Class of MCE-1969 – 5 Science 1

Unlike the 1970s, the school magazines in the 1960s does not provide the class photos. Thus I am unable to upload and share the class photos in those era. [Except for the 1969 issue – it has the 6th Form photos].

The photo below was given to me by Nik Fuad Nik Kamil. He got it from Wan Mohd Yusoff Othman.

Sitting front row (L-R):

?, Soh Eng Neo, Lim Yew Cheh, ?, Gim Lian, Class Teacher-Mr. Chee, Cheong Eng Leng, Nik Roswati bt. Nik Mohd Amin, Kamaliah bt. Hashim, Wong Yuk San, ?, Fatimah Kamilah bt. Omar


Standing middle row (L-R):

Toh Seng Lye, Azizan Ismail, Noorawi A Bakar, Kamarrudin Mamat, Nik Fuad b. Nik Mohd Kamil, Abdullah Muda, Or Boon Ngo, Chan Ai Chin, Chua Geok Pien, Abd Malek Ariffin, Onn Ee Seng, Chang Chong Sek, Wan Ishak Ismail, Soh Tian Soo (or Tan Teng Kiat ???)

Standing back row (L-R):

Muhammad Hj Abdullah, Lim Jin Yang, Ismail Che Da, Toh Siew Chuan, Soh Tian Soo, Tuan Ngah Baharu, Chee Leng Hiong, Tan Kee Bu, Wan Mohd Yusoff Wan Othman, Harun Said

absent: Wan Razali Mohd, Othman Hashim, Abdul Rahim Muda, Tuan Abd Rahman Sembok

[looking forward for some help with the missing names – or correct spelling of the names]

When Nik Fuad gave me the photo – it was without any names. He said to just post it and let the rest help identify the names. But luckily, Kamaliah Hashim was helpful enough to identify many of them as above.

Though they were my super seniors, I am still able to recognize some such as Wan Yusof and Nik Roswati (as they were my Lorong Mok Pe neighbours – and Wan Yusof is again my neighbour now in Ampang/Pandan), Nik Fuad who was my tuition teacher for a while and later replaced by Kamarrudin, and Chan Ai Chin (my next door neighbour – also Lorong Mok Pe government quarters) [click here about our harmonious neighborhood of Lorong Mok Pe]

Another thing about Wan Yusof, everyday, on the way cycling to school he would stop by at our house and convoy together with my elder sisters plus many others from the neighbourhood (almost everybody who cycle from Lorong Mok Pe to Jalan Wireless [Jalan Pusara now] to go to the school will have to pass by in front of our house). Such was the sweet Lorong Mok Pe neighbourhood.

update 18 Jan 2010: Additional names added provided by Wan Yusoff via Nik Fuad’s comment.

update 7 Nov 2010: Additional names identified by Lim Yew Cheh.


~ by akarimomar on January 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Class of MCE-1969 – 5 Science 1”

  1. Ir Wan Mohd Yusoff Othman posted me the names of those that appeared in the 1969 photo….

    sitting: ? – Soh Eng Neo – Lim Yew Cheh – ? – Gim Lian – Mr Chee – Chua Eng Leng – Datin Dr Nik Roswati Amin – Kamaliah Hashim – Ir Wong Yuk San – ? -Fatimah Kamilah Omar
    standing 1: Ir Toh Seng Lye – Azizam Ismail – Norawi Abu Bakar – Ir
    Kamaruddin Mamat – Dr Nik Fuad Kamil – Abdullah Muda – Boon Ngor – Chan Ai Ching – Ir Dr Chua Geok Pien – Abd Malek Ariffin – Onn Ee Seng – ? – Prof Dr Wan Ishak Ismail – Soh Tian Soo
    standing 2: Capt Muhammad Hj Abdullah – Lim ? – Ismail Che Da – Toh Siew Chuan – Soh Tian Soo – Tuan Ngah Baharu – ? – ? – Ir Wan Mohd Yusoff Othman – Harun Said
    absent: Dato Dr Wan Razali Mohd – Othman Hashim – Dr Abdul Rahim Muda – Tuan Abd Rahman Sembok – ?

