Red Cross Society – 1971



~ by akarimomar on May 26, 2011.

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  1. Lim Suat Bin, Lim Suat Jien, Lim Eng Jee, Baharuddin Zakaria, Raja Zahari and others, were my classmates/batch during my studies in SS in 1967-1974. Anyone knows where they are now? I like very much to get in touch with them to renew contact. Bob (Bukhori Abu Bakar)

    • Bukhori – nice to hear back. Lama tak komen.
      Michael Lim is quite regular at this blog – maybe he can help?

      • Karim – thanks for your message to alert me. I have been quite occupied, especially since taking care of a new addition to my family (cucu!). Very happy to see your recent postings on events in SS during 70’s. Sorry, who’s Michael Lim? I had a classmate, Andrew Lim then, any relation?

  2. Hi Bukhori, you probably don’t remember me. I’ve just contacted my sis, Lim Eng Jee. She’ll try to get in touch with you. How can you be contacted.?
    Michael Lim

    • Hi Michael,
      Nice to hear from you. Oh yes, i remember Grace has a younger brother also studying in SS then. Also, i met your other sister, Kheng Jie, when we were students in USM in the late 70’s.
      My contacts no: 03-8289 7328 (Office), HP: 0133402003 and my email:

      Grace and I were classmates for many years but we have not met for almost 37 years, since we left SS! So, i am greatly excited and look forward to hearing from her soon. Thank you.


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