Sulaimanians in Malacca

Sulaimanians are all over the place. We have Sulaimanians all over United Kingdom, some furthering their studies and some permanently stayed there and became very successful with their career. There are Sulaimanians in various cities in South America and of course there are those who had become permanent residents in the North America.

It will be a very long list if I were to write down all those places that I personally know where Sulaimanians are now making their earnings in every corners of the world.

And Sulaimanians are also all over Malaysia. No doubt besides Terengganu, the other single largest concentration of Sulaimanians are in the Klang Valley. That is why we have PESAT to gather all the people of Terengganu in the capital city and its surrounding – of which many are Sulaimanians.

L-R: Ridzwan, David Wang, me (Karim), Chin Fook, Chong Seong and Jennifer Lim

During my recent trip to Malacca to visit the mother of a close friend, I took the opportunity to meet up with some of my contemporaries. Yong Chin Fook was my classmate during my primary school days. He is now a branch manager of a bank in the historic city. The last time I met him was when we managed to gather a few former classmates of our primary school days. He also wrote a comment at my other blog (What is the city without a soul!)

Through his network and in such a short notice he managed to call the others for a lunch together. The opportunity to meet was more important rather then where and what we ate.

Besides Chin Fook, I also met Jennifer Lim Chin Chin whom I have not seen since our last school days in 1976 after our HSC. Jennifer was also my classmate since our primary days and continues several years during our days at the secondary school until went went separate streams. Together with Chin Fook, we were in the Express Class (1966-1967) at Sultan Sulaiman Primary School 1.

Jennifer is married to my classmate during our Sixth Form in 1975-1976, Lee Chong Seong, a Besutian. We were fellow prefects together with three others in the same class formed a “special fast deployment team” when time calls for one. (I am a Prefect – written by one our team members – Zainuddin (George) Abdullah)

Chong Seong together with Jennifer now operate a budget hotel in this popular tourist city. As he explained, this is their second hotel project that they manage.

The other person was Ridzwan Abdul Aziz who had quite recently based  in Malacca but commutes almost every week as his family are all in KL. He is now a regional manager of a local bank that used to be associated with our national car.

Ridzwan was one year my junior but we were friends since our lower secondary together in the scout movement. Our friendship continues after school but not as close that it used to be only to meet (if we do meet) when I would go back for Raya, when he was working in KT then. Many years ago, he wanted to meet me so much to return the Intermediate Organic Chemistry he borrowed after I left school. Good of  him, I have forgotten about the book and I did not intend to have it back when I gave him 25 years ago then. Recently I flipped through the book … boy! I wonder how did I memorised all those complex formulas before!

One other person who came for the brief gathering was David Wang. Though we were in the same form but he was in the ‘double maths” class (USSC) and together with Chong Seong, I was in the ‘bio-chem” class (USSH). When David called me a year ago, after finding out about this Sulaimanian blog, I was not able to recognise his name as he introduced himself as Wang Yong Kiat rather than what we know him as David Wang 33 years ago then. But one thing for sure, I would missed him if I were to meet him without being properly introduced – and this was the first time we met again. He is now a successful lawyer after leaving the service of keeping Malacca town a safe city several years ago.

, while Ridzwan smiles on when David joked about his food “]

Despite we sat for almost two hours, the time was too short and we had to go back to KL. Whilst we bid farewell we hope to meet again in a bigger reunion. I would like thank Chin Fook again for organising the reunion and treating us with the lunch at Restoran Lot 85 – somewhere in Malacca historical city.

~ by akarimomar on March 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sulaimanians in Malacca”

  1. I knew David Wang as Bo Kiat, his house name. We used to stay near my house in Ladang. His got a brother, Fook Seek, who had a photo shop in Pangsapuri Kg. Tiong. Wouldn’t recognise him at all if I were to meet him now. Looks so different from his younger days. Anyway send my regards to him. I don’t know whether he still remembers me.

  2. I still remember Seng Soon. I hv seen his photos in Karim’s blok too. I hardly go back to KT and spend my times either in Melaka or else where. I would like to catch up with U (Seng Soon). My e-mail is and 06-2816777 (office). Please drop me a line when u r free. What to do, now loss hairs but in return…get more brains!! HahHa!

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