Blog Update – 20th February 2010

Dear all Sulaimanians wherever you are. Thank you for your support in making our blog a success and please continue to spread the words.

Our Sulaimanian blog has been getting a wider coverage and bringing higher viewership. The average daily view for the month of January 2010 was 108 views and this February we have now an average of 115 views per day (compare with the daily average of only 14 and 31 views for the same months last year).

We now have Sulaimanians not only from all over Malaysia but we also have from various corners of the earth visiting this blog. We also have many Sulaimanians linking this blog to their personal blog and websites. Thank you for the promotion.

I am also pleased to be reading comments or some personal emails to me of the contacts many are now making via this blog. Many long lost friends are being reunited after years since leaving school. Some were able to recollect those long lost sweet memories about the school, friends and able to see old photos that they had lost.

Early this week I received several photos that need to be posted and I am sure they will be bringing back those fond memories for many of us. Please allow me sometime to organise those and will be posting them in stages. Special thanks to Phua Lian Choo (SS-1965-69), now residing in UK – for the photos. And for the recent articles – thanks also to Mohd Som Haji Sulong (and photos too) and Rosita Mohd Yusuf (and her article from the school magazine). The door is still open to all Sulaimanians to send their article. The more the merrier – and this is not my personal blog but a blog for all Sulaimanian.

As much as possible I am trying to cover the entire spectrum of the Sulaimanians. But as a human being, I am limited to those within my era and really hope others to help out.

Lastly, I would like to apologise for not been able to reply the many comments that are coming in lately. I would also welcome suggestions to improve our blog.

Thank you.


~ by akarimomar on February 20, 2010.

13 Responses to “Blog Update – 20th February 2010”

  1. Karim, you have done a good job. I enjoy visiting this blog and hope that more exSulaimanians will post (instead of just reading). Like you said, the more the merrier.

    I do really hope that Lian Choo will be able to meet her old friend Noorhayati Hashim before she leaves for the UK, or at least make contact thru’ the email or via phone.

    • Yes, Karim, you are doing a good job. I have contacted Noorhayati today, and she has an email address too. It will make corresponding so much easier, instead of the snail post!! A big thank you to Norziah for giving me her phone number. I have also point Noorhayati to this blog, so she too, can search for long lost classmates.
      Ji, I am living in UK. I am from Tanjong, Nisan Empat. I was at home last June. I have no plans to go home this year yet…. My brothers and sisters are still in KTr.
      Thank you all…….

  2. Noorhayati Hashim was the legal adviser of KETENGAH if I am not mistaken. Google her name and trace her whereabouts.

    • Yes she was our legal adviser until January, 2008. She is so happy to be able to make contact with her old friend, Lian Choo.
      I’m happy too to be of some help. That’s the least I can do for my ex-boss….

      • Hi Norziah, did you know she has a email address?
        I spoke to her yesterday, so has Rosita…. she’ll be meeting up in KL this coming week, with more classmates. Thank you.

  3. Dear Uncle Karim…

    Just nak ucapkan ribuan terima kasih kerana buat web ini… dan saya bagi pihak alumni untuk Facebook akan sentiasa bersama sama spreading the words… Thank you very much πŸ™‚

  4. i have not met norhayati hashim since school days, that was 40 years.

  5. of course, she was my classmate, she spoke good english. wasn’t she related to dato’ wan nik?

    • dato’ wan nik’s wife is her aunt, if I’m not mistaken. And yes, I admire her English. You should read her drafts… perfect English.

      • Yes, I remember Noorhayati was very good at school debates…..always wins of course if you are in her group!!! A very good foundation for a lawyer!

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