Next Postings: 1972

During the next few days until the beginning of the new year, I will be posting scanned pages from 1972 Sulaimanian Magazine (and/or maybe mixed with other 70s too). Unfortunately, my copy of this issue is not in good condition. The front and back cover and several other pages are gone and many other pages damaged.

It is a little unconventional shape and size. Rather than the typical A4 size, either portrait or landscape, it was squarish in shape. I would really appreciate whoever has a copy to scan the front cover (at least) to complete my collection (The Evolution of the School Magazine).

I cannot promise what I will be posting about 1972 (unless there is special request), but here is the list of previous 1972 related postings:

Happy reading and please keep me motivated by your visits and comments.


~ by akarimomar on December 20, 2011.

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  1. […] I promised that I will be starting with 1972 postings from today until the year end, I have to post this special message from Mr. Nava first. He left a comment here, but rather than […]

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