish to drop some […]

  3. Hi Karim, good job! Just got to this venue through George(Zain) today.
    Would be good if all can post something about themselves now – ie their journeys since 1976…. wow, almost 34 years ago!

  4. Chong Seong – Thanks. Let us bring back the good old days. Looking forward for some posting from everybody. We ought to meet up.

  5. To all readers: I am now in the Historical City of Malacca(Melaka), operating a ‘high end’ budget hotel with clean comfy cosy rooms. Pls do let me know if any of you coming to visit Melaka – do check us out. Let me know – my hp is 012 288 9675. I am also involved in the composting of oil palm mill wastes, turning wastes into useful composts/fertilizers. Those wanting to know more pls contact me at r2mlink@gmail.com.
    Will write more later… Have a nice day!

    • Hi C S Lee, I am also in Melaka and was from USSC1976. I am in touch with Suhaimi (Atan) n Wee Hock. Another Sulaimanian, Yong Chin Fook, oso in Melaka n he is in banking business. His office is just a few doors away from my office n we use to go out for breakfast or lunch. May be Yong can recall u better as I was in SMSS for Lower n Upper Six only.

  6. Don’t know if you know :->) Nadirah is now in KT, I think. Anyone can confirm? Mr. Hong was in Damansara Jaya/Utama. So was Mr. Chin – but that was a few years ago – don’t know their current status.

  7. Hi Yong Kiat, thanks for your posting. What is your email and handphone? Mine is r2mlink@gmail.com and 012 288 9675.

    Perhaps we could meet up for breakfast or coffee one day soon?

  8. Chong Seong & David Wang – thank you both. Both of you came to SS for the 6th form only – may not remember Chin Fook well (or maybe not at all – I think Chin Fook left after MCE – hopefully he will verify this – as he is a regular at this blog already).
    Wang Yong Kiat was better known as David Wang those days. That was why I could not recall him when he recently did not introduce himself as David – it was Atan (his close buddy in the class then) who reminded me of that.
    I am happy that we are now making contacts that were lost many years ago. Thanks to this virtual world.

    • Hi Karim. This is Jennifer Lim Chin Chin. Kudos to you. Got to this site through my husband, Lee Chong Seong. You are right – CSeong does not know Yong Chin Fook. I do though. Chin Fook and us go back a long way – primary school days. Chin Fook, if you are reading this, i will give you a call soon. Am in Melaka currently

  9. Hi Chong Seong, Karim n others. My e-mail is ykwa65@yahoo.com and handphone is (019) 6669777. Just had breakfast with Yong Chin Fook. All 3 pf us, Ahmad Ridzwan (oso Sulaimanian), Yong Chin Fook, r all in Taman Melaka Raya.

  10. David, I will make a point to meet up with all of you in my next trip to Malacca. Keep us updated. Thanks.

  11. Jennifer, it is wonderful to hear from you. We were together since our primary school – Standard 2X – the express class (see our Express Class photo). We have never met after our form 6. And I did not know that you are married to my dear classmate Chong Seong (see our photo here: USSH Prefects). And I don’t remember him telling me that when we met 6-7 years ago at the Ramadhan Bazaar near Gong Kapas – probably he does not know we were classmates many years ago.
    The last I heard you were helping out with your family optician shop. Still there?

  12. Karim, when we met at the buka puasa bazaar, I did mention that Jennifer and I are married – you must have forgotten, I guess. Anyway, I hope we can meet again either in KL, KT or in Melaka, with the others. Jennifer tried to call Yong just now, twice, but he did not pick up his mobile. Guess he must still be asleep!

  13. Chong Seong – it must be my age factor catching up too fast. Thanks.

  14. Just to inform you that Yong, Jennifer and I met up yesterday at the Melaka Hotel Sentosa. Spent some time catching up on news of our old (err, long time ago) classmates. Amazing how Yong could still rememeber so many names and where each of them are. (well, not all, but many). Hopefully we can get more to meet up, and get the group (regroup) to get larger by the week.
    Karim – when are you planning for a reunion at the SMSS?

  15. Please help me to contact Mr. Hong Heng Kim of Sulaimanian USSH1976 urgently.

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