Speech Day 1969

Below are the photos from the school magazine – Sulaimanian 1969 featuring the school Speech Day held on 24th August 1969.

Seen here is the Guest of Honor arrival:

Inspecting the guard of honor:

The next two photos were sent by Phua Lian Choo (MCE1969). She also sent several other photos which shall be posted separately with various themes – soon. She believe that she was the one in the photo above (Red Cross) – front row, second from left.

With the theme “Tourism in Terengganu” the photo is supposed to be a scene at the beach (presumably Rantau Abang?) with the turtle made of paper mache. Front row standing in dark blazers (R-L) Wan Mohd Noor Wan Endut (Chairman Board of Governors), Khalid bin Mohd Jamin (Headmaster) and the Guest of Honor, Dato’ Abdul Rahman Yaakub (Menteri Pelajaran)

And of course, there is always the gymnastic team display under the guidance of Cikgu Razali Muatalib.


~ by akarimomar on February 22, 2010.

9 Responses to “Speech Day 1969”

  1. Hi Karim,
    I was in the school Red Cross….I wonder if that’s me in the front….2nd from left!

  2. you know what, suddenly i remembered lian choo, yes.

    • Tell Karim to hurry up and post the pictures I emailed him on the blog…. there are some old pictures that might jolt more memories…
      Names of classmates have eluded me. After all, 40 years is a long time..

  3. the one that wan yusoff remembered might be choo lian! Perhaps karim can post the young and the current looking Phua Lian Choo and/or others that have faded in our memories after 40 years of separation.

  4. who is choo lian ?

  5. just kidding lah…

  6. fuad, you should have said phua chu kang, then i would have known.

  7. karim, liangchoo’s photos are still pending, between the 3 of us (fuad, tuan ngah, yours truly) we only managed to recognise fatimah kamilah, rakiah ahmad, wan faridah, to’ puan kamilah, the late azizah, wan rohani. fuad to refer to azizan cnn.

  8. Wan Yusoff and friends – that is correct, Lian Choo’s photos are still pending. My notebook crashed last week and had to wait almost 5 days for them to change the motherboard. It is back working but a bit busy now. Will be updating this weekend, Insha Allah.
    Harap bersabar.

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