01. About Me (Karim)

It is difficult to describe myself knowing the wide range of possible readers. There would be those who know about me more than I could write in this brief.

Anyhow, just for a brief intro.

I started Form 1 at SS in 1970. Finished my HSC/Upper 6 in 1976.

There would be people during those period who will not remember me at all (of course – what can you expect after over 30 years lapsed). But there will be those who remember me as their fellow scout or fellow prefect (or librarian before that) – but never in sports.

It will not be easy for me alone to write/contribute everything for this blog. I hope to have the time and commitment to continue updating this blog. I welcome contributions (articles or photos NOT money ;-)) to be shared.

Karim Omar
– you may contact me via email at akarimomar@yahoo.com
– I also blog at http://akarimomar.wordpress.com/, among others …
Karim in 1974 and 2007

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  1. […] kerana kurniaan Allah, secara fisikal dan penampilan, saya tidaklah banyak berubah selain tambah beberapa inci ukuran lilit seluar dan kini sudah mula beruban. Namun, yang lain macam […]

  2. Hi Karim, you did not changed much. I could recognise you easily, especially when you are the prefect and I’m the mischievous one. Let us continue to keep in touch.

    Ali Sabri.

  3. […] Regards – Karim Omar (SS70-76) […]

  4. Being a prefect, a librarian and a scout..(3-in-1 mcm nescafe) who wouldn’t know you? I recalled who you are after seeing that schoolboy picture of yours.

  5. Krim,
    who wouldnt remember you by just one look , your hair parting is still the same except hair receeds above a bit though ;-),still very squeaky clean looking from the school days, perhaps not that serious look from the prefect,scout patrol,is more fatherly now.Good haven, if i can recongise you in person.

  6. via email:


    I’m surprised to read your blog, since I keep wondering where are the ex SMSS being wondering around.
    I heard from my wife, Dr Mazman has been appointed heading Yayasan Tuanku Mizan. I’m sure you remember me. I used to be a scout until 1977, when we have to sit for MCE. We are the same batch with Tuanku Mizan.
    You are still the same thou. I remember taking one of the scout batch i.e Master Cook at your house at Jalan Pusara. Dekat kubur jerat cina.

    If I’m not mistaken I saw your brother at Ampang near Cempaka (The Korean language centre) maybe about 3 to 4 years ago at one of the office.

    May be we keep in touch later. I’m quite interested in joining the alumini. Why not?


    Zainuddin bin Ismail.

  7. Karim, you still look the same. No change. Only the hair is a little grayer. You know Ahmad Ridzwan Aziz? He’s now in Melaka. He’s our junior but was my former bank colleague in KT. His office is just opposite mine. BTW, remember one Suhaimi Yassin who lives not far from SS. Not sure where he is now. Last time I heard, he was with Bank Rakyat. And of course, 2 good friends – Rosli and Azmi – both sons of policemen. And one more I just remembered..Ahmad Sabri Harun. Wonder where they are now…

  8. Roslina,
    It was unfortunate we did not meet. I was told that you came. Maybe there is another chance.
    Thanks for the compliments – I am sure you would be able recongnise me if we meet – but maybe not otherwise. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for dropping by. Since you mentioned about the scouting – I have a few faces in mind though not so sure – but I can definitely recall your name. Maybe we can share the old scout group photo and start identifying those in the photo. InshaAllah – one of the posting in future will be about our scouting.

    Chin Fook,
    Thanks too for the compliments. Yes, I know Ridzwan we were close always visit each others houses – but did not know he is now in Melaka – I thought he was at HQ.
    Suhaimi (Atan) is with Bank Rakyat still and resides near Kajang (will pass you his no. by email)
    And yes, I do long to meet Azmi and Rosli. I heard that Sabri now resides in Ipoh but had not met for so long – he was with the stock market thing. The short Zahrin Hassan (next to you in the SSPS1 1966 photo who is also Sabri’s cousin) stays near Ampang/Cheras.

