04. Headboys and Headgirls

The Headboys and Headgirls

Headboy Year Headgirl
Hussein bin Jaal 1956
Wan Mohd Ismail 1957
Muhammad bin Zain 1958
Kam Yoon Sang 1959
Wan Abdul Aziz bin Ahmad 1960 Fatimah binti Embong
Shamsuddin bin Jaafar 1961 Sarojini Nair
Zakaria Mat 1962 Ma Suat Lay
Yeo Sin Bin 1963 Kamariah Awang Yusof
Yahaya Ismail 1964 Elizabeth Abraham
Ahmad Salim bin Omar 1965 Joyce Abraham
Azmi Omar 1966 Joyce Abraham
Ahmad Salim bin Omar 1967 Joyce Abraham
Mohd Rani Jusoh 1968 Mariam Hj. Mokhtar
Ahmad bin Abdul Rahman 1969 Ng Pui Wan
Wong Yuk San 1971 Kamaliah binti Hashim
Othman Che Mat 1972 Fatimah binti Haji Mohamed
Alias Yusof 1973 Soh Lay Sian
Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah 1974 Wong Yoke Leng
Yeo Sin Soon 1975 Faridzul binti Othman
A. Karim Omar 1976 Normah bt Mohamad
Mohd Ali bin Endut 1977 Chan Ai Hua
Wan Ramlee Wan Abd Kadir 1978 Wan Setia Norlina bt. Wan Hassain
Azmi bin Mohd Dahan 1979 Che Ainun bt Mohamad
Abd. Aziz bin Muda 1980 Wang Siew Lan
Mohd Fadil bin Ishak 1981 Wan Arihan bt Abdul Aziz
Mazda bin Mohd Dom 1982 Hanumah bt Abd Latib
Shamsul Liani Abas 1983 Wan Nor Hawati Wan Ali
Zulkifli Awang 1984 Fatimah Zamili Han Sidek
Mohd Saman bin Mohd Daud 1985 Che Sabariah Abdullah
Ruslan bin Ngah 1986 Hamidah bt Abd Hamid
Azhar bin Omar 1987 Samsiah bt Mohd Noor
Rosli bin NordinRizal Haji Hainy 1988 Salleha bt Salleh
Noor Hisham bin Haji Mohd 1989 Sabariah bt A. Ghani
Mat Ali bin Abdul Ghani 1990 Shukrina bt Saat
Ahmad Mulyadi Aminuddin 1991 Yusliza bt Yahya
Sukni Hisham bin Omar 1992 Roziati bt Abd. Rahman
Mohd Kamal bin Shamsuddin 1993 Noriah bt Mohamad
Ahmad Rahimi bin Mohamed 1994 Siti Najad binti Zaki
Saiful bin Md Awang 1995 Suzilawati bt Sulong
Mohd Suhaidi bin Harun 1996 Rahimah bt Ismail
Sutan Mahmood bin Shamrudin 1997 Noor Mastura bt Othman
Hadi Mohd bin Mohd Noor 1998 Fatimahani Ismarianti bt Ahmad
Airil Anuar bin Sabari 1999 Rumaizah Jamaliah bt Ramli
Andy Taqiuddin b Ghulam Sani 2000 Nor Fadhlina bt Abd. Aziz
Zayd bin Zainal 2001 Nor Madiha bt Mohd Azlee
Sydi Amin Badaruddin 2002 Amira bt Amir
Hud bin Mohd Noor 2003 Nur Amira Maisa bt Mohd Taha
Muhammad Amar bin Amir 2004 Anis Liyana bt Abd. Latif
Noor Ikhwan bin Mohamad 2005 Mardhiah bt Masri
Muhd Hazwan bin Hamidun 2006 Iyllyana bt Che Rosli
Muhd Afif Arif bin Tajul Arifin 2007 Suraya Azizah bt Nasaruddin
Fitri bin Mokhtar 2008 Wan Khalilah bt Wan Zid
Ahmad Syakir Salman Salleh@ Latiff 2009 Faridah Hanim binti Abu Bakar
,Special thanks to Yeo Sin Soon (or rather his son – Yeo Zhi Ming – 2009 Deputy Headboy) for helping to make the list current.If you know the names to the empty slots – please send to:
akarimomar@yahoo.com.Updated (5 July 2009):I received several comments/emails on the above list. Unfortunately I am not able to verify them except for what are on the board on the wall of the school hall (below).Updated (22 August 2010)

The Headgirls 1988-2009 (corrected)

The Headgirls II (1988-2008)

Iyllyana bt Che Rosli sent the latest photo of board for the headgirls with correction of her name replacing the earlier mistake made by the school.

