The Evolution of the School Magazine

Happy New Year to all Sulaimanians wherever they are.

To commemorate the new year 2010, this posting will go back to the early days of our school magazine until the mid-1970s (the last copy I have is 1976 edition). We shall have a look at the various designs of our school magazine covers.

The earliest of our school magazine that I have in my collection is the 1958 edition of what is called as “The Sulaimanian” – part of the cover which I use for the blog header. That was the third issue of our school magazine. I have no idea when was the first and second issue/volume. [maybe those who knows can enlighten us to share with others]

You shall notice that the school badge is somewhat different from the ones that we are more familiar (be it the English or Malay version).

Since then the name of our magazine has evolved from “The Sulaimanian” to “Perdana” in 1975 and also 1976 (the last of my collection). Again I have no idea what happened after that. [Can those who have a copy, scan and share with us?]

The magazine cover has also changed several times. After 1958, the next issue was for the year 1960 (Volume 4). Though it maintained the white background, it has two major changes, i.e. on the title font and most importantly we now see the school badge that we are more familiar with. [I have to apologise of the poor state of the cover]

After that, the magazine cover had a total revamp. Beginning from 1961 (Volume V) until 1965 (Volume VIII), they all have green background shown below and proudly showing the new building (The Specialist Block – which was called the Science block during my days) they had then. [I also have no idea why was 1964 skipped]

Beginning 1969, the school magazine cover underwent another major change showing minimal graphics, just plain green on the entire cover with a yellow stripe running vertically on the left side. This design was maintained until 1971 (unfortunately I do not have a copy of the 1971 edition).


In 1972 (Volume 12), the magazine made a major change from it normal “A4 size portrait” format to a square unconventional odd shape. Unfortunately I am not able to show the cover as the copy that is in my hand is in a very deteriorated condition with missing cover and lots of damaged pages (especially the front pages). I would appreciate if anyone who has in their possession of the issue would share with us the photo of the front cover (at least).

The unconventional odd shape really is not popular, as in 1973, our magazine changed its format again. Though going back to the standard A4 size, it is on a landscape format rather than portrait. No magazine name and school name was only graphically represented by SMSS.

1973 (Volume 13)

The cover seemed to changed every year then. In 1974, it was again changed with a single yellow colour except for the white circle background of the school badge. I wonder why the colour is chosen away from the traditional green and the major background colour of the school magazine. Could be because we have a royalty family as the headboy (Raja Kamarul Bahrin) for the year?


Again, with the new headmaster in 1975, the first local Trengganu and also the first with a Masters degree, the school magazine not only changed its cover design but also for the first time use a Malay name, Perdana. This, HM Yusof Ngah said, is to reflect our school as the premier  school of the state. The 1976 issue also maintain the same format and design.

I look forward those who have the school magazines for the years that I missed above send me a copy of the cover image or any part of the school magazine that he or she wish to share with other Sulaimanian. Please email to me as stated in About-Karim page.

Updated – 20 July 2011:

[Part Two shall follows soon (cannot promise when though) – after receiving loan copies of the more recent set of school magazines – read here]


~ by akarimomar on January 1, 2010.

12 Responses to “The Evolution of the School Magazine”

  1. Dear Karim,

    Funny, as the Editor for 1974 edition of the magazine, i couldn’t recall that the colour of the cover was yellow (unfortunately, i didn’t have a copy of it). I’ve always thought that it was mostly in our beloved traditional green. And I didn’t think my good friend Raja Kamarul Bahrin, (the Headboy then) had in any way influenced the choice of the colour either. But i remember it was always the practice then that, while the materials were collected and readied by the end of the year, the magazine could only be printed and made available in the following new year.


    Subang Jaya

  2. Bob, well you know better. Ya, I don’t think that was the reason for the color – saja nak jolok. I am still waiting for some articles from our school magazine editor!

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