SSSS 1956-1960 Batch Reunion in 2008

dikirim melalui emel oleh Hj. Besar Saaid bin Talib [posting beliau sebelum ini Pengalaman di SSSS 1953-1958]

**************************************FORM 1B SSSS 1956 (B)

Clearly we, the 1956 Form One Old Sulaimanians, are now long eligible for the Senior Citizen’s benefits.  Some are gone now (semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh-roh mereka – Alfaatihah) and those remaining are now either 66 or 67 years old.

On 22/10/2008 a reunion lunch gathering was held at Restoran Seri Melayu, Kuala Lumpur, attended by some 20 members of the 1956-60 batch.  Some of  us brought our spouses along making up the number to about 26. This was the first ever reunion organised since we left SSSS nearly half a century ago.

groupsImagine how wonderful it was to find ourselves face to face with our former classmates some of whose names were forgotten through those long years.  After several minutes of recollection however, we were able to  remember each other and to narrate some of the nostalgic memories of our school days.

PA220028We all called each other by the names (or nicknames) of those school days, doing away all formalities, dropping all titles of “Datuk/Dato’, Doc/Doctor, Prof/Professor, Haji/Tuan Haji, etc.”. We ate, drank and talked. Uproarious laughters were the order of the moment. Pictures were snapped and contact addresses were recorded.  Business cards were handed out too, by some who had them.

the elegant ladiesEveryone had of course to formally introduce oneself giving brief highlights of one’s career and one’s whereabout during the past half century. And alas, there were already among us who are not quite in good health, physically and mentally; but nonetheless the reunion was one of the best I had ever attended!  The two-hour or so gathering was wonderfully cordial and informal.

they are now older boys

Most of us took pictures of the occasion. One of us, a photographer (and cinematographer) of the school days, took the most pictures which were later burnt on CDs and distributed by post to all members who attended the reunion.FORM 3A SSSS 1958 (B)

Some of the photos are herewith attached. The two OLD black and whites are from my album.

Sekian dulu, wassalam.


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    Kalau ingin mengerjakan umrah dan/atau haji ke Tanah Suci, cubalah Khidmat Umrah dan Haji Rayhar Travels Sdn Bhd (tempat saya kerja sekarang).
    Sekian, sekali lagi diucapkan terima kasih, wassalam.

    • Ini macam kena satu periwayatan penuh – Kisah Perkembangan Nasi Ayam Di Terengganu …

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