The School Mural

A mural is any piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. Unfortunately in our beloved school some of the murals are gone.

The first mural in Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School is now gone forever. The mural painted on the wall of the administrative block facing the trunk road is a very historic and symbolic work of art. I believe it was the first ever drawn in Terengganu.

Most of us would have at least a shot taken with the mural as the background. Maybe it is the most favourite background for many. It is so sad to see that it is no longer there.

The mural was painted in 1965 thanks to those boys seen here. Can someone from the photos help us understand better the history, background story and explain about the mural? Wan Yusoff Othman may be able to help as I believe one of those in the photo is his elder brother.

Here is the other mural which is on the east wall of the Form Three block. This mural was painted much later – in 1970s. Maybe those involved with the work can share with us the story behind this mural.

~ by akarimomar on March 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “The School Mural”

  1. If i could recalled correctly, the mural on the Form Three Block was painted in 1970 when En Khalid Jamain was the Headmaster. I was in Form 3 then and used to spend times watching and talking to 2 young men who were painting the mural. I believed they were not locals.

    (By the way, remember the horizontal bar (high bar) beside the block? Some of us used to make a jump at it whenever we passed by to impress the girls!).


  2. Yes, third from the right is Wan Zaki Wan Othman, Wan Yusoff’s elder brother.

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