  9. Karim,
    I’ll be in KL attending a course from 16th Mar to 17th March. I’ll be staying at Grand Seasons Hotel, Jalan Pahang. Was wondering whether we’re able to meet on 16th night. You, Azizul, Fattah, Zahrin etc..primary school classmates.

  10. Karim…sorry for not having to meet up with our dear friends…I was away then..to Tmn Negara for a short break…Hope to meet up again with others…Chin Fook, Wee Hock, Fattah, Zahrin…and others…whre are the girls?…Salam fr me. Friends…email me at leoazie@yahoo.com

  11. Azizul,
    Will try to gather again and keep you posted.

  12. ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠฺฉู…

    to my surprise, once i merged some profile at geni.com, and guess what? you’re my 2nd cousin once removed (once removed <- this part i don't really understand, geni.com described us like that).

    ู…ุดุงุงู„ู„ู‡ wonders of technology and the internet.

  13. Taqiuddin,
    Yes, the world is small indeed. As described at length in my mail to you, your dad was my classmate. Your mum is Kamal Rahman’s sister – my prefect’s team of 1976 – described by George Dewa/Zainuddin Abddullah – https://sulaimanian.wordpress.com/2009/09/15/i-am-a-prefect/
    And as we just found out, you are my anak dua pupu. Salam to your dad.
    Masha Allah.

  14. Salaam Karim… it sure has been a very long time!! It’s a wonder you found me via my blog… Alhamdulillah.Yes.. I agree with the others, you have not changed much. You age rather gracefully hehe.. and that would something every female would die for haha… (I think)

    I saw our prefects board photo… Masya Allah… I can’t even remember half the names!!! Memory seems to have failed me.. I remember my batch mostly, and of course I remember you ๐Ÿ™‚

    For the benefit of others who might be reading this, I’m Nora… the girl from KL who joined SS in 1976/77. I’m back in KL since then and will be here till the end InsyaAllah. Visit my blog if you may at http://www.norastouch.blogspot.com. Would love to meet up with just anybody who can still remember me. I need a memory jolt… !!! Take care ya… oh ya btw… I’m on facebook too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nora, I was right. You’re the one in my Form 6 picture. Visit yr blog just now. You’re really talented. I love crafts too.

  15. Karim,
    I wonder if u cud still remember me. We were together during the primary school days @ sulaiman primary school. Classmates from std 2x till std 6? Your monopoly playmate after school at your house at jln tekukur. I can still remember some other friends we had then but most had slip through my memory. Here’s some that I cid still recall: Rosli Ismail, Azmi ?, Ahmad Sabri, Sabri Awang, Soh Wee Hock, Wan Nadiah Abdullah, Tahirah ?, Tg Norhayati, Syed Azlan, Azizul ?, Wee Bee Chiu ?, Noriah Ngah, Nasir Ibrahim Fikri,Zahrin ? etc.
    There’s two small guys in our class, zahrin & Chin ( could be Yong Chin Fook?)
    I would love to meet them again. Maybe you could arrange something?
    TQ. Rgds, Nik Nor Ruzaidi Nik Mahdi

    • Nik,
      How could I not remember you. We were close buddy. We were classmates until Standard 6 because you went to Kuala Berang (follow you dad) and later you were at MCKK.
      [Read this posting: https://sulaimanian.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/calling-ss-primary-1-express-class-1966-1967/ – I wonder where were you when we took this photo?]
      But you always come to my house whenever you went back to your Cherong Lanjut house.
      Yes, we can arrange for a meeting. Call me 019-3199788 or email akarimomar@yahoo.com. I am in Ampang. If you are in Klang Valley, we have a few around here.
      We last met circa 20 years ago. You were staying at AU3 and I was also in Keramat then.
      I visited you uncle at Jalan Panji Alam last year.

