How I Learned to Ride a Bicycle

This is to fulfill the wish of Rosita by Mohd Yusof (Yusuf), of Form 1A3 (1965). In a recent comment at 1st Day At SSSS – 1961 Rosita wrote:

Karim – A great idea – posting articles from the school magazines! Do you know if I can purchase copies of the school magazines from year 62 -64? I had them but they all vanished. I wrote a very short article in one of the issues (can’t remember what year) about, “How I learned to write a bicycle”. Thank You.

But I did not find such article in those years mentioned, 1962-1964. It was in the 1965 issue (page 25) of “The Sulaimanian“:

Unfortunately, I do not know if anybody would sell the old school magazines.


Rosita wrote an article for The Sulaimanian here: Lorong Mok Pe – Karim and I were neighbours.


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  1. […] – thanks also to Mohd Som Haji Sulong (and photos too) and Rosita Mohd Yusuf (and her article from the school magazine). The door is still open to all Sulaimanians to send their article. The more the merrier – […]

  2. The article is good although it was written by a form one student. Mixed feelings were portrayed in that simple story – anxiety to ride a bike, frustrations due to failing on the first attempt, then ‘slowly and slowly” Rozita learned how to ride a bike. The message is clear – jangan nak sesuatu terlalu cepat, be it investment, knowledge, love? Thanks Rozita for sharing your long lost bike story!

    • N. Fuad – Thank you. I really like the analogical message – jangan nak sesuatu terlalu cepat…. a lesson about life! Masa menulis article tu tak teringat pun pasal investment. knowledge, atau love. 🙂

  3. Aslkm. What a coincidence. I was in Form 1 too in 1961. My classroom was above the carpentary workshop, 1st.floor, same level as the cooking class, the nearest class to the main road. However, I cud hardly recall you Rosita, but the one I missed most is Kak Hashimah. She hails from kampung Patani dekat rumah mendiang Dato Isaac.

    • My apologies – I don’t think I know Kak Hashimah. I was in SSS from 1965-1967 and that article ‘How I learned to ride a bike’ was written in 1965. I got the dates wrong in the beginning but Karim informed me of the error. Many years have passed since and I still think back about the brief happy times at SSS and KT. Faces and names of friends got blurry over the years but recently with Karim’s help, got in touch with several friends from that batch – Liang Choo, Kamaliah, Norhayati Hashim, Nik Fuad, and Wan Yusoff. Several of them have posted pictures and it is sheer joy for me to look at them – brings back memories of the days at SSS. Thank you friends!

      • Rosita, did you meet any SSSS friends in KL recently? Tuan Ngah was in KT, Wan Yusoff was in KL. still searching for your facebook.

  4. N. Fuad – Did not meet any friends from our batch. I made contact with Norhayati Hashim and Kamaliah Hashim but they had prior engagements. May be next time. I wasn’t sure about contacting W. Yusoff event though I knew he was on FB, I think I added him later after I got back from KL. How ever, the gathering of neighbours of Kg. Mok Pe/Govt Quarters was wonderful. Thanks again to Karim! I wish I could get in touch with more girl(women)friends from our group!. Liang Choo would love that too.

  5. I was in SSSS from 1965-1969

  6. Mohd Yussof – Were you originally from Perak and do you have a brother named Hisham?

  7. Rosita- You are right, and you were from Batu Gajah.

  8. Rosita,do you remember attending the wedding of Dato Mohd Hussin Hamid (formerly Standard Chartered Bank) at Jalan Kamarudin,KT in the year 1976.You were a trainee teacher during that time.I had the photograph of our friends who attended the said wedding
    I am now residing in Shah Alam and and had retired from CIMB Bank

  9. Abdul Rahman – Vaguely, but I remember Hussein. We were good friends in school. He is a Dato now? I last saw him with his wife as newly weds in KL. This is my email address: I would love to see the picture and also catch up on news abt friends. I am now in Singapore still working but part-time. Where is Hussein now? Would love to get in touch with him and his wife. Do write. Thank you.

    • Met Norhayati Hashim yesterday at her neighbour’s wedding. She still has a house in Bandar Al Muktafi Billah Shah, Dungun.

