MCE 1969 – Photos

Here are some of the photos sent by Phua Lian Choo of Form Five (1969) – now residing in England. She only remember some of the faces in the photos. However, with the help of Wan Yusoff Othman we managed to list as below:

Lian Choo said: We had just finish our exams and we know that we were all going our separate ways…….not knowing what the future holds!. I will try and remember some names….

Photo 1:
(A) Wan Faridah (B) Kamilah (C) Rohani Bte Mohd Musa (D) ? (E) Azizah Haji Yusoff -? (G) Fatimah Kamilah Omar
(1) the late Azizah Muhammad (2) Rakiah Ahmad (3) Rohani
Photo 2:
Front row (L-R): 1-?, 2-Lian Choo, 3-Kamilah
Back row (L-R): 1-?, 2/3-partly hidden??, 4-Rohani, 5-Wan Faridah, 6-Azizah Muhammad (partly)
Photo 3:
For this photo I am getting two different sets of names from them.
Lian Choo said: Fatimah Awang (sitting), Rohani and Rapiah M. Amin.
Wan Yusoff said: Halimah?, Mardhiah Muhammad( Azizah’s sister) and Wan Rohani
Photo 4:
Back (L-R):- Fatimah Awang, Mardhiah
Sitting (L-R):-  Lian Choo,  Rapiah
Photo 5:
Standing (L-R): ?, Azizah Muhammad, Wan Faridah, Rohani
Photo 6:
Tengku Johari (looking at camera)
Really appreciate others who may be able to fill in the blanks – or correct those names, if need be.
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8 Responses to “MCE 1969 – Photos”

  1. In photo 6 I can see Suffian Abdullah of Gong Kapas sitting surrounded by 2 friends who are standing beside him.

  2. […] Choo (MCE1969), now residing in United Kingdom, has some good collection of the old photos. The last posting of the MCE 1969 photos were from her collection. She has also been a regular visitor (with comments among others here, […]

  3. Mohd Yussof,
    Thanks for the names. Hope to get more.

  4. Picture #1. If I’m not mistaken D is Azizah H. Yusoff and F is Rokiah Mohamad

  5. Photo #5..sitting second from left is Rokiah binti Mohamad. She always wear baju kurung school uniform…I’ve never noticed her wearing skirt during those days.

  6. My correction for photo #1…. D is Fatimah Yusoff

  7. Heartiest Congratulations to our 1969 Fifth former-Dato Mohd Hussain Abdul Hamed on being conferred Tan Sri by His Majesty The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong recently

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