HSC 1976

Here are the class photos of the HSC 1976 batch. I was in the USSH class. I welcome comments from those in the photos or those who simply wish to drop some words.

Please click on the photo to get for a larger image.

Upper Six Science (Hong)

Upper Six Science (Chin)

Upper Six Arts 1

Upper Six Arts 2


~ by akarimomar on December 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “HSC 1976”

  1. Great job, karim! I really can not recall that when was this picture taken n really no idea at all. Anyway, bravo for the initiatives.

  2. […] who came for the brief gathering was David Wang. Though we were in the same form but he was in the ‘double maths” class (USSC) and together with Chong Seong, I was in the ‘bio-chem&… class (USSH). When David called me a year ago, after finding out about this Sulaimanian blog, I was […]

  3. […] out again tomorrow for “The HSC 1976 Batch” posting – class photo of all the four Upper Six classes. Advertisement […]

  4. i saw my mom in usa 2 !

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