Photos From Mr. Nava

The little note accompanying the photos

I finally got a chance to scan all the photos that Mr. Navaratnam sent me. With too many things in hand and the photos took a long route to reach me, all the 40 photos were scanned over the weekend. First part, done.

Now, with such an assortment, I am wondering how do I thematise them before posting in this blog. The photos ranges from the hostel life, hockey and general group photos which Mr. Nava himself could not remember the events. So the next phase is to find the time, sort and group the photos with certain theme and post it.

There were few of the photos that were stuck together and a little damaged – managed to salvage a much as I could.

Here is a sample of the photos:



~ by akarimomar on April 26, 2012.

6 Responses to “Photos From Mr. Nava”

  1. Bila nak dapat proper copy ?

  2. Abang Ali, kena sabar. Kita akan upload sikit-sikit, perlahan-perlahan. Bagi suspens sikit. Keep following the blog.

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  5. […] Nava (Navaratnam) is very synonymous with our school hockey. From the photos that Mr. Nava gave me (read here), below ones related to the school hockey. All are boys hockey except one and which I did not find […]

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