Music Society 1974


~ by akarimomar on May 13, 2010.

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  1. Miss Barbara look so sweet in baju kurung. There’s another teacher from the UK, Miss Ann Furbank, can’t forget her cockney accent. And the Canadian couple (forgot their names) who help find pen pals for us from Alberta, Canada.

  2. Ji,

    Today’s posting of 1974 staff may shed some lights to the name of the Canadian couple. Could it be Dean Tweedle? And the Brit’s name seems to be Jill Owen rather than Ann Furbank (or it could from a different year that you are referring to).

  3. I think Jill Owen was the very slim one with small afro hairstyle.
    Anne Furbank was my drama teacher. Acted as the Toad of Toadhall and the Sultan in another. In the other one, Nik Naim was the hero who rescued the princess ( Anne Royan). Those were the days. I think Anne Furbank married a local lawyer who drives a volkswagon beetle.

    Michael Lim

    • Gosh….how time flies…I was one of the dancers in the drama…with fong may Lian…can’t remember the hero’s name…I thought it was a student from Philippine ..and Anne as the princess…
      I remember the hero carried the princess from the back of the hall up to the stage..somehow along the way the hero …fell down ….:)
      Miss Ann Furbank was our english & drama teacher……

  4. Correction. Nik Naim was the dragon who captured the princess. I recollect he had to carry Anne Royan up the stage stairs.Some one else was the hero, a pint sized hero.

    Michael Lim

  5. aiya michael – you are the sultan la – hero – yes Ann Furbank married Lawyer Lee in Ktrg, I think the hostel girls got to see a lot of the early bye bye kisses when he used to drop her πŸ™‚

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