SSPS1 – Standard 5 (1968)

The current SK SS1 badge maintaining the old motto "Service Above Self"

The Sultan Sulaiman Primary School (SSPS) is always part of the Sultan Sulaiman School especially SSPS1 (now known as SK Sultan Sulaiman I). The secondary SS once a single identity with SSPS and housed together as the Government English School Trengganu (GEST) [click here to view GEST: Standard VI – 1935 photo] before it was given the name of the Sultan then.

In my previous posting about my primary days I had the photo of our Express Class of Standard 3X (1966). Those days, for Express Class, being the lucky ones to be selected, we have to study three years of syllabus within two years. We do not have the semester system instead there were three terms in a year thus we had to finish one year’s syllabus within two terms to complete three years within the six terms (not as what was practiced recently when those selected for “express class” skipped one year to complete their primary school within five years).

Thanks to Sharifah Normah Syed Omar who uploaded from her collection a photo of our primary class Standard 5A in her facebook. (I have added the names onto the photo)

With help of Wok Fauziah, Chin Fook, Nik Nor Ruzaidi, Ahmad Sabri, Syed Azlan, Azizul Azman, Bian Hup, Thahirah, Sudha and Sharifah Normah herself to helped tag the photo – we managed to get almost all the names in to bring back the nostalgia of our innocent years (click on the above image for a larger view).

I remember very well that year when I won the “Cleanest Boy” award of the month (can’t remember which month though) – that I have to give the special thanks to my beloved Ummi.

Our class teacher was Mr. Yee Mook Sin. Little did we know that our class teacher was a military trained and now a dedicated artist. He even won several competitions while he was teaching at SSPS1.

From a little search in the virtual world, I got the following info to be shared with my former classmates:

Born 1943, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia,
Address: 101, Dataran Rapat Baru 19,
Taman Lapangan Melodi,
31350, Ipoh, Perak D.R, Malaysia.
Tel No.: 605-311 5079
HP No.: 016-595 6823

Graduated from the Federation Military College, Port Dickson and the specialist Teachers’ Training Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Lecturer at the Malayan Teachers’ College, Penang and is now a full-time artist. He has held 9 solo exhibitions in oil, watercolor and acrylic. Participated in numerous local, Asian and World art exhibitions in China, korea, Taiwan, Singapore, UAE, and Thailand. Won numerous art awards.

I hope to be able to confirm those names with the question marks and able to get in touch with everybody and to have a reunion one day.

To all my fellow classmates – please share your contacts with me. Email to my address akarimomar[at]


Updated – 28 Aug 2010:

Kong Chiat Peng just found this blog/posting. She is actually the one identified as Cecilia in the class photo above. I wonder who identified her in the photo as Cecilia. Her comments are as below. Together with Kamariah Nordin, Phua Lay Hwa, Chong Bee and Teo Soo Khim, they all went to Tengku Bariah Secondary School.


~ by akarimomar on June 27, 2010.

18 Responses to “SSPS1 – Standard 5 (1968)”

  1. Karim, you dengan Ku Noti dari kecik same class. Tengok gambar at a glance pun boleh cam muka you ngan Ku Noti.

    • Ji,

      Masa Std 1 – sama dengan adik dia – then I went to express class to catch up with Ku Noti. Then after we were together from Std 5 hingga Form 5.
      They were my next door neighbour at Lorong Mok Pe.

  2. Kalau adik dia, Tg Abd. Jalil…he passed away early this year.

  3. Barah hati…di KT, Dalam Kota. Simpan kat Masjid Puteh.

  4. Karim,
    How fortunate,after all these years living in Ipoh, I just stumbled upon Mr Yee this morning. Recognize him immediately looking exactly as in the photo. He sounded very cheerful and excited. It was brief & short and will follow up further later. We stay not far from each other too.

  5. How about a reunion cum hari raya get together? Say on the third day of aidil fitri Sunday 12th Sept in KT? Better still at our old school itself. Those based in KT could make the arrangement with the school admin. What say you?

  6. Dear all,

    I’m Mr Yee mook Sin son. If you are staying in Ipoh.
    Please contact him. By the way, he is holding an Art Exhibition in Syuen hotel, Ipoh from 01/08/10 till 08/08/10. (10am to 8pm)
    Feel free to drop by there and visit him.

    Yours sincerely
    CS Yee

  7. Nikron,
    Looking forward for the reunion. Are you referring to a separate gathering different from the one they are organising at the school on the 3rd day?

    CS Yee,
    Our regards to you father. I spoke to him on the phone recently. I hope the exhibition went well. I had informed one of our classmate who is residing in Ipoh. He had also met your dad.

    Sabri, Hope you managed to visit Mr. Yee’s exhibition. Thanks for updating about Mr. Yee.

    • yap,
      how about we meet at the kantin SSPS1, bring some food and sit it out on the basketball court. Don’t have to be so formal, just keep it simple. The important thing is the opportunity to reminisce on the good old days and to revive the bond of friendship.

    • Dear Nikron, Karin and Sabri,
      Selamat Hari Raya to all.
      Thank you for remembering my father Mr Yee Mook Sin.
      My dad has pass away last year due to cancer.
      If you like to check my father art works.
      Pls contact my mum at 05-311 5079. TQ

  8. Hi, seeing the photo brings back memories of our innocent years in the 60s. Btw, I’m Kong Chiat Peng, standing between Rohaya and Ng Kheng Lian.

  9. Oops, correction, the names should be Hasnah,Ng Kheng Lian,Kong Chiat Peng,(?)…..

  10. Chiat Peng,
    I wonder how someone could have identified you as Cecilia in the photo. Thanks for the correction.

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  12. Hi, Karim
    I didn’t know that we also have our primary school link too. Now only I realised that you are also in SSPS1.
    Anyhow great job done.
    May Allah bless always.

  13. Yes, Mokku. Sulaimanian all the way.
    Great job comes from support and encouragement from all the Sulaimanians. Would appreciate contributions in writings or narrative photos.

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