Sambutan Jubli Emas 1975 – The Memorabalia

The hobby of keeping old stuffs that I have with me must have been inherited from my maternal grandmother and later my mother. Since the school days I would keep all those things that I feel that one day it would be treasured and brings back memories.

I still have in my collection those badges that we wear for various activities especially during sports meets. We sometimes exchange our school badge when we visit other schools – I still keep some of them though I have lost many.

I even bought a few of the our golden anniversary school badge which most of them still looks nice and one even still pinned onto the original cardboard.

The one on the upper left, if you notice is the medal-like rather than a badge (no pin at the back). But the ring is a little rusty (I should change and put a new ring – but then it will not be original anymore! Well, who would know?)

The school also produced the Jubli Emas kad ucapan Selamat Hari Raya. But as I had commented before (here [selamat hari raya] and here [alumni gathering banner]) – the colour scheme is so bad that you could hardly read what is written. I wonder how would a colour blinded people read it.

Does anyone else has any other memorabilia from the Jubli Emas celebration?


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~ by akarimomar on January 7, 2010.

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  1. OMG hahah memori sangat2 ni… 🙂

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