  2. Sdr. Karim,

    This is getting to be very interesting. I was looking at the picture you posted ‘Class of MCE 1969-5 Science 1’. While reading your comments I realized to my amazement that the Lorong Mok Pe neighborhood you mentioned was the place where my family and I stayed! My late father was a settlement officer and yes, we were at the government quarters.Our house was way back, towards the end of the lorong. You might know my former neighbor, a Syed Ahmad( deceased), one of his sons is Dr. Syed Kamarulzaman ( several years my junior). And of course I remember Nik Roswatii and the very big house that she lived in.

    I recognized some names from the list – Wan Yusoff, Fatimah Kamilah, Azizan Ismail,
    and several more. In particular, I remember Wan Yusoff because we were in the same batch at school but he might not remember me now. I am not sure that I remember Dr. Nik Fuad.

    I do not know if this is possible – I am now residing in Singapore with my husband and on 26 Feb will be making a short trip to KL for a reunion with old friends from my upper secondary school. It would be great if I can in touch with a few old friends from that SMSS era like Wan Yusoff and other friends who are in KL. I hope it would not be too much for me to ask, if I can get their contact details.

    I’m not sure if you know my younger brother Rosly Mohd Yusof- he was at SS primary but left to do secondary school at the MCKK. He is now in Shah Alam, a colonel with the Air Force.

    From Lorong Mok Pe to Singapore – It’s a small world!! Thank you very much, Karim.

    P.S. Thanks for posting the article!

  3. […] there I went on to look at pictures and there was a class picture of MCE – 1969 – 5 Science 1. I was in the Arts stream but I had friends from that science group, unfortunately, I was able to […]

  4. Hi Karim,

    You are great to have started this. For a long time I have lost contact with my classmates. It was yesterday, out of curiosity I typed my name Lim Yew Cheh on the search. Lo and behold, I see this photo of MCE 5 Science1. (I still have my SSSS school badge).I am so glad my name was there. I am excited – it rekindled all the fond memories. I am now living in Singapore with my wife.

    To add to some of the names, I recalled
    Front Row Sitting 7th from left: Cheong (not Chua) Eng Leng
    Middle Row Standing: 3rd from right Chang Chong Sek; 7th from left Or Boon Ngo; far right Tan Teng Kiat;
    Back Row Standing: 2nd from left Lim Jin Yang; 3rd from right Tan Kee Bu (deceased) 4th from right Chee Leng Hiong;

    Look forward to get contact with all of you. Cheers

  5. Hi Karim,

    It was Tan Teng Kiat standing in the middle row on the far right. Soh Tian Soo was the one standing 5th from the left on the back row. The form teacher was Mr.Chee Seng Chee sitting on the front row 6th from left.


    • Hi Yew Cheh,

      Toh Siew Chuan was great to find you here. I remember the photos but lost my copy many years ago. Good to see it again. I am now staying in Penang. If you remember my brother Toh Siew Lock, he’s in Singapore too attached to NUS. Is your parents still in KT. I wonder how many of our friends are still in KT. I know Tan Teng Kiat and Or Boon Ngo are still there.
      My email is Hope to keep in touch with you all


    • Hi Yew Cheh & all,

      I am looking for Mr.Chee Seng Chee, he was the past president of Buddhist Society University of Malaya 1965/66.This year we are celebrating 50th Anniversary & we want to invite him to come for the reunion dinner. It looks like he might be your form teacher. Do you have his contact.e-mail/hp no?

      Thanks a lot.

      Koo Kian Song

    • I just saw, maybe belatedly, Chee Leng Hiong’s MCE Class of 1969 pictures. I have lost contact with most of you. Do dop me a line at

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