Sulaimanian Blog Update: April 2011

A little update for our Sulaimanian Blog after being silent since April 2011. I will have to apologise to all our readers for not having any new entry over the last two weeks. “The PIZZAMAN” was busy delivering the latest Awang Goneng’s “A Map of Trengganu (AMoT)”read more here.

Since this silence, the viewership of the blog has also dropped drastically. However, despite of this drop, the all-time views has exceeded 70,000 hits now.

Insha Allah in the days and weeks to come, I will be posting from the 2007 school magazine, Perdana.

Promotional flyer - click for larger view

At the same time, for those who had not bought the “AMoT” yet, written by our own Sulaimanian, Wan Ahmad Hulaimi a.k.a Awang Goneng, you may get it from yours truly, “The Pizzaman”.  You may do so by sending your SMS to 019-3199788 or email to

Delivered to your door step, by just adding RM6.00 to the cost of the book RM35.90. Add another RM3.00 of postage for each additional copy that you wish to have. [If you wish to have it signed by the author, kena bayar dululah, and provide the name to be written on the book – you will only get it at the end of the month]

Believe it or not, “The Pizzaman” had one order of 10-copies coming from one fine lady (and delivered to her office). Payment can be made via the EFT or whatever way you prefer.

~ by akarimomar on April 13, 2011.

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