Teacher Mr. Yee Mook Sin (SSPS1) Passed Away

Yee Mook SinDear Sulaimanian,

Sad to inform that your for teacher Mr Yee Mook Sin has pass away on 14/01/2013. Kindly contact this phone number for further information.

Tel: 05-3115073

Your sincerely,
CS Yee

read also: SSPS1 – Standard 5 (1968)


Received this message this morning


~ by akarimomar on February 15, 2013.

One Response to “Teacher Mr. Yee Mook Sin (SSPS1) Passed Away”

  1. Dear students of Sulaimanian,

    It’s been a year since my father passing.
    Thank you for remembering my dad as a teacher and an artist.

    Herewith our contact If you would like to know further.
    Tel (Ipoh): 05-3115079

    Kindly obsolete the previous message telephone.

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