The Headgirls I (1960-1988)

The Headgirls I (1960-1988)

The Headboys I (1956-1984)

The Headboys I (1956-1984)


The Headboys II (1985-2008)

Sukni Hisham bin Omar

45 Responses to “04. Headboys and Headgirls”

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  2. I’m wondering whether the school still keep the 4 wooden plaque listing the name of headmaster, headboy, headgirl and house champion since 1940″s (i think)

    • Ally,

      10 years ago it was still there. Will try to visit again and the photos uploaded. Thanks.

  3. Karim,
    Here’s the latest list of Headboys and Headgirls. I got the info from my son who is the current Deputy Head Boy. This list is complete from beginning until 2008.


    1956 – Hussein bin Jaal
    1957 – Wan Mohd Ismail
    1958 – Mohd Zain
    1959 – Kam Yoon Sang
    1960 – Wan Abdul Aziz Ahmad
    1961 – Shamsuddin Jaafar
    1962 – Zaharia Mat
    1963 – Yeo Sin Bin
    1964 – Yahaya Ismail
    1965 – Ahmad Salim Haji Omar
    1966 – Azmi omar
    1967 – Ahmad Salim Haji Omar
    1968 – Mohd Rani Jusoh
    1969 – Ahmad Abdul Rahman
    1971 – Wong Yuk San
    1972 – Othman Che Mat
    1973 – Alias Yusof
    1974 – YM Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah
    1975 – Yeo Sin Soon
    1976 – Abd. Karim bin Omar
    1977 – Mohd Ali bin Endut
    1978 – Wan Ramlee bin Abd Kadir
    1979 – Azmi bin Mohd Dahan
    1980 – Abd. Aziz bin Muda
    1981 – Mohd Fadil bin Ishak
    1982 – Mazda bin Mohd Dom
    1983 – Shamsul Liani Abas1984 – Zulkifli Awang
    1985 – Mohd Saman bin Mohd Daud
    1986 – Ruslan bin Ngah
    1987 – Azhar bin Omar
    1988 – Rosli bin Nordin
    1989 – Rizal Haji Hainy
    1990 – Noor Hisham bin Haji Mohd
    1991 – Mat Ali bin Abdul Ghani
    1992 – Ahmad Mulyadi bin Aminuddin
    1993 – Sakna Hisham bin Omar
    1994 – Mohd Kamal bin Shamsuddin
    1995 – Ahmad Rahimi bin Mohammad
    1996 – Saiful bin Md Awang
    1997 – Mohd Suhaidi bin Harun
    1998 – Sultan Mahmood bin Shamrudin
    1999 – Mohd bin Mohd Noor
    2000 – Airil Anuar bin sabari
    2001 – Zayd bin Zainal
    2002 – Sydi Amin Badaruddin
    2003 – Hud bin Mohd Nor
    2004 – Muhammad Amar bin Amir
    2005 – Noor Ikhwan bin Mohamad
    2006 – Muhd Hazwan bin Hamidun
    2007 – Muhd Afif Arif bin Tajul Arifin
    2008 – Fitri bin Mokhtar

    1960 – Fatimah Embong
    1961 – Sarojini Naih
    1962 – Ma Suat Lay
    1963 – Kamariah Yusof
    1964 – Elizabeth Abraham
    1965 – 1967 – Joyce Abraham
    1968 – Mariam Hj. Mokhtar
    1969 – Soh Lay Sian
    1970 – Ng Pui Wan
    1971 – Kamaliah Hashim
    1972 – Fatimah Hj Mohd
    1973 – Soh Lay Sian
    1974 – Wong Yoke Leng
    1975 – Faridzul Othman
    1976 – Normah bt. Mohamad
    1977 – Chan Ai Hua
    1978 – Wan Setia Norlina bt. Wan Hassain
    1979 – Che Ainun bt Mohamad
    1980 – Wang Siew Lan
    1981 – Wan Arihan bt Abdul Aziz
    1982 – Hanumah bt Abd Latib
    1983 – Wan Nor Hawati Wan Ali
    1984 – Fatimah Zamili Han Sidek
    1985 – Che Sabariah Abdullah
    1986 – Hamidah bt Abd Hamid
    1987 – Samsiah bt Mohd Noor
    1988 – Salleha bt Salleh
    1989 – Sabariah bt A. Ghani
    1990 – Shukrina bt Saat
    1991 – Yusniza bt Yusof
    1992 – Roziati bt Abd. Rahman
    1993 – Noriah bt Mohamad
    1994 – Siti Najat bt Mohd Zaki
    1995 – Suzilawati bt Sulong
    1996 – Rahimah bt Ismail
    1997 – Noor Mastura bt Othman
    1998 – Fatimahani Ismarianti bt Ahmad
    1999 – Rumaizah Jamaliah bt Ramli
    2000 – Nor Fadhlina bt Abd. Aziz
    2001 – Nor Madiha bt Mohd Azlee
    2002 – Amira bt Amir
    2003 – Nur Amira Maisa bt Mohd Taha
    2004 – Anis Liyana bt Abd. Latif
    2005 – Mardiah bt Masri
    2006 – Munira bt Masri
    2007 – Suraya Azizah bt Nasaruddin
    2008 – Wan Khalilah bt Wan Zid

