Gymnastic Club 1972

This is to fulfill the request from my former classmate who spent many hours practicing gymnastics during those school days. Ahmad Sabri Harun was in SS from 1970-1972, after which he left for Sekolah Menengah Sains, Pulau Pinang with a few others.

Sabri asked in his comment (here) if there is any photo of him somewhere which I only managed to get this one. Due to the resolution of the image it is hard for for me to identify him. I can see Syed Abdul Fattah, Che Hussin Mohd and Hamid Hassan. I cannot find Majid either. We were all classmates at one time – Form 1, 2 or 3.

Probably Sabri can identify himself and also help to list down the names of others in the photo.

Maybe Abu Latifei can do the same being the Captain.


~ by akarimomar on December 25, 2009.

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  1. Thanks Karim.
    When most boys took up football, badminton & also rugby, (the Sabahans on athletics), my interest was gymnastics. I guess it must be the effect from watching too much of it on tv. The interest was helped further when some of us were chosen to train under one japanese olympic coach Ishihara, together with several boys from SM Tg Bariah. Training was tough and very disciplined. At the end of it all we entered a competition & were runners.up to our fellow trainees from SM Tg Bariah. Majid & I were in the team.
    When I went to SM Sains Penang I build up an active gymnastic club with the help of Hamidon (fellow trainee from SM Tengku Bariah) and participate in the Penang Open. We managed to split Penang Free School and BM High who normally finish 1-2, to become first runners-up.PFS at that time were trained by a Korean coach and were Malaysian champion.
    From the pic, I think Majid is the one sitting 1st from left. Standing middle row 9 and 10 from left could be Fattah and Che Hussin. I remember Mr Lai too. I can’t recall the others. Thanks again.

  2. Sabri – it is unfortunate the photo is so grainy and difficult to recognise many of those in the photo. Hopefully those in the photo can identify themselve – and I shall put up the photo again with all (at least almost all) the names on.

  3. Many thanks to u to initiate the memory long forgotten. I got to get back to my old album in order to pin point myself in the pic….but I guess I’m the one sitting third from the left…hey, seemed all have long legs…

  4. Abu Latifei – since you have the photo still, it would be wonderful if you could scan and email to me so that I can replace the above blur photo with yours. I am sure many of those in the photo would appreciate it.
    Karim –

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