    • Dear Nik

      You’re right! We were the two smallest boys in the class; Zahrin and I. You got my name right too. I’ve always remembered you. BTW, we had a small gathering in March this year and the photo is in this blog. Karim, Zahrin, Wee Hock and I were there in KL.Azizul and Fatah couldn’t make it. The names you mentioned are all familiar. So whee are you now? You can contact me @ 019-9563382 or email me @ yong4288@gmail.com. I’m now living in Malacca. Rgds Yong Chin Fook

  16. Karim,
    I could not identify myself in the photo. I guess I must be the one that was left unidentified, between Chin Fook and Fuad.
    I could still recall the fun we had those days. We spent hours after school playing Monopoly at your house. Your DIY Monopoly set is one of the things that I admire about creativeness. I can still recall the toothpaste caps that u used to represent the property pieces(hotels & houses), the paper money and all the cards u made yourself.
    Another thing I could remember is that you used to compile song lyrics in an exercise books. You were the source to provide the latest song lyrics.
    Azizul, I remeber giving you a picture of a dolphin that you used to make a Scrap File during the art class (Std 5 or 6). I think those days you were also the main supplier of comics that we borrow. Beano, Topper ?

  17. Hi guys,

    Remember me,Sudha.I was the only Indian kid in the class.I came across your site.Brought a flood of memories back.

    • Sudha,
      Glad that you came across this site. Yes, I remember you well. How can I forget that. We were not just classmates – but we were neighbors at the berek/quarters Lorong Mok Pe (Jalan Tekukur). Your house was PWD 209/2 (?) mine was PWD211/1.
      Where are you now? Do visit us again and please also write something to share.

    • Sudha,
      I can still remeber u cos u’re the only indian girl in our class. Apart from that I couldn’t recall much. Maybe boys & girls do not mix much in those days. We admire each other from the distance, he, he, he.

  18. sallam Karim
    I got this site forwarded by alice lo from sabah I m one of the sabahan in ss 69-73 I m back in Sabah I think I have to look back into my album kalau nak ingat semula u gays, I cuma ingat kawan kawan yg aktif sukan like aziz pendek fauzi n raja of course zainal and halimahton my trengganu family.

  19. Hi Begum,
    I am Pheck Sian – still remember me? I remember you were in 4 and 5 Com 1 together with Lay Sim, Wan Noraini and others. How are you in Sabah? Hopefully more can get in touch.

  20. Hi Karim,
    If you remember the rookies years back in 1976 maybe you remember me. Someone i don’t quite remember told me and discovered this site today in kt 27Nov09 and gotcha. Moo dok balik ghebang ker?
    Work in Khartoum insyallah in 2011 balikyaa teranu.

  21. Nik,
    Thanks for this surprise note.
    The last we met was circa 1991/92.

  22. Begum and Peck Sian,
    Yes, definitely long lost familiar names. Was browsing the school magazines last week. And yes, both of you were in them. Wonder how you both are now.
    Thanks for leaving the note.
    I am expecting some of you would share the school days story with everybody here. Please send it to me.
    Take care.

  23. Salam, Karim & others
    Stumbled onto this site a couple of days ago, and could not contain my excitement upon seeing all the familiar names above;)). It is very nostalgic too to see the old class photo (mine must have been lost in the floods). What prompted me to leave a note here though, was when I spotted a familiar face in Geni that my husband was browsing thro’ last night. Are you the Karim that is married to Asmahan? She was my neighbour many many moons ago, as well as my uncle-in law’s niece. Small world, ya? Salam to them all.

  24. Nadiah,
    Correct – it is a small world.
    Yes that is me – Asmahan is my wife. Both of us (me and my wife) are related to you. That is why you can connect via the Geni – but I have yet to update it.
    Thank you for writing the comment. Alhamdulillah that I still have the copy of the photo and can now be shared with everybody in this unimaginable virtual world.
    The last I made contact with you was quite many years ago via email – you replied but stop after that.
    I also saw you at one of the Khalifah program somewhere 3-4 years ago – did not get the opportunity to talk though. I am still with Khalifah Institute as one of the trustee.

  25. Karim,

    I am sure many can’t recall abt me who used to spend many hours practising gymnastics every evening in school.Abdul Majid was a gymnast too.Do you by any chance have any other pics of our batch std 5 or std 6 or any at form 3? I left smss for Penang with a few others namely Syed azlan,Naziruwan,Hashim Abdullah, Abdul Manaf Tahir, Abdullah Mohamad, Yusof Mohd Amin, Abdul Majid & Azmi.? (the latter two left for RMC).Met Sharifah Normah Syed Omar at Syed Azlan’s daughter’s wedding in Shah Alam last year and she’s in KL. I have lost touch with so many what more with me being in Ipoh…sigh!

