1st Kuala Trengganu Troop 1972





~ by akarimomar on December 28, 2009.

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  1. Dear Karim,

    (I have posted comments on this earlier but i wonder whether it reached you as our server was sometimes unpredictable. In case you have recieved it, please delete this new comments).

    What a delightful surprise! I guess those were pages from our old school magazine…I don’t have any photos of those. Thanks Karim for this posting, it brings back a flood of emotions and so many wonderful memories of my scouting days while in SS. I was in Form Five that year (1972) and it was to be my final scouting year. Unlike me, I think Ghaffar (Apo) continued to be actively involved until we finished our sixth-form studies(no surprise, he was born with a square knot in his head ..sorry Apo). And i suppose you went on to achieve higher scouting standard, being a King Scout, after that … yasaka, yasaka. rah rah rah. I remember, i used to keep a sort of a scrapbook(an older version of a facebook?), of my scouting activities from my tenderfoot days, unfortunately, i lost it when my family and i left Terengganu and returned to Kedah in 1974. Imagine, i could have penned some fascinating anecdotes from those years of adventures, trekking, camping, camp fires, parades, girl guides.. Anyway, i hope i can post some comments on our scouting days later.

    Until then, thanks for the memories Karim. Keep it up.

    P.S. Wonder why i spelled my name with an “A”, instead of “O”, and was i really that dark and skinny (must be something to do with the black and white picture then!)

    Subang Jaya

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