  4. Headboy 2009 – Ahmad Syakir Salman bin Salleh @ Abdul Latiff
    Headgirl 2009 – Faridah Hanim binti Abu Bakar

    • Thanks Sin Soon. However 1970 headboy is still missing and headgirl for 1969 is the same name with 1973, is that correct?
      What is your son’s name?

    • Headboy 2003 Hud Bin Mohd Nor actually hud Bin Mohd Noor..huhu…x cukup huruf je

      • Will try to edit what is in the blog (thank you for correcting) – but can’t do much what is on the wall of school hall. Mine is also not the same as in my IC. But it is still my name which ever way it is spelled.

  5. Karim, I will check back the name of the HB for 1970 and HG for 1969 and inform you. My son could have make the mistakes while copying from the ‘wooden board’ in the hall. FYI, my son’s name is Yeo Zhi Ming. You can find him in Faceook.

  6. Nor hisyam bin hj mohd headboys 1990. please contact me.
    019 4113108

  7. i would like to tell that airil anuar is the headboy of 1999. i was the headboy for 2000 – Andi Taqiuddin b. Ghalam Sani.

    • Taqiuddin, when I saw the name Ghalam Sani, it seems so familiar. I might be wrong but your father could be a former classmate of mine in Form 1 and perhaps Form 2. I used to visit him when he was living in what is now occupied by the government offices in Jalan Pejabat. He was a good friend of mine and we shared many common interests. The last time I met him was, I think, in the late 70’s or early 80’s. If he’s indeed the same person, could you give me his tel No. so that I can get in touch with him. Thanks.

    • I would like to make some amendment regarding the headboy list i.e. the head boy for 1988 was Rosli Nordin AND Rizal bin Hj Nainy because Rosli who was in upper six then left for teaching college and was replaced by Rizal the same year. The headboy in 1989 was the late Noor Hisham, 1990 – Mat Ali, 1991-Mulyadi and the rest of the names should be one year earlier. Thanks

  8. i think that explains for the blank 1970’s headboy.

    • Taqiuddin,
      It is now rectified. My apology for the mistake. However the error was not due to the blank for 1970 but it was due to in 1988 there were two names listed as headboys. I wonder why that happens – can someone from that era help explain?
      Salam to your dad who was my classmate and had never met ever since we left school.

  9. Permit me to deviate momentarily just to narrate an anecdote involving my encounter with a headboy. During my early schooling days in SS (late 60s), prefects were held in high esteem and feared too. To young boys and girls who have just entered the secondary school, the prefects were like teachers. I recalled one occassion as afternoon session boys, my friend and I were stopped from running in the corridor (actually sprinting to our class as we were late) by a big tall guy in white long pants (we found out later that he was the headboy).

    I vividly recalled the encounter which when like this:
    – Boys, where are you going?
    – Class, Sir !
    – Don’t run in the corridor, okay?
    – Yes, Sir !
    – Okay. Er, where’s you badge?
    – Sorry, forgot Sir!
    – Okay next time, please wear your badge when in school, okay?
    – Yesss Sirrr!
    – Er, one more thing, don’t call me sir. I am not a teacher.
    – Yesss Sirrr!

    I was always fond of telling this anecdote to my family and friends, maybe because I became a prefect myself in later years. I wonder how do present schoolboys/schoolgirls look to their prefects nowadays. One of my son listed them as his Number One Enemy while studying in a boarding school!

  10. salam 🙂 … 2006 headgirl is not Munira bt Masri… but iyllyana… hmmm… i don’t know they have change the name or not… but, munira is the deputy headgirl… haha….

    — haaa…. 1 lagi, name untuk penolongnye xde ke… haha…. nak jugak… 🙂 hehe…

  11. thanks. the update with the board pictures verifies me. 🙂

    • Sorry for not updating much sooner – as I need to verify personally.
      In fact there is another dispute for the headgirl. But for now – I will have to stick to what is on the board until the school amend it.

  12. true, i was d headgirl for 2006. i did receive all d certificates and awards fr dat post on 2007. i even appeared on newspaper before ;). i,myself also not sure y such error happened to dat board. i’ve tried telling d teacher bout this but nuthin has been amended until today. my junior said d same thing happened to 2007 headgirl as well. but smkss has amended it after a while. haha. 🙂

  13. Bravo to Airil….he has been our class monitor (1k1 to 4S1) from 1995 to 1998 and quit in 1999 as he was elected as the Headboy !