    Regards Sabri

  26. Sabri,
    Yes, you and your gymnastic gang. Other than Syed Azlan – I have not met any of the other names that you mentioned – including yourself – for such a looong time.
    Another name in your gymnastic team was Hamid Hassan – who stayed at SS until 1974.
    I have searched the photos – unfortunately – I lost the 1971 and 1972 school magazine – those would have included the photos that you are looking for. Especially the 1972 – I remember it has our form 3 class photo – 3B1.
    Anybody still keep 1972 magazine (1971 too)?

    updated (22 Dec09):
    ooops … I found the 1972 magazine – odd shape and also in bad deteriorated condition few front pages gone in including the cover. Will be posting your gymnastic photo.

  27. […] asked in his comment (here) if there is any photo of him somewhere which I only managed to get this one. Due to the resolution […]

  28. Salam Karim, I’m Ariffin MCE 74. We were together as a librarian and scout troop. I served as a secretary of our school library in 1973. I’m sure you can remember me. This morning Halimahton alerted me to search in the Sulaimanian about your blog. Now I’m residing in Bandar Baru Bangi and my house is not far away from Suhaimee’s house in Kajang. Hope we shall meet one day with our fellow friends in Klang Valley. Few others I met here were Hasnah, Kelthom, Latifah Sheikh Mahmood, Sharinah Langkab (Leenah), Suhaimee and Halimahton. Shukran to get in touch with you all.

  29. Arffin, how could I not remember you. Yes, we were together as the library prefect – but I left after being appointed as the school prefect later. But we were scouting together for many years.
    You can see your photo of the 1973 Scouts – seated between Syed Fattah and Karim Ali (the other Karim). 1974 Scouts will be appearing in another two days – keep watching.
    The idea of getting together has always been there. Will keep the option positively open – hopefully soon. Keep the list of contacts – we shall need it.
    Since you are at UNITEN – isn’t Shafie Abu Hassan still there?

  30. […] I look forward those who have the school magazines for the years that I missed above send me a copy of the cover image or any part of the school magazine that he or she wish to share with other Sulaimanian. Please email to me as stated in About-Karim page. […]

  31. […] the past. I was in SMSS from Forms 1 โ€“ 3 from 1965 โ€“ 1967. Initially, I gave the wrong dates to Karim but he checked them out and informed me of the error. He was at that time looking for an article […]

  32. Aslkm.wmt.wbt.
    It truelly brings back memories of 45 years ago. How cud I missed Kausar anak Ustaz Omar, my buah hati at primary school. Did met Karimah at Marang Police HQ but never Kausar since then. Send my assalam mualaiikum to her please. I was very much involved with scouting. Used to help out Mr.Dass after I left school. Represented Terengganu in rugby & SSSS padang was our training ground. Can you post the school rugby & gymnastic team.

  33. Insha Allah – will convey the salam. Karimah is in KT still and Kauthar in Kajang, Selangor.
    Yes, those of my era would remember the school bus.
    Good, being so active then surely you know quite a lot and I look forward for more comments.
    InshaAllah, I will look for more rugby and gymnastic photos – and scouts too.
    I also hope for some posting from you – do email to me – will be glad to post it here (with or without photo).

  34. Aslkm. So you remember the BMC mini school bus, so you must recall the driver who used to pick, a certain little boy at lorong Mok Pe. Can you recall Yazid Sulaiman, your neighbour then, whose halfbrother is Hashim Katih. Last met him at his stationary shop in Chow Kit / Masjid India area. Do you recal the 3 Mahari sisters – Norhayaty / Noraidah / Norbayah. They were in Form 1 & 2 in 1965. Hayaty & Bayah became school prefect in 68 / 69, but Raidah went to TKC.

