Science and Maths Society 1974


~ by akarimomar on May 17, 2010.

One Response to “Science and Maths Society 1974”

  1. Thanks Karim for your effort bringing back the nostalgia in black-and-white. I am glad i still manage to keep in touch with my classmates (Gerard, Mohd Mustaffa, Wee Chong, Nik Paudzi) though i wish to know whereabout are Suat Jien and Yuen Poh, and others in the photo whom i was familiar with (Faridzoh, Bee Yian, Faridah Aini and Wee Hock).

    By the way, Mr Chin and the late Mrs Wee were among my favourite teachers. Mr Chin was a much feared maths taskmaster who was responsible for enhancing the use of the left side of the my brain while Mrs Wee (Dr Mohd Mustaffa was one of her favourite student) cultivated my love for biology and health sciences, which later influenced my choice of my early career as a pharmacist.

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