  10. Norziah – Thanks for writing. Were you from our group too? Have to apologise I can’t remember. I also got in touch with Norhayati Salleh. Do you know her? I have both their numbers but N. Salleh is more interested in meeting up. Our late fathers were friends. Norziah, do write to me, (more private)check my email add. above. I do want to meet up with girl friends from SSS.

    • Rosita- Is that the Norhayati who once worked with Chartered Bank Jln Ampang? If I am not wrong her family moved from KT To Besut in the late sixties. Our late fathers were also friends.

    • Rozita, no I’m not from your batch. I sat for my MCE in 1975. I knew Norhayati Hashim bcos she was my ex boss when she was with Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah. She retired in Dec 2007 at the age of 55.
      She came back only to attend her neighbour’s wedding, she left for KT after the wedding. She told me that she did not meet you or the rest of her classmates b’cos she had a wedding to attend when the meeting took place.

  11. Yussof – I talked to Norhayati Salleh several days ago on the phone. She said she worked for Petronas and retired 3 years ago. May be she was with Chartered Bank before, not sure. She was soo surprised I called, I got her number from Dr. Nik Fuad. If she’s the one, then yes, our fathers were friends. Her father passed away five years ago. She is now in Shah Alam and her mom is with her. Give my salam to Hisham and your sis-in-law, Gayah right? Where are they now?

  12. Yusof/Rosita – Norhayati Salleh & Norhayati Hashim were my clasmate since primary school SSPS 11
    I was at SSPS11 from 1959 to 1964 and SMSS from 1965 to 1968
    However I never met them after leaving the SMSS

  13. Abdul Rahman – Thanks for the info. Are you in any of the pictures posted ? I apologise because it has been so long and I can’t remember. I now remember clearly attending Hussein’s wedding, in fact I received a couple of pictures from them. Unfortunately, many of my old pictures went missing after my mom moved house. Can you scan the wedding picture for me, if possible. Yati Salleh and I have talked about getting together with friends from our batch. She’s on vacation now but will let you know if you and Yussof are interested. Thank you.

  14. This particular posting is one of the most read lately.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    It is nice to know that friends and getting in touch with friends after so many years …
    Please keep us updated.

  15. Karim – This is long overdue – I owe you an apology for not writing any sooner. Thank you for doing an extremely good job of connecting former SSSS friends together, no matter where they are.

    Honestly, it was beyond my imagination that a very simple article I wrote several decades ago, would jolt the memories of those dear friends, who got in touch to renew friendships. I am humbled. There were nostalgic chats of those bygone days, of childhood innocence, of happiness and sadness as well.

    It is almost in disbelief, when friends talk about worries and concerns with bringing up their children and grandchildren. Yes, they are already grandparents! It seems like only yesterday, that I saw W. Yusoff passing by the house on his bike. Or peeking through the window panes, I would look out for an admirer who would be at Pak Halim’s house, a neighbour. And of course, Karim, I would not reveal his identity. 🙂

    I’m still reading GUIT, at a very slow pace due to work commitment but enjoying it a lot. I end on a happy note knowing that this posting is one of the most read lately. Thank You.

  16. Rosita-I am happy that your wish to get connected with your ex-schoolmates from SSSS is fulfilled, Alhamdulillah.Let us hope and pray that all our friends, are happy with their life and may God blessed them all. Ameen.

  17. We wish more Rositas would come out and get in touch with each other despite the busy daily chores of religious commitments, traveling, working (for those who still do so), having fun with the grandchildren, ect.

  18. Rosita and others,
    I am happy that this blog (OUR blog) has been able to connect long lost friends. I am glad that many are taking this avenue to continue searching for their friends. And many more had been thankful for it.
    Many times – I would do “off-the-blog” communications first to followup on certain searches/request – so that we will get direct response/feedback. Also via that mode of communication, some people would be more free to share certain personal particulars “off-line”.
    I would also like to share that this posting of Rosita’s article in the school magazine 45 years ago – is now at #10 of the all-time high of most read posting – with over 400 views since it was posted just barely two months ago.

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