  35. Dear Karim,
    Thanks for the SMS about the Science & Maths Society 1974 committee members. How young we were then. Since we (you and I)meet from time to time off course I have no problems recognising you. I just knew about this blog from your SMS, but I feel nostalgic about seeing the familiar names, Wan Nadiah, Wee Pheik Sian, Begum and others. I just got reunited with my classmate of Upper Six Sc (1975) 2 weeks ago (Baizah Khalid) and I’m having a reunion of Upper Six Sc 1975 this Sunday 23 May at my house. Any classmates interested in joining pls call me at 012-6520458

  36. Hi Faridah,
    I am Pheck Sian. Your name does ring a bell. Where are you now?

  37. Hi Karim,
    I recognise you. I’m Kheng Jee’s (Pauline) brother. I remember you as the calm and steady one. I was also a prefect. Chan Ai Hua ( now Kam Ai Hua) introduced me to this site. Good job.

    Michael Lim

  38. I remember Chan Ai Hwa. Wonder where she is now.

  39. Hi hi – siapa Ji ? Can contact at +65 96781372 or tulis kepada aihuakam@hotmail.com …..Karim – I tried sending an email to your yahoo mail but no reply ?

  40. Finally… Alhamdulillah … I see 2 more familiar names…Michael n Ai Hua ๐Ÿ™‚ Tq Karim… bless to start AND maintain this blog

    • I think I remember Norana. Weren’t you in Form 6 Science/1977? Kalau betul, then there’s a picture we took together with Hidayah, Aliza and a few teachers masa end of the school term 77.

  41. …errr in my excitement… there goes a typo!!!

    meant to type … Tq Karim… bless YOU to start AND maintain this blog

  42. Haji Mohd Ali,
    Somehow I missed this second comment of yours. Yes I know you have several sisters, my sisters used talked about them – but I cannot really identify which is which. But arwah Andre was 1 year my junior in school. We were friends.

    Faridah (Kak Fari),
    I hope you had a good reunion. And also some friends had contacted you via this blog.

    Peck Sian,
    I hope Faridah Aini had contacted you. Else I will email you her address.

    Yes, I still remember you and your sister too. We were all together in the prefects board. Thanks to Ai Hua (my next door Lorong Mok Pe neighbour – read here http://akarimomar.wordpress.com/2010/01/09/kehidupan-yang-harmoni-dan-toleransi-tinggi-mulai-terhakis/) – whom I had not met since. Where are you now? Where is Siva?

    Ai Hua,
    My goodness. Where have you been? Thanks to you for suggesting this site to Michael. I am sorry that you were not able to get through my email. I wonder why. Hope Ji had contacted you. Where is Ai Lay now? Is Ai Chin still with MPPJ?

    I hope you had contacted Ai Hua. Thanks for continuous support to this blog. I wonder if you could help me to get in touch with Wan Rohaida (Ketengah) – my former classmate since we were in the primary school.(SSPS1)

    Grrreaat. Hope Michael and Ai Hua had been in contact with you now. Do tell me if you are meeting up (if I am invited …) Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, many-many lost friends had been reunited via this blog – was meant to be so. I hope to have the stamina to continue. I do hope others to contribute articles or photos to share. I would also like to encourage those in 80s and 90s to contribute.

  43. Karim
    ya next door neighbour at kampong mok pe, what happened to your beautiful sisters – where are they now ? My home is now Melbourne Australia, fly in & out to Asia, Ai Chin (eldest sis) home is in Gloucester UK – I do see her & family at least once a year – this is a fantastic site – my sis Ai Leng told me about it, and don’t know Siva (maybe you confuse me with Ai Lay) , if we can enough numbers we org something to get together – siapa “JI” ?

  44. Karim
    ya next door neighbour at kampong mok pe, what happened to your beautiful sisters – where are they now ? My home is now Melbourne Australia, fly in & out to Asia, Ai Chin (eldest sis) home is in Gloucester UK – I do see her & family at least once a year – this is a fantastic site – my sis Ai Leng told me about it, and don’t know Siva (maybe you confuse me with Ai Lay)

  45. Karim – dah baca article Lorong Mok Pe – thank you for bringing back memories & the kebun bunga bunga – now I remember who is Siva and it was Siva’s dog who bit my granny…

  46. Great. We are now in touch with Nora. And we are going to search for others as well. 1975 Form 5 Science One . Where are you?

