Advertisements in the School Magazine – 1960s

Just for a little change, we shall look back at old advertisements that once appeared in our “The Sulaimanian” school magazines. The advertisements are those from the early 1960s.

It is very interesting the way how products are advertised and marketed have changed but the key advertising and marketing principles still stay. We will leave that to marketing gurus to elaborate.

From this Magnolia ice-cream advertisement, one would imagine if this is the standard popular fashion of the day!

What if this magnolia ice-cream advertisement is to be used today? Unfortunately, I cannot recall eating this rectangular ice-cream.

The next product brand is so synonymous to ALL of us. I do not know if there is anyone (in the entire country and brought up during those era) who do not know (or remember) the name Bata.

Everyone of us must have at least had a pair of Bata shoes before and possibly still wear a Bata brand footwear today with a variety of product line that they have now.

Remember the tag line “first to Bata”?

When I was small I thought it was a local Malaysian brand. Little did I know it was a European brand until I finished schooling. I again learned more about the company when a business associates holding a Canadian passport who used to worked with Mr. Jan Bat’a (the younger brother of the founder Tomas Bat’a) when he was a fresh graduate in Czechoslovakia many years ago. Yes, it is a Czech company.

There maybe still many people today who did not realise that this internationally known footwear brand is not a local one.

Next advertisement from the school magazine is also another popular brand name. Possibly in those days, there were less than ten commonly known brand of cars. Morris is one of them.

It is has one unique feature that no other car has is the prop-out turn (signal)  indicator lamp.

Imagine a brand new car like Morris only cost RM5295. But those days, a glass of teh tarik may only cost 5 sen (is that correct?) – I was too young to remember the price for a glass of teh susu (don’t think teh tarik is something popular yet then – early 60s)

Trying to make a simple equation; a brand new family car cost about 5295.00/0.05 = 105,900 times the price of a glass of teh tarik. Today, a simple family sedan (equivalent – sort of) say cost RM60,000/RM1.50 [a glass of teh tarik] = 40,000 times the price of a glass of teh tarik. That makes it feels that a car is relatively more affordable today than it was before.

Or from another perspective, an affordable family car price has inflated up to 11 times but teh tarik has inflated much higher up to 30 times – within this span of little less than 50 years.

This next advertisement is from the long gone Trengganu Bus Co., Ltd. Though I am not a regular with the bus, I remember well about that one of my friend who used to tell others that his father is an inspector. Most of us would assume that his father was a police inspector without asking future but only to realised later from other sources that his father was a bus inspector!

Look at the company’s telephone number. It had just two digit number! That would mean that less than 100 people/office/company have phone those days – and it was already in the 60s.

I hope this posting – especially the pictures – will bring some sweet memories to the readers. Some would remember their father’s Morris Minor while most would definitely remember their Bata shoes. Or maybe some advertising students would want to use it as comparison of trends in advertisement.

~ by akarimomar on January 16, 2010.

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