  14. salam…
    hahaha…its me… headboy 1983…
    very infomative blog.
    alot-lot-lot of lots when remembering about ss..
    can c me at my blog ondscene.via.my

  15. […] major background colour of the school magazine. Could be because we have a royalty family as the headboy (Raja Kamarul Bahrin) for the […]

  16. salam…untuk headgirl 2005…nama saye salah eja..huhu..nama sebenar ialah mardhiah bt masri 🙂
    thx…hrp ade perubahan..=)

  17. I was informed that Haji Ahmad Abdul Rahaman aka Ahmad Gendawan our Head Boy 1969 had passed away last month.Al Fatihah

  18. Innalillahi wa inna illahi rajioon..
    If I recall right, this is Ahmad of Gendawan Auto that my sister bought a Renault in mid-70s.

    • Innalillahi wa inna illahi rajioon.. Karim, just to summed up this particular update. I knew arwah Haji Ahmad Ab.Rahman personally since school days. He was from Kuala Berang. Did not attend the funeral but my sister Hajjah Norhayaty (they were classmate) did. THOSE DAYS HE WAS BETTER KNOWN AS – Mat Tok Bilal. Al-Fatihah.

  19. Salam/hello admin. Here I attached together a copy of the photo of most recent headgirl board of smkss. actually, the headgirl for 2006 was Iyllyana Che Rosli (yet they mistakenly spell my name on the board as Illyana Che Rosli. Munira Masri, as mentioned in the Sulaimanians website as the headgirl was the assistant headgirl. For the previous board, the school mistakenly wrote her name and did apologised for the mistake already. Hope you can amend it after this. Thanks a lot 🙂

  20. The head boy for 1989 Noor Hisham Hj Mohd had passed away few weeks ago. He is my classmate in 1986. Al Fatihah.

    ps – we are the batch who creates history for SMSS in SRP exam in 1985 with 100% passed record.

  21. Innalillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas ruhnya.

  22. Saya rasa mcm pernah dengar nama Noor Hisyam tu. Takziah ke atas keluarganya. Dia sakit apa, ya?

  23. […] Headboys and Headgirls (updated 22 Aug 2010) March 2009 29 comments 3 […]

  24. salam, saya yusliza yahya adalah headgirl bagi 1991. Nampaknya ada kesilapan ejaan nama disitu. Harap maklum.

  25. Tahun 1994. Nama saya yang sebenar ialah SITI NAJAD BINTI ZAKI

  26. Hmm…Nama bapa saya masih dieja salah…tak apa asalkan bunyinya tetap sama… (1994 – Ahmad Rahimi bin Mohamed)

  27. Lagi elok kalau diletakkan gambar….dulu dan kini….hmmmm…camner moderator? setuju?

  28. this is the 1st timei am writing in this facebook ! or is this just the sulaimanian web page – oops !! is it the same ? any way who cares ! i just wany to let all those boys and girls know that i ( Mr nava )am very much alive and kicking. I was in contact with Karim for a while but when he asked me write something i chickened out !! And yesterday 19th Dec, Kazaruddin called me ( i wondered how he got my number ) and we had a long.long chat. I wanted to say , hey your phone bill !! Anyway i had a wonderful chat with him. And 2day, MOhd Ali called me from KT ? and chatted for more than half-an hour. My grandson( 8 ) came to me later and said ‘ which girl were u talking to for so long ?’ anyway it was wonderful. Mohd Ali also sent me Sin Bin’s number – so i called him and had a short conversation.
    Anyway, to all you wonderful people out there – i live in Seremban. from SS i went to SDAR, Tanjong Malim and when SDAR shifted to Seremban – lock stock and barrel- i opted to follow, although i am a Perakian. i took optional retirement in 1990 and went to a new private college, then -Kolej Tuanku Jaafar, in Mantin, also in Negeri until i retired in 2005.
    Thats the story of my ‘active life’. now its gardening,grandchildren ( 4 ) and some games.
    My contact – Hse. 06 6316699 Mobile : 012 2591093 & email – ratnam05@streamyx.com
    more later. bye and god bless u all.

  29. […] postings from today until the year end, I have to post this special message from Mr. Nava first. He left a comment here, but rather than leaving it as a comment which may not be read by many, I make it as a new post for […]

  30. hai 2 all…sorry 2 say since fm top till the bottom…everything just rounding wrong spelling and only 1 sad story……could moderate tell me how 2 contac some of the head girls such as headboy/girl 1982……bcoz both are my fren during study at SS…..many -many kenangan overthere such as our discpline teacher cikgu wan hassan and others.tq

  31. I was study at SMKSS from 1995 to 1998…Proud be a part of Sulaimanians….Miss you all

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