    Michael Lim

  47. Is Siva the tall chap? Who used to stay next to John Thoms’s house?

  48. Ai Hua,
    My sisters – Kauthar Rahana in Kajang, Karimah in Jalan Wireless, KT and Kamaliah in KL. The last I met Ai Chin when she was IT manager with MPPJ (more 15 years ago). Ai Leng (not Ai Lay heh?) was my form mate. Was she with the police force or was it her husband? Not that Siva son of the post master our neighbor. I was referring to Sivashanker.

    Yes, that tall Sivashanker. Wasn’t he your batch? But I cannot recall this John you are referring to.

    • Karim,
      Ai Leng is the MPPJ one, Ai Chin is probably Kamaliah’s batch, Ai Lay is the one year above you & her husband was the police force chap ( I think it is Ai Lay who told Ai Leng about this site – so Ai Leng sekarang cari photos to send)

  49. Hi Karim,
    I think its not the same Siva that lived in the government housing at Jln Tekukur. However there was a Siva Shankar in my class and his sister is Vijay I think. No idea where he is.

  50. Hi Karim, Sorry Vijaya was in my class , Siva is her younger brother.

  51. Hi Ji,
    I was in the express class. Started in 1966 and finished Std 6 in 1970. Then 1971 in SMSS all the way till HSC in 1977. Ai Hua and I were in the same class throughout. Where are you now?

    • Micheal, we were in the same school all the time, same year, from 1966 to 1977. We were in the same class in 1967/68 – 2x, 3x and 4x. I’ve been trying to contact classmates from our express class since I found this blog. I’m happy that I finally manage to make contact with a few of our classmates.

      As a matter of fact I yesterday I spoke to Ai Hwa. She’s currently in S’pore, she call and we had a long conversation. Imagine after 30 over years we talk as if it was only yesterday that we left school.Thank you so much Ai Hwa. I was thrilled. And thanks to Karim for making it possible.

      BTW Micheal, I’m now in Bandar Al Muktafi Billah Shah, Dungun. This is our home for the past 25 years.

  52. Ai Hua,
    Thanks for putting them straight for me – age must have made me mixed them up. Can’t wait for the photos. [Phua Lian Choo (now residing in UK) did the same here and here] I hope you and Ji and now in contact privately.
    Now I missed the kueh bakul from my neighbour lah!
    Where is your brother?

    Yes, they are definitely two different Sivas. Siva from the quarters was Ai Hua’s sister (Ai Lay) batch (mine too – though I am a year younger due to the Express Class
    But I thought Sivashanker was your batch – well I am wrong again. And now remember Vijaya.

    Thanks for the no. Hope you are now in contact with Ai Hua. Yes, Nora was at SS for her form 6 and is very talented indeed. BTW, she also had her early primary and express class at SSPS too. Not sure 1 or 2. Could be your classmate too then…

    • You’re welcome Karim. I sent an email to Nora, she hasn’t replied yet. Yah…maybe we were in the same express class in SSPS. We’ll wait for her to confirm.

  53. Karim
    managed to speak to Ji today and Tg Shamsiah too, all good fun. Kueh Bakul….such a long time ago,one of my brother in KL, another in Ipoh.

  54. hehe Ai Hwa..maybe we can talk again when you’re in M’sia or somewhere near.

  55. salam karim. hi and hello, time and distance have separated us. do you still remember me? I’m cikgu baharudin b ibrahim, one of the scouts master and ss hostel warden from 1975 – 1985. sebelum terlupa saya ucapkan selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.

  56. Cikgu, how wonderful to be able to get in touch with Cikgu again. Surely I remember. There is our photo – Scouts-1975 – Cikgu’s first year at the school.
    Selamat Hari Raya – maaf zahir dan batin. Hope Cikgu would be able to come on the 3rd Raya.
    Wassalam Karim
    p.s. I did reply via email separately much earlier.

