Mr. Nava’s Photos – Girls Hostel Dinner

After sorting what I assumed was the Boys’ Hostel Annual Dinner (click to read), I believe these photos below could be something to do with the Girls’s Hostel. (I could be wrong – if someone can correct me).

Firstly, these photos are of the same occasion based on Mr. Nava shirt, the seating arrangement, similar plates on the tables and room decorations.

Secondly, the third photo has on the back of the chair clearly written “Asrama Puteri”. But then, those days, when we have functions, chairs and tables are borrowed from everywhere that one could find.

It could also be teachers function as the are many “adults” as compared to the previous posting of Boys’ Hostel Annual Dinner. But then there is also few copies of photos of  teachers annual dinner with different setting all together.

This must be at the beginning of the function – waiting for the event to be open?  The food is already on the table.


Assuming this is the MC for the night – but then nobody is looking at her. The LP days …  the cover reads “Malam Irama Melayu – Radio Malaysia Recordings”


HM Khalid Jamin and his wife with Mr. Nava and others I could not recognize.


This could be after dinner fun time.

I would appreciate comments to helps us understand more about the photos. Girls Hostelites (especially of this era) could probably tell us more about these photos.



~ by akarimomar on April 30, 2012.

7 Responses to “Mr. Nava’s Photos – Girls Hostel Dinner”

  1. if i am not mistaken, the mc is zaharah ismail, 2yrs my senior, osc/mce 1967

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  7. I’m the one who staying at asrama puteri smkss year 1999-2000.. If im not mistaken the 3rd pic was taken in a study room for PMR students at my time.

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