1st Kuala Trengganu Troop 1973

I hope someone can help me with the one missing name. And I would expect Ghaffar (Apo) or Bukhori (or others)  to add some comments or probably write a separate posting.


Update: The missing name updated. Thanks to Yong Chin Fook.


~ by akarimomar on December 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “1st Kuala Trengganu Troop 1973”

  1. Karim,

    Most willing to help.The missing person is Kong Yong Ting, a year our senior.

  2. Thanks Chin Fook.I shall update the name in the photo. Yes – I remember he was our senior but cannot recall his name.

  3. I do have the latest picture of Mr.Vittorio (Vic) Bottini who is currently with the world bank in Indonesia. How do I post the picture ?

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