  57. salam karim, everybody knows somebody here but surely you and the rest couldnt recall me. i was not a sportsman,not a cadet not clever not stupid not bad not good not ‘ensem’ not ugly not tall not short..hahaha..and tell me how could you recall this type of character.
    but you might remember my class, the infamous 5A1 1973, yeo sin soon’s batch only that he is not smart enough to be in 5A1 huhuhuuuu….he was in 5SC1 surely. Our class was made to stand in the first row during assembly’s time due to monumental mispitching everytime we sang negara ku…….hisham ibrahim, din monggeng, mat nor tanjung were my buddies..
    now, recall my class?

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  59. Wish you well, Karim. If not because of people like you taken up the initiative, perhaps neither of us perhaps can meet through this blog. May Allah bless you for your kind effort.

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  63. Hi, I’m Wan Noor Aini. Just discovered this blog. Was reading thro n I think I’m the one mentioned by Pheck Sian. I vividly remembered Begum. Met Jainim Laini (now Nurhanim Abdullah) in KK a few times during my business trip there. Remembered Karim, my brother, Wan Annuar’s friend. Where is Faridah Aini n there is Faridah Ainoon as well.

  64. hello to all sulaimanians…..i wish to inform u that ALUMNI SS will be hosting the first time ever GALA DINNER to be held on 1st Dec, 2012 at Primula Beach Hotel, KTrg…KDYMM Sultan and Sultanah will be attending. Those sulaimanians who are interested to join, pls contact HASHIM BIN HJ IBRAHIM (h/p: 013-9157448)…RM80.00 per person…..batch 60s,70s are most welcome…..

  65. I came across your blog by chance and it brought me fond memories of my childhood days in K Terengganu where I started my early education at the Sultan Sulaiman Primary School from Std 1 (1957) to 4 (1960). I stayed at the government quarters in Bt Buruk. Keep up the good work.

    • Yes, Ban Soon, I believe I know you. You later studied in La Salle Peel Road and stayed in Cheras. Unfortunately, I have only stumbled upon this blog so much later and we may not have the chance to re-connect again.

  66. salam karim,

    are you related to kamalia omar and kamal omar. kamal is my batch while kamalia is my one year senior. i left ssss in 1971 for technical institute kuantan after my LCE. a few of us went to kuantan but kamal stayed at ssss. after MCE i met him again when i visited him at itm shah alam. he studied computer science at itm while i studied civil engineering at itk, now utm semarak, kl.

  67. Hi Wan Nor Aini and Pheck Sian, I am attached to Dept of Agriculture headquarters in Putrajaya. It is nice to read about you in the blog, please keep in touch. I visit KT once in a while, on official business. All my brothers and sisters now reside in the Klang Valley. Actually there are eight of us, five of us went to SS during the 60s and 70s.
    Faridah Aini Muhammad

  68. Assalamu’alaikum & Salam Sejahtera,
    Shbt Karim and my beloved Sulaimanian, I’m class 74 same batch with Karim, Dato’ Mohd Nasir, Halimahton, Tengku Mazlan (TM) and many others. Glad to hear stories from you all. I’m currently residing in Sec. 3, Bandar Baru Bangi, Bangi. Working at Universiti Tenaga Nasional. Once awhile coming home visiting my parent staying at kampong Panji Alam. If you happen to drive along Jalan Panji Alam and see a signboard “Rumah Rehat Seri Panji Alam” that is my property managed my cousin Sanadi/Anisah. I’ll be celebrating Hari Raya Korban at my rumah rehat this year. I hope see Karim around. Our house is not far. Last time we used to walk and cycle around from one house to another in K.Trg.

  69. salam a karim,

    i’ve just found up u,incidentally while searching up..ha..ha..the experiences at school 1973-1974 would reflect back..that’s not my intention. happy to read about u at present through your blog…i’ve sent an e-mail to u and expect you remember me..Geng KUala Berang for two years at SS..Nice 2cu..till on air again..

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