Lorong Mok Pe – Karim and I were neighbours

Contributed by Rosita Mohd Yusuf

So, it started off with me searching for old friends on the internet. I have been interested lately in trying to connect with old friends from the various schools that I attended in the past. I was in SMSS from Forms 1 – 3 from 1965 – 1967. Initially, I gave the wrong dates to Karim but he checked them out and informed me of the error. He was at that time looking for an article that I wrote for the school magazine, the 1965 issue.

That was how I stumbled on to “The Sulaimanians” group page. With excitement, I started reading messages and comments that were posted. One in particular attracted my attention, a message from Cik Gu Razali Mutalib because his wife Cik Khatijah Yong was my home science teacher. Check my response to his posting “Hello from Mr. Razali Abdul Mutalib.” Hope they are in good health and doing well.

From there I went on to look at pictures and there was a class picture of MCE – 1969 – 5 Science 1. I was in the Arts stream but I had friends from that science group, unfortunately, I was able to recognize just a few faces and not more – my apologies (mind you there is a time lapse of about 42 years) only their names are more familiar to me.  Two faces stand out, that of Wan Mohd Yusoff and Nik Roswati.  Karim later informed me that Yusoff is married to a once very popular movie actress and I just went ‘wow’.  Yes, if you were at SS at that time, you would know Yusoff.  Really friendly guy.

After reading Karim’s comments on the picture, I sent him a message  immediately.  I lived at Lorong Mok Pe too!  We were neighbours! At that point I still didn’t sort of know who he was until he emailed me to say, “You might know my sisters – Kauthar, Karimah and Kamaliah.” Of course I do, we were friends and Karimah was my older sister’s classmate! We would sometimes take the same bus to school. Kamaliah, however is one year younger than me and  Karim at that time according to him, was a little boy of just about nine years old.

I left Lorong Mok Pe for my hometown in Perak after the demise of my father in 1967. My memories of the neighbourhood can be sketchy at times but one thing I’m sure of – it was a good place to grow up in. There were a lot of kids around and we never ran out of friends to play with. There was a sense of camaraderie among the neighbours and most importantly, it was a safe place, doors were always open and there were no worries about thefts, break-ins and kidnappings.

Those were the days in Lorong Mok Pe when Karim and I were neighbours.

by Rosita Mohd Yusuf SS 1965-1967 (Form 1 – 3)


Rosita’s article in the school magazine “The Sulaimanian” 1965 issue was posted here: How I learned to Ride a Biclycle. She now resides in Singapore teaching at Nanyang Technological University-Singapore.

[I was trying to find some old photos of the government quarters – too bad it may need more time. Will update it once I am able to get one – Karim]


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19 Responses to “Lorong Mok Pe – Karim and I were neighbours”

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  2. hye,i’m now living in kg. mok pe a.k.a jln tekukur,blakang surau jln tekukur….if u all org lama kt situ i bet u know my father,wan abdul halim wan hitam.my grandma wan long bt su actually one of the founder kg.mok pe….great to know dat sumone still know kg.mok pe cuz dat name juz only a history now….:)

    • Wan Lis Hazimah- Thanks for writing in and giving us the info. that your grandma was one of the founders of Kg. Mok Pe. Unfortunately, I do not know your father, my stay there was very brief and at that time playing with friends was number one priority for me. Will look you up the next time I go to KT!

  3. ada tak keluarga wan ab halim(nama sama dengan my brother) twin boys? seorang lagi belajar di madinah wan hasbullah(?)( jumpa atas bas di madinah. uncle ni born in 1951, but the twin brothers slightly younger than me.

  4. Adakah the twin brothers tu nama Hassan and Hussin?

  5. uncle,wan hasbullah tuh my brother…nw he’s back 4 good already n ade kt jln. mok pe now….n da twins is my couzin…yerp…they r hasan n husin…i called them acucan n acucin…uncle related ngan my family ker??

  6. Karim,I was attached to a local Bank in KTrg till year 1983
    and I still remember that your sister Karimah and Kamaliah Omar were our Bank customer.If not mistaken Karimah is attached to Police Dept and Kamaliah is JKR Staff
    I am now residing in TTDI Jaya Shah Alam and had opted for VSS

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  9. […] kecil lagi, saya sememangnya sentiasa melihat tembakan ini. Dari kawasan perumahan kuarters kerajaan Lorong Mok Pe, memang kita dapat lihat dengan jelas cahaya lonjakan bahan letupan dari rumah kecil berwarna putih […]

  10. saya pun pernah duduk di lorong mok pe…..sebelah Karim …use to ride bicycle across the chinese graveyard to go to sultan sulaiman for library duties on saturday, morning buy hot freash nasi lemak from a neighbour or pulut lepa from another neighbour, afternoon tea is buying goreng pisang, always remember “mok joh” and pak ali, we visited her several times post her stroke even after we left the kampong, but since our parent passed away we have not visited KT.

  11. AbRahman,
    You have excellent memory. Yes, Karimah worked at the police department until she retired and Kamaliah was with JKR and left early to be with her husband in KL.

    Ai Hua,
    You are bringing back a lot of those days memories. Do write something about our neighbourhood.

  12. Karim
    Of course, those simple days of going to the “paya” at the back of the govt. quarters to catch fighting fish and put them in jars to fight with the other kids’ fish in the neighbourhood or buying kangkong from the neighbour at the back for only 20cents, and earning pocket money by helping mok joh do the krerepek, or selling jambu batu from our trees ….. then go the Mohd Affandi’s uncle’s bookshop in town to buy Enid Blyton story books from money earned…. multi racial society, malay, chinese, indian kids playing together with no prejudice …. also used to remember the malay weddings that we would get excited about, the singing, the food, and the costumes, and very pretty gift baskets that we hang around to receive and keep…

  13. I would like to share more about the characters in Lorong Mok Pe many years ago … there used to be this old lady that sells nasi dagang, nasi kunyit, etc with fish curry in the morning and she is called “Mok Pe”. She would sit cross legged behind enamel trays of rice full of various aroma and pots of fish curry……and would wrap your order with banana leaves for a mere 20cts. There was also a forest ranger who would bring interesting animals home, and we as young kids would rally around the latest, oblivious of the lurking danger, the cheeky orang utan, an arrogant hornbill, a python, (and I can still remember vividly) a malaysian tiger kept in the ‘garage part’ of the semi d government quarters, where we would be peeping in through the backdoor for the glimpse of the majestic animal. We would cycled past John Thomas house, and greedily eye his ‘indian apple mangoes’ on the tress in his garden, and a happy day would be when his dad stopped us to give a few to take home for my dad.

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  15. Dear Karim,

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your email. If I remember correctly the name of the forest ranger, our Mok Pe neighbour is Encik Abdul Rahman(arwah).

  16. Would there be an opportunity to organize a gathering of the old boys and girls in 2012. Since you (Karim) would have most of the contact – could you organize one – at the hall of SSSS? You could get the old teachers to join the party. Me, I am already 59, so it would be good to meet old friends again.

    • Patrick,
      I would love to be involved. Unfortunately – I am not a committee member of Alumni SS.
      Also unfortunately – not much news from our Alumni SS officials nor their official FB or Website (if any).
      I made several proposals before in this blog – but no loci standi lah …

  17. […] elder sisters and especially the form teacher for my third sister, he used to come to our house (a government quarters at Lorong Mok Pe) […]

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