1st Kuala Trengganu Group 1974

1974 was a meaningful year for my scouting achievement. Having awarded the highest and prestigious honour one can achieve in their scouting endeavour, King’s Scout (Pengakap Raja), just before the year began, I was appointed as the Group Leader for all the four troops (Senior, Senior Sea, Junior and Junior Sea scouts) and also the Chairman for the Court of Honour for the 1st Kuala Trengganu Group.

It was also the first year we were without our two gaints of the school scouting. Mr Kumara Das left us to go back to his hometown in Malacca and Mr Han Oo Kwang also left us. And we started the fresh new year with the five of our King’s scouts to organize and formalised the movement until two new replacement namely En. Wan Hassan Abu Bakar and En. Shahril Mohamad took over in the later part of the year.

However, we have the committed guidance from external volunteers (the Rover Scouts) also as our Scout Masters and the helping hands from Assistance Scout Master (mainly those in form six) to make 1974 a busy year.

Insha Allah, I shall be posting another article with additional photos on the 1974 activities.


~ by akarimomar on December 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “1st Kuala Trengganu Group 1974”

  1. My salute to you & all who managed to get all the sultans of Malaysia to sign an acknowledgement of their feats. My envy really.
    Infact based on this criteria alone, initiated me at an interview, to accept a school leaver, into ExxonMobile technical training recruitment, that I used to handled.

  2. Haji Mohd Ali,
    Thanks for that. We received our scrolls 2-3 years later – in a mass ceremony at the Istana Negara.

  3. […] He used to be my father’s scout teacher.  […]

  4. […] He used to be my father’s scout teacher. […]

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