Photo Quiz – Answer

After a month, it is now time for the answer. Thanks to those [Gerard, Sin Soon and Sahim] who responded to the Photo Quiz posted on 6 March 2009. Yes, all of you has at least one correct answer.


The date: 10 October 1965. The event: it was the School Speech Day. The headmaster [A],  Mr.  Foong See Tonn, greeting the Education Minister [B], Enche’ (then) Khir Johari. Accompanying the minister and getting ready to shake his [C] hand was the Chief Minister [Enche’ Ibrahim Fikri].

Looking with a big smile and the only one without the glasses (then) was Mohamed Yaacob [E] who was the State Legal Adviser (1964-1967). He was also in the school Board of Governors and later took over as the Chairman from Che Maidin bin Mohamed who passed away that year. Also smiling but looking at somewhere else was the Chief Education Officer, Mr. Yap Hong Kuan [D].

Mohamed Yaacob who later entered into politics and became the cabinet minister [1973-1978] during the premiership of Tun Razak and Tun Hussien Onn and later the Menteri Besar of Kelantan [1978-1990].

It is also interesting to note that one of Ibrahim Fikri’s son is married to one of Mohamed Yaacob’s niece. I visited Tan Sri Mohamed Yaacob at his residence in Kota Bharu four years ago. Though on medication, he still has lot to tell about the yesteryear and can spend hours talking about those days.


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3 Responses to “Photo Quiz – Answer”

  1. Mohamed Yaacob is my grandfather and he is very ill now so i dont like to talk about it

  2. Al-Fatihah. Ucapan takziah kepada keluarga Tan Sri Mohamed Yaacob yang telah pergi ke RahmatuLlah 8 September 2009.

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