SS Today

Here are some of the photos taken in September 2008:

SS Frontgate

SS Frontgate

This is the front gate taken from across the main road. The grand gate and the guard house is definitely new to many of us.

SS at the entrance

SS at the entrance

You will see this view as you enter the gate. The nice little garden between the administrative block and the school hall (now called as Dewan Gemilang) is gone – replaced with tarmac for parking.


The office and administrative block – besides having the new paint and with new windows – the beautiful mural drawn in the 60s (on the wall facing the main road) is gone.

SS School Field

SS School Field

The construction of the new track for the school field is still on going. It was supposed to be completed at the end of 2008. [Note: new photos posted here: The new track at our school field]


The entrance to the girls’ hostel has been changed. The new entrance is facing what used to be our high jump/long jump pit (?).


The boys’ hostel – the building (Blok Sekati) on the right is new to many of us. It was where we used to park our bicycles i.e. next to Science Block (now known as Blok Rhu)

Bestari blocks

Bestari blocks

The “new” Bestari blocks (Blok Gemia [front left] and Blok Tenggol [back]) located at what used to be the teachers’ quarters – opposite the girls’ hostel.

SS Vocational Block

SS Vocational Block

The vocational block where we had our industrial arts and home science classes with the teachers’ room next to the canteen (blue roof). The building is now known as Blok Perhentian.

The school surau

The school surau

The school surau – located next to the basketball court.

~ by akarimomar on February 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “SS Today”

  1. via email from Mariana

    Feel sad to see the old school going through major changes…the school we used to know no longer bears the original look…sigh. …but lucky me, I took some pictures of myself in the little garden with the administration block in the background,and another one was taken with the staff room and canteen in the background. I believe I posted the pictures in my album…

  2. via email from Wan Aida:

    Dear Mariana,
    Sad indeed sometimes when I pass by the old school – the colour of the buildings gave me headaches! Purple and green? Where’s the soothing beige colour with green trimings (school color yellow and green right?) I wonder whose idea was that…

  3. hello there..

    i am also the proud sulaimanian here. but still in a not too young era of sulaimanian. nice blog. i’ll keep in touch for this blog.

  4. […] new track at our school field Earlier this year I posted some photos of our school today. One of the photos taken was the construction of a new track for the school field. Well, here is […]

  5. Is the Astaka still there? That was our playground in the afternoon before we entered the classroom ( afternoon class – form 1 & 2 – 1975-1976 )

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