02. Headmasters

Here is the list of the headmasters of Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School:

1925 – 1938 Mr. G.M. Nayar

1939          Mr. E.H.S. Bretherton

1940          Mr. N. Rees

1941, 46-49 Mr. G.A. Machado

1950 – 1957 Mr. S. Selvanayagam

1958 – 1959  Mr. Keong Siew Tat

1960 – 1961 Mr. James Allen

1961          Mr. Ong Teng Keong

1962 – 1963 Mr. Bion Dury

1963 – 1964 Mr. Soh Kai Choo (Mr. Soh Bin Hak) – ? [note below]

1965 – 1968 Mr. Foong See Tonn

1969 – 1971 Encik Khalid bin Mohd Jamin

1971 – 1973 Encik Hussein Awang Besar

1973 – 1974 Encik Razani bin Ahmad

1975 – 1982 Encik Yusof bin Ngah

1982 – 1985 Tuan Haji Haris bin Hamidon

1985 – 1987 Tuan Haji Omar bin Abdul Rahman

1987 – 1988 Tuan Haji Abdul Rahman Abdullah

1988 – 1995 Tuan Haji Omar Hussein

1995 – 2000 Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz @ Ajir bin Mohamad

2000 – 2007 Tuan Haji Daud bin Jusoh

2007 – 2010 Puan Hajah Azizah binti Md. Salleh

2010 –             Tuan Haji Zakaria bin Awang

? – There is a little conflict with what is on the wall of the school hall (stating Mr. Soh Bin Hak for 1964) versus what is in the Sulaimanian 1963 (Mr Soh Kai Choo as the HM since 6th June 1963 and Mr. Bion Dury was transferred on 23 May 1963). There is no “the Sulaimanian” for 1964 to further verify. Anybody can verify that?

Terima kasih kepada Nad Ya (Nurfathiah Nadiah bt Abd. Wahab – pelajar SMKSS) yang membantu sebahagian senarai di atas pada mulanya.


10 Responses to “02. Headmasters”

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  2. Just wish to highlight that the name “Haris” is spelt with one “R” i.e. Tuan Haji Haris bin Hamidon.

    Anyway, great job compiling the list!

  3. Tuan Haji Haris,
    Thanks for correcting that Cikgu.

  4. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.
    If SSSS were to be recognised only beginning 1956 then Mr Selvanayagam should be counted as the first Headmaster. But of course before 1956 the school was known as Sultan Sulaiman English School with both the Primary and the Secondary integrated as one with Mr Selva Nayagam as the Headmaster since when? (I did not know), but Old Sulaimanian older then me might be of help. When I entered SMC 1 in 1953 he was already there!

  5. Puan Hajah Azizah dah jadik Headmaster?

    sekian lama berkhidmat…tahniah la Ustazah ye.

  6. Dear Najmuddean,
    FYI that HM Hajjah Azizah isn’t the same Ustazah Azizah, same name but different person. Ustazah Hajjah Azizah residing in Atas Tol ( most probably pensioner by now )
    Hadi Marzuki 81-85

  7. Abukabir – my apology for overlooking to respond to your comment.
    SS definitely started much earlier. I have updated based on what is on wall of the school hall.

  8. Najmuddean and Hadi – thank you for your comments on the current HM/Principal. Will try to get an official answer from the school.

  9. […] with the new headmaster in 1975, the first local Trengganu and also the first with a Masters degree, the school magazine […]

  10. Aslkm Karim. Between Soh Bin Hak & Soh Kai Choo, I’m not very certain. But one of them passed away during their tenure as HM. I remember this very clearly, as we boy scouts has to stand guard by his coffin, prior to his burial. Anyway there still many teachers of that era around. The likes of Soh Kim Yew, Song Thiam Lye, Dennis Boudville & CheGu Haji Razali Mutalib. Your sister Kauthar too, might be